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‘Shaqqul Qamar’ as a Miracle of Islam

The Hour draws near; the Moon is split. Yet whenever the disbelievers see a sign, they turn away and say, ‘Same old sorcery!’ ” (Surah Qamar,54: 2-3)
In the Islamic sacred tradition, this verse of the Qur’an is generally associated with a special miracle of the Holy Prophet of Islam (sa), known widely as the event of “Shaqqul Qamar”, or the ‘splitting’ of the Moon. There are several Ahadith that confirms the miracle. The authenticity of these traditions are beyond reproach as the transmission chains and channels pertaining to them go all the way to the great companions of the Holy Prophet (sa), such as Ibn Abbas, Anas bin Malik, Abdullah bin Masud and others. The traditions on the subject can be seen in all the major collections of Ahadith: Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, etc. 

For instance, in Sahih Al Bukhari, one can read several traditions being reported on Shaqqul Qamar:

1.Narrated Abdullah bin Masud: "During the lifetime of the Prophet the moon was split into two parts and on that…

Gambling and other Betting Games

Nowadays gambling has taken extraordinary dimensions and is setting to destroy all in its path. It does not differentiate between nations and religions. Nowadays, those who proclaim to be Muslims are also not spared from this affliction, this satanic attraction. Therefore, stop with gambling habits before calamities from Allah strikes you.
Islam is a religion which seeks to make you follow the established divine commandments, such commandments which are addressed not only to the believers but also to whole humanity. Allah has established the need for you to seek your daily bread (food) and that you obtain money through licit means. As for gambling, hazard games like lotteries, horse betting, “household baskets”, card games, casinos, and lotto etc., all these force people to depend on chance, and give them a false hope to get easy money, such money which if obtained are without making any efforts and through illicit means. Those who fall prey to this do not respect the divine principles…

Total Eclipses during Ramadan: A Great Sign

"When eyes are dazzled;And the moon eclipsed;when the sun and the moon are brought together"                                   - The Holy Qur'an, 75: 8-10 

One of the greatest signs in favour of the claims of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius as the Divinely-raised Reformer (Muhyi-ud-Din/Mujaddid) of this age is the total eclipse of the Sun and the Moon in the same Holy Month of Ramadan 1424, in November 2003.

According to the available scientific information on both total and partial eclipses over the millennium, the total eclipses of November 2003 is such a rare heavenly sign.  In the last 1400 years of the Islamic history, the total eclipses of the Sun and the Moon in the same Ramadan has occured only very few occassions that they can be counted on our human fingers. In November 2003 when the total eclipses took place, it was occuring only the seventh time in 1400 years of Islamic history! And the next occassion is so distant that no one alive on the f…

State of the World and the Celestial Signs

A Divine Mission in an age of raw passions
By the grace of Allah, throughout the years in which God dipped me in the fountain of His Divine Manifestation, He has taught me lots of things of which I never knew before. He taught me the languages of the birds and also of His beautiful creations of earth. All through the years, through His eyes, I have felt cherished in a special cocoon: Divine Love. He made me into an Adam (as) to reach out to people and make them understand the philosophy of life and living for a special purpose: the worship of one God.
Among the things He showed me is the need for peace, not only at our inner level, but also at world level.Through the inspirations He vouchsafed me, He taught me that the real cause of human strife and wars is due to selfishness, on one hand and the sacrilege of God’s remembrance and association to God in His Pure and Only Divinity, on the other. When people let go of the thread of unity, of sincerity and spirituality and preferred to ind…

Ilham: “Diamond will cut diamond”

Future: Riches and people
In his testamentary will, known among the Ahmadis simply as the Al Wassiyat, the Promised Massih (as) indicated in profoundly subtle language, the future trajectories, his Jamaat, and especially the administrative mandarins within it, shall pass through in the ebb and flow of time when he wrote about the larger challenge awaiting it in the time of riches:  
Where will the money come from? And how will such a community be born- a community of people willing to perform heroic feats for their faith? These are not the questions that worry me. I am more concerned that people coming after me may stumble when entrusted with such large amounts of wealth and that they may take to the love of this world”.   -Hadhrat Ahmad (as) [ Al Wassiyat,p.28, Qadian: Nazarat Nashro Ishaat, (2003) ]
The Conditional Continuity
In 1939, the establishment of the Jamaat e-Ahmadiyya completed its 50th anniversary, since the first Bai’at was initiated by the Promised Massih (as) in March 1889…

The Restatement of Islam for Our Times

Angels and Divine Revelations
Angels are a part of Allah’s creation, they do what they are commanded, they depend on Allah in the same way as men or His other creatures. Allah is not dependent on them for the manifestation of His power. Had He willed, He would have created the universe without angels, but His perfect wisdom willed their creation. So angels came into being. Allah created light for the eye and bread for hunger. He created light and bread not because He was in need of them but because man was in need of them. The angels only manifest the will and wisdom of Allah. (Inset: The Angel Gabriel appearing to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) , on Mount al-Noor (a hill near Mecca where the Prophet received his first visions)- a miniature illustration from the biography of the Prophet entitledSiyar-i Nabi, by Ahmed Nur Ibn Mustafa, published in Turkey, 18th century). 

Divine Revelations are words and instructions from Allah and Allah speaks to His chosen servants and reveals to them H…

Sexual Allegations on Khalifa Sani

Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra) (1889-1965), as the second Khalifa of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, had a long period of service at the helm of affairs. It was at the death of the first Khalifa Hadhrat Hakkim Nur-ud-Din Sahib (ra) (b.1841; k. 1908-1914), that he was elected as the head of the spiritual community. It was a difficult historical moment, especially with the Great Split of 1914, leading to the separation of the LAM and the shaking it entailed for the entire community. As the young Khalifa was uniquely positioned to provide the interpretive guidance so necessary for the spiritual community, in the course of several decades, he played a significant role in shaping and defining the ideological and administrative contours of the Community in the last century or so.
The uniqueness of his special authority emerged not just from the fact that he was elected by the companions of the Promised Massih (as). For the common members as well, the second Khalifa was the pious, bio…

Khalifa Sani and the limits of Social Boycott

In a previous article in the Blog we have noted some of the outstanding allegations against Hadhrat Khalifa Sani (ra) (click here) from his critics– including the imposition of social boycott against rebels in Qadian and even a murder case involving  an Ahmadi alleged to have been “ordered” by the second Khalifa. From our examination of some of the public records and court judgements, what is apparent is that there was a religious, social and political context in which the unfortunate events have occurred in the 1930’s in Qadian under Hadhrat Khalifa Sani (ra).
As we have shown in the article, while the towering Majlis-i-Ahrar leader Maulana Ataullah Shah Bukhari was prosecuted and punished by the Lahore High Court for his hate speech and incitement to violence against the Ahmadis in a single public sermon in Qadian, the same High Court in the same period absolved the second Khalifa of the allegation of incitement to murder his “Muslim” enemies/ Ahmadi rebels, even after examining sev…

'Muhyi-ud-Din': Testimonial of Time and History

Rebellion against the Divine Manifestation
At such a critical time, in this era, Allah (swt) had enabled one of the believers of Hazrat Muhammad (saw) and Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) to be raised with such a Jamaat, Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to defend Islam, fight injustice and answer satisfactory the questions of the non-Muslims I come across concerning my claim as Muhyi-ud-Din, Khalifatullah etc. My enemies and the hypocrites got furious and in their rage which was quite out of proportion, they hurled abuses on me and dubbed me a drug addict, sorcerer, mischief-maker, dog, pig, liar and all sorts of names. My enemies even prepared a fatwa (religious decree to declare me a Kafir and false prophet). Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah.
I do not see anything strange in it because that is what has always been done to godly people. It is only after some time has passed that their true position is recognized. I do not mind the fatwas of kufr and all sorts of names that are being issued against m…

Truth about the Allegations on Khalifa Sani

In the 125-year old history of the Jamaat-e- Ahmadiyya, Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra) (1889-1965) holds a very special place. If the idea of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya was invented after the death and departure of the Promised Massih Hadhrat Ahmad (as) (1835-1908) and took its initial contours during the time of the Khilafat of Maulvi Hakkim Nuruddin Sahib (ra) (1908-1914), it was during the time of Hadhrat Khalifa Sani (ra) that the institution, in many ways, got consolidated, as the period of his Khilafat extended over half a century. If today, for devout Ahmadis, the institution of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya holds much significance in their lives and the obedience to the Khalifatul Massih is perceived by the members as a foundational act of religious sincerity, it has occurred through the specific interpretations of the teachings of the Promised Massih (as) and the conscious policy choices adopted especially during the second Khilafat.
2014 marks the one hundred years of the beg…

Prophecy on Mass Killings in our times

[47:19]: “They wait not but for the Hour that it should come upon them suddenly. The signs thereof have already come…”

Several verses in the Qur’an and the sacred traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) indicate, in subtle language and in different ways, the signs of the Later Days. Among these Signs, is the unmistakeable sign of mass killings that are to take place in the world. This sign has been mentioned in almost all authentic Ahadith collections, including Sahih al Bukhari and Sahih al Muslim, and one can thus read:
Abdullah said, “The Prophet said,
‘Just before the Hour, there will be days in which knowledge will disappear and ignorance will appear, and there will be much killing.’”
-                                   - [Ibn Majah; also narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim, from theHadithof al-A’mash]
According to the Qur’an, unity and peace in society are among the Divine blessings, whereas dissension, discord, internal strife and civil war are among the ways in which nations com…

Renewal of Islam: Ulema and Divine Guidance

According to Abu Dharr, the Prophet (may God give him blessings and peace) said, reporting the words of God, ever praised and exalted is He:
O My servants, I have forbidden injustice to Myself and I have made it forbidden amongst you. So be not unjust to one another.
O My servants, all of you go astrayexcept the one whom I guide.Ask guidance of Me, and I shall guide you…
[Part I, Hadith No. 1; Muhyi-ud-din Ibn Arabi, Mishkåt al-Anwar: 101 Hadith Qudsi,written in 1202-03; Oxford: Anqa Publishing (2008); p.18.
Renewal of Faith is through Divine Revelations
You must know that whenever a religious society became corrupted, then it was without fail, that a person came from Allah who revived the message and started a movement of great sacrifice for the sake of religion. Not taking other people’s lives but offering their own lives. Not destroying other people’s property but putting themselves in a precarious position where their property were destroyed and looted by other…

The Triumph of Divine Servants

Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) states:When you find the Mahdi, perform bai‘at at his hand. You must go to him, even if you have to reach him across icebound mountains on your knees. He is the Khalifatullah, [he is] the Mahdi.”         - (Sunan Ibn-e-Majah, Kitabul-Fitan, Babu Khurujil-Mahdi, Hadith no. 4074)The Promised Massih Hadhrat Ahmad (as) says in Arabic: Laa waliya ba'di illallazi howa minni wa ala ahdi-   There is no Wali after me except one who comes from me and has a relationship with me.  [“ Khutbah Ilhamiyyah”, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, pp.69-70; Internet Edition ] The fulfilment of these Divine prophecies has taken place in our times, with the raising of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius as the Khalifatullah, in complete obedience to the Holy Prophet (sa) and the Promised Massih (as), as per the glad tidings they have vouchsafed to the humankind in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular.