Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sacrifice and Striving: The Road to Success

The political, economic and ideological precepts and value systems being practiced today are leading the world of states, inevitably and inexorably, to the brink of natural and man made-disasters and even, world war. On the other hand, as a religion, Islam offers a fascinating, analytical framework to lead life in all its complex settings. Islam’s ability to appeal to the human mind and its innate capacity to recognize and accede to what is just and right and morally appropriate is evident from its great confidence and self assurance in declaring that the norms, principles and methods that Islam deploys to analyze and critique the worldly  systems and competing idéologies, will eventually gain universal appeal and traction. The open challenge to produce an equally appealing, if not exceeding, philosophy of life that Islam presents to the world stand testimonial to this magnificent edifice, built on the sure foundation of guidance from a Living and Ever-Subsisting God, as against the illusion-filled worship or pursuit of mere human images and conceptions.

Through his exemplary personal conduct and exceptional sacrifices, the Holy Prophet of Islam (sa) portrayed the trajectory of practical spirituality in  individual and social life. Hadhrat Muhammad (sa), thus, left enduring imprints on the sands of time for all peoples and souls in search of the ultimate Divine reality. It is astonishing to note that even at times when material preoccupations have corrupted the general Muslim populace, Islam’s inherent capacity to produce the Divinely-raised saints in every age was never in doubt. These saints or Khalifatullah, who gave practical guidance on the ordinances of spiritual life in their epochs, injected fresh blood and revitalized Islam through their tireless sacrifices and striving in the cause of Allah and His religion.

As a way of life, the superiority of Islam over all other frameworks and ideologies, is self- evident to Muslims who practice Islam. The incremental expansion of the Muslim Ummah, in its own way, slowly but surely, testifies to the turning tide and the inevitable victory of the Divine TruthThe Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is today engaged in this noble and extraordinarily important mission of spreading the message of Islam at many, different levels, with different initiatives being pursued simultaneously. In his Friday Sermon of March 15, 2013 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius exhorts the noble believers to imbibe and imprint in their hearts the culture of supreme sacrifice and mighty striving and do all they can in their every day life so that the glory of Islam can illuminate the world in its darkest hour.   

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon :

Islam teaches us that we Muslims believe in all the prophets that God Almighty has sent to this earth, such as Abraham, Moses, Noah, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Joseph, Jesus, etc. (peace be upon them all), and we all believe sincerely and also that Jesus Christ was a prophet of Allah like Ram, Krishna, Buddha (peace be upon them) and that the mother of Jesus Christ was a model of virtue. The Holy Quran speaks of them as worthy of veneration. Verily, Mary is mentioned in the Holy Quran as an example of purity, and the Quran alludes to it with more reverence than the Gospels.

However, the Quran condemns greatly their severe rise in station as deities by the Church. This and the Christian religion’s refusal to accept the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are the missing lines that divide the Christian Church and Islam. The signs of the birth of Islam are already visible, because they are the links of the same chain. The signs of the birth of Islam are apparent, perhaps to some, they not being very clear now, but they are noticeable, and shall become clearer. The light of Islam will rise finally again in this century in its full splendour and Insha-Allah illuminates the world. But before this happens, the world shall experience a third world war, a bloodbath that will leave humanity shaken and purified.

Oh people, do not forget that this prophecy, like all prophecies, is only a warning and its fulfilment may be delayed or even dismissed as long as man turns to his Rab (Allah) and repents. Man can also avoid the divine wrath if he ceases to worship his wealth, his power with all his arrogance, his temporary power, and establishes a relationship with his Creator and keeps away from transgression, to fulfil his duty towards Allah and man and learns to work just for the sake of Allah and for the welfare of humanity. Otherwise, the divine wrath shall obligatorily come down on him.

If people do not abandon their bad lives and persist in their arrogance, then neither any power nor any false gods can ever save them from the promised punishment. Be, therefore, kinder to yourself and to your children! Listen to the voice of your Lord, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. May He smile at you with compassion and grant you the strength and the opportunity to accept the truth and to benefit (from it – the truth). Whatever the tremendous advancement of modern science, whatever are the new weapons of our enemies, in the end they will Insha-Allah, bite the dust. Islam shall be the victorious one.

I tell you the truth, Allah has given me the knowledge and superior forces of Islam and I give you the guarantee that Islam shall not only suffer nothing of the new philosophy, but it will also demonstrate the ignorance of the teachings of the adversaries. Today in all continents of the world, the websites of the Jamaat Sahih Al Islam and the Blog (Sahih Al Islam) are waging battles of Islam. Muslims consider the Quran as a closed book, but thanks to the favours and blessings of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Promised Messiah (upon him be peace) the Holy Book has been re-opened today with the Al-Azim-Tafsir-ul-Quran, that is to say, a thorough explanation and commentary of the Quran and therefore each of you in this century may have new knowledge of the Holy Book, as the commentaries of the Holy Quran are infinite. One verse of the Quran can have countless meanings and this knowledge it is Allah who gives it to His chosen servant so that the new knowledge can revive the true faith in the people’s heart.

No science in the world can raise any objection against Islam without the Quran giving back valid arguments to refute (this objection). The standard of the Quran is hoisted by our new efforts. The world can deploy its full force against Islam, but this religion (Islam) will emerge victorious. The sun and the stars can change their course, the earth may stop rotating, but the world cannot stop the victorious march of Islam.

La-‘allaka baakhi-‘un-nafsaka ‘allaa yakuunuu Mu'-miniin. Perhaps (Oh prophet) you kill yourself with grief because they are not believers! (26: 4)

This verse shows us the matchless love that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) devoted to humanity. To show the right direction to men, he sacrificed and prayed day and night constantly. In the effort he deployed he could have ruined his health. He neither cared for food and drink, nor rest and sleep. To save souls from perdition, to show them the way of salvation, he woke up in the night to implore Allah and sometimes remained standing so long in prayer that he got swollen feet. We can say without any exaggeration that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) of Islam gave himself to all sacrifices to ensure the recovery (awakening/reform) of his people and humanity.

Allah also granted him extraordinary protection. The faithful can take a great lesson from this example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to make progress. To work for the community (Islam as one body), he must sacrifice (himself) to the end (through and through). For all members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam throughout the world, a sign of faith is that the faithful in the Jamaat of the Khalifatullah must at every moment be ready to sacrifice his life and property on behalf (in the name) of the religion of Allah, Islam in its true nature.

In the Quran Allah says: “Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their property in exchange for paradise.”

So, getting to paradise is conditional on the sacrifices that we impose on ourselves. Nowadays there is the Al-Azim Tafsir'ul Quran to the press for publication Insha-Allah, in several languages ​​and the Muqaddam Fund for the purchase of land and the construction of mosques where we have our Jamaat around the world. These are the two main priorities of this century and I ask all the faithful in the world to contribute generously to this fund and also to sacrifice yourselves day and night in prayer for the success of our efforts to restore the glory of Islam in the world, Insha-Allah.
May Allah keep all our brothers, sisters and children healthy and give them a long life and peace and tranquillity in all the circumstances of their lives. Insha-Allah, Ameen.