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Saturday, October 12, 2019

'Ghibbat': Part V

Surah Al-Hujurat: On 'Ghibbat'

Alhamdulillah, I continue on the same subject of my Friday Sermon on “Ghibbat” (backbiting) and the subjects connected with it, especially Muhabbat (love) for Allah, for the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and for the works of Deen-i-Islam (Way of Islam). And this is the 5th Friday [5th part on Surah Al-Hujurat - Ghibbat] , and I am going into details to make you all understand profoundly this subject.

Like I told you last Friday, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) had a direct connexion with Allah and this love came directly from Allah (swt). He did not have to struggle (wage Jihad) for it. But for common people, it becomes necessary that they struggle – make efforts – to acquire divine love as it is not an easy task to obtain Allah’s direct love as well as the love of the prophet (pbuh). And it is not also simple to establish, in connexion with this love, relations of love with people in general.

There should be efforts made to attain this goal and for this you you need to focus on [your] Muhabbat (love) and all defects therein and you need to make the necessary efforts to get rid of those weaknesses. To be able to do this, you need to have the feel and interest for it, and without this feel and interest, then there can be no love for Allah, and for the Messenger of Allah. If the feel itself is low, weak, then your love for the person whom you love also shall be little. This is a natural occurrence and many times, by neglecting this aspect/ subject, you stop looking for solutions for your internal, intrinsic problems. You think that despite making so much efforts to acquire the love of Allah, despite praying so hard (making duahs), you aren’t getting any taste/ feel and pleasure in your Salaat/ Namaz (i.e. the obligatory prayers) and in the performance of good deeds. You think that you are doing duahs, and yet your duahs are not being accepted.

A possible reason for this is that the feel itself [your feel for prayer etc.] has been ruined, and that is why all the time your mind wander and is attached to mundane pleasures which you deem correct. You feel attracted to all this; your love for mundane things has surpassed the love which you needed to have for Allah and thus this has not created the feel in you for attaining Allah’s love or to do good deeds.

When the feel is not right, then the love also shall not be right. It would only remain in the realm of imagination. It would remain only a claim only [words which are not translated into actions]. When your love for Allah does not come out from the profoundness of the heart, then your duahs also will not come out from the profoundness of your heart, and your Salaat also shall not have any feel, and you will hurry to finish your prayers in few seconds or minutes as if they were a burden for you.

So, to be able to succeed in acquiring that feeling in your prayers (Namaz) – deep love for prayers, to acquire that connexion with Allah – and to have your supplications (duahs) accepted, you need to bring about a great spiritual reform in you.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Teachings for A Blissful Life

The Book of God, the Holy Qur’an, contains enduring teachings, useful for our every day life. The wisdom underlying those ethical principles are so profound and so true that it is by following those teachings that humans can hope for remaining on the correct and straight path of spiritual quest- the Way of seeking God. In his writings, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian used to provide fascinating interpretative expositions on Qur’anic verses in order to substantiate and illuminate his spiritual themes. While not a literal translation of Qur’anic verses, these explanations of the Promised Messiah (as) often tease out the subtle points of wisdom contained within those verses in a succinct and accessible language for everyone. 

Reproduced below is a collection of Qur’anic verses, as explained by the Promised Messiah (as), revealing the ethical and moral universe in which God expects and invites man to abide by, so as to enable him to attain a blissful and heavenly life in this very world.

1. ‘God commands you to abide by justice and fairness. But if you wish to attain greater perfection, then treat people with compassion and do good even to those who have done you no good. And if you aspire to even higher perfection, then be of service to others out of personal sympathy and natural impulse, without any desire to win gratitude or to put anyone under obligation, and be kind to them just as a mother is kind to her children out of a natural urge. God also forbids you to commit excesses, to remind people of the good you have done them, or to be ungrateful to those who have been kind to you’. (Al-Nahl, 16:91).

2. This theme is further elaborated in the following verse: when the truly righteous feed the poor, the orphan and the captive, they do so selflessly, only out of love for God, and say to them: ‘We only serve you for the sake of God, from you we require neither gratitude nor reward.’(Al-Dahr, 76:9-10)

3. With regard to retribution or forgiveness, the Holy Quran teaches us: 

The retribution for an injury is an injury to the same extent. Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, and abuse for an abuse, but whosoever forgives — and the forgiveness results in reformation rather than mischief, and he who has been forgiven rectifies his behaviour and desists from evil — his forgiveness is better than retribution, and the forgiver shall have his reward [with God]. It does not teach us that, having been struck on one cheek, we should in all circumstances turn the other cheek also, for this goes against true wisdom. Doing good to an evil-doer can be as unjust as doing evil to a good man. (Al-Shura, 42:41)

4. The Holy Quran further says:  

i.e., if someone is kind to you, show him even greater kindness. All rancour between you will thus turn into a friendship so close that it borders upon kinship. (Ha-Mim al-Sajdah, 41:35)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Poem: The sweet breeze of Ramadan

Elite is my sentiment,
At the summit of the universe,
Feeling the sweet breeze of Ramadan,
Touching the very core of my soul,
Opening my inner heart,
To fly to the abode of my Creator;
Paradise or Hell,
All become bliss instantly,
For I have devoted myself to Ramadan,
Being true to all its rules,
Being truly Muslim,
Not just on the lips;

Ramadan calls me,
Not to its world of deprivation,
But to taste the sweet elixir of Divine Love,
For verily I feel,
The glorious scent of my Maker,
Who holds me tightly against Him,
Like a beloved father cherishing his son,
Yet the Love of my Creator,
The Fashioner of Life,
And Essence of all creations,
Is more poignant than any temporal human love.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Poem: 'Divine Love'

Divine Love builds up faith,
Even when you are lost and frightened
 it gives you the necessary strength to pursue your goal,
It cures the hardened heart and brightens it with patience,
It brings the essence of unity to a state of devotion,

Divine Love gives true pursuers of truth the true essence of belonging,
It rejects the very stamina of hatred
and pierced the heart with the beauty of forgiveness,
The love devine the treasure of the heart,
When it puts forward its very life as sweet sacrifice
in the path of its Lord and Master,

Nothing is as compared to this true devotion,
Not when the heavens has brought forward this secret as the secret of destiny,
Those who want to achieve this precious station have sacrificed their all for this very cause,

The Lord knows no hatred; He knows only Love,
His Divine Love is in every one of you,
Cherish the gift of the heart which He has made sacred,
Love is devotion; devotion to your Lord;
devotion to your family and devotion to all the people living on the land of the Lord,

Saturday, March 4, 2017

'Muhabbah': The Love that Inspires


A believer must have love (Muhabbah) for Allah and a connection with Him. The Muhabbah (love) or an admiration for someone makes you do everything for the person you admire. The Muhabbah does everything that seems difficult, easy. And as a result, the unthinkable becomes feasible. As a person loves something, he makes efforts to acquire it. If he really likes this thing, then he does not care about time or money. He arrives at a point where he forgets everything. He finds nothing around him (Nothing really matters for him except for the loved one). Only one thing exists for him: it is the thing (or person) that he loves and admires.

See a young man of today who has just reached his 18th birthday. (When he loves), he loves to such an extent that it becomes unbearable for him to live without the person loved. Without hesitation he leaves the family roof to live with the object of his love/ affection. He leaves his family, his mother, his dad, his brother, his sister, his comfort and even his Deen (religion - Islam) only for the cause of the loved one. He does all this with contentment and joy. If we (Muslims) had this same (kind of) Muhabbah for Allah, then we would never find the Deen (religion - Islam) difficult (to practice). We would have suffered all with joy and contentment only for the love we have for our Rab (Lord - Allah).

The practice of the Deen would then become not only easy but also delicious. The example of the pious personages is before us. They have not hesitated to give up whatever it is that becomes an obstacle for them in their quest of Allah the Almighty. Hazrat Ibrahim (as) has abandoned his kingdom in order to reach Allah the Almighty and to acquire His love (literally: to acquire Allah). If someone can sacrifice his honour, his dignity, his status for a corpse that will die and who is condemned to become dust one day, then why can man (the human race) not  give up everything for Allah Who is Al-Hayy, Al-Qayyoum - Who has existed for all time and whose existence will never stop (that is, His existence has neither beginning nor end). Allah is the One who watches us all the time. He is a Being who is there for us all the time, giving us everything we need. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poem: 'In Praise of Allah'

I happen to glance into the piece of flesh which is my heart and
Found the marvellous exalted presence and existence of Allah;
The never-ending relationship which assures
Eternity in Allah for as long as Allah exists;
The sweetness of a camaraderie
which is priceless and untouched by any evil;
The price of this love is found in Allah Himself;
He is the Love which makes the heart pound,
He is the Fashioner of forms and existence;
He is the never-ending light towards fulfilment,
He is fulfilment and tranquillity,
He is my Light, my Love

The marvellous glow of His love has touched my heart,
Such a touch that even an angel cannot accede to,
Such a level of thought that no human has ever witnessed before,
Save those whom my Love has elevated with His precious comprehension.
His Glory surpasses the glories of the deities of man’s imagination and creation,
This understanding is only for those who wish to merge themselves in that light and
Be untouched by anything which may separate the Creator with His subject.