Thursday, June 23, 2022

Civility in Religious Debates

Be it writing on social media, or appearing on television channels on public debates; the persons exercising their free speech rights have a duty to observe civility and courtesy, and not to fan hatred between different classes of people, nor spread bigotry among religious communities, especially so when they are leading politicians and spokespersons of a party ruling a country. When political elites fail to observe restraint and cross the red-lines in public discourse on people’s beliefs, or faith-related controversies; it invariably generates public resistance and political backlash, muddying the social relations- nationally and internationally.

Recently, two leaders of the ruling BJP in India, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, indulged in wanton anti-Muslim tirade, in public television and on social media. In their visceral hatred of the Muslim community in the country, these ruling politicians went to the extreme extend of attacking and vilifying the religion of Islam, and insulting the sacred memory of the Holy Prophet (sa) and his family. Making hurtful comments about the Holy Prophet’s life with his young wife Hazrat Ayesha (ra), these thugs from the majority community in the land sought to humiliate the minority community by insulting their religious beliefs. With the Muslims in India holding angry public demonstrations against the culprits, and many Muslim majority-nations in unison calling out the Islamophobia on full display in India, the episode involving the gross misconduct of its spokespersons embarrassed not only the governing party but also caused deep humiliation for the country’s image and standing internationally. [Inset: People hold posters during a protest demanding the arrest of suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokeswoman Nupur Sharma and expelled BJP leader Naveen Jindal. Credit: Reuters photo/ Deccan Herald/ PTI, June 10, 2022]. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Poem: 'Bon Voyage, O Hajjis'


The Beautiful Days are approaching,

When you will be in the Holy Land, O Muslims,

In the garb of pilgrims,

You will get to taste the elixir of life,

Which purifies one from all sins

And brings one to the pinnacle of submission,

To the Lord’s Will;

This fortune has been opened for you,

O you travellers to Arabia,

Let the sight of the Holy Ka’aba bedazzle you

Into submission to the Almighty;

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Khalifatullah's Dream


Reproduced below is a very important dream made by Hazrat Muhyiuddin Al Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim (aba) of Mauritius on 16 June 2022 ~15 Dhul Qaddah 1443 AH, before the Tahajjud prayers. The pious dream has several layers of information contained within it. The Khalifatullah's dream, in its own way, to begin with, calls attention to a world gone upside down: where escalating prices of essential fuels is forcing people to value the traditional modes of transportation and living. Likewise, the spiritually-infused dream throws profound light on several other matters of special importance in this era, especially the decline of spiritual values in society and the revival of Faith and its rulings through a grand Divine Manifestation which is linked to the pure ancestry of ancient prophets and their holy teachings. Two points are especially noteworthy in this context:

Hindustan, the ancient land of India, was the historical abode of many prophets and saints and other Avtaars from time immemorial. Despite the tumultuous torrents of time and the inevitable corruption of the original mores of religion as taught by the pious ancestors, the core of Divine teachings left behind by those holy men and women remain in the sacred memory of the people. Thoughtful Indians, however, now acknowledge that the value systems are all in disarray in the country. Indeed, the tentacles of power and pelf, or the prevalence of injustice and unfair takings, viciously threaten the very moral fabric of the social order. Moreover, India's ancient scriptures testify that when Dharma ( righteousness) disappears from society in the Last Days, a Divine Elect or an Avtaar will appear among the people to remind and restore the higher and truer values of life.    

Secondly, despite belonging to different races and tribes, all humans are from one another, the children of Adam;  like one family, as it were.  Indeed,  prophets and messengers of God are linked to one another, across generations, through their absolute faith in, and preaching about, the Uniqueness and Lordship of Allah (swt). To guide human communities around the world, Allah (swt) raised many prophets in the line of Hazrat Nuh (as) and Hazrat Ibrahim (as), including our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, the present dream contains glad tidings relating to the holy ancestry of the Elect of God in our times, the Muhyiuddin Al Khalifatullah of this era Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (aba) of Mauritius, and the dream as well foretells the brilliant future that awaits the Divine Manifestation in the days to come, Insha Allah, Aameen.  

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Illnesses of the 'Ummah'- 2


Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the Tawfeeq to continue my Friday Sermon on the illnesses which are affecting Islam nowadays, on their causes and the solutions which can be brought forward to trigger a change in the present situation. Insha-Allah, I will come on this subject, step by step.


Like I cited before you last Friday; Allah says in the Quran: “Those of the Children of Israel who went astray were cursed by the tongue of David, and of Jesus, son of Mary. That was because they rebelled and used to transgress. They used not to forbid one another any malfeasance that they performed. Miserable indeed was whatever they were performing!” (Al-Maida 5: 79-80)


The Hadiths of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) give more details about these Quranic verses and shed more light [i.e. understanding] on them:


Hazrat ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud (ra) reported: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “The first defect (in religion) which affected the Children of Israel in the way that man would meet another and say to him: ‘Fear Allah and abstain from what you are doing, for this is not lawful for you.’ Then he would meet him the next day and find no change in him, but this would not prevent him from eating with him, drinking with him and sitting in his assemblies. When it came to this, Allah led their hearts into evil ways on account of their association with others.”