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A Divine Warner in the Time of Calamities

Worshipping human beings and false gods have become widespread practices in many societies. The delusions of grandeur and illusions of vanity of man are deeply imprinted on his errors of omission and commission that threaten the very future of life on earth. In short, both the ‘faith’ of man and his actual deeds testify against him today. By rejecting or ignoring the path of the Supreme Being and corrupting his deeds, man invites upon himself the Divine Wrath. According to the Divine Messenger of our times, Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius, the secret wishes of an offended God will become apparent in the days to come and He will reveal His face with majesty and terror”. In his Friday Sermon of 08 March 2013, the Khalifatullah exhorts the people to recognize the signs of the times and display sincere repentance and change of heart by following the Divine commandments and messages available today.

Read the Extracts from the FridaySermon:

I constantly think about the possibility of a decision between us and Christianity. My heart bleeds and suffers a lot when I ponder over the error of the worshipping of the dead, as there is no more painful thing than to have a humble human being worshipped by people. And this is also found in Hinduism where Hindus deify the Messengers of God and even others who are not religious. 

This week, the Hindus (in Mauritius) have started their pilgrimage to Grand Bassin, which they call “Ganga Talao.” For the Hindus (in Mauritius), the pilgrimage to “Ganga Talao” (Grand Bassin) is to bring the sacred lake water (water that they say sprung from the Ganges according to the dreams of two Mauritian priests in 1897) and on the day of Maha Shivatree, they pour this water on the Shivling (the Linga of Shiva) and they take Shiva as god, Naouzoubillah min zaalik. And moreover, Shiva is not even a Messenger of God and the celebration of Maha Shivatree is a festival for all women and also for women who have no children, for the Hindus does not only view Shiva as the god of destruction but also as one for procreation also.

Therefore the question arises, why so much sacrifice to walk throughout the day and night to fetch water from Ganga Talao to pour on the Shivling? They take Shiva as god and worship him as well as other characters which they deified, but look around you, in many religions, man has abandoned the true one God to worship thousands of gods that have no powers to do anything, even to create a fly’s leg, and the true God, our Creator made it clear they will not be able to do even that, because they have absolutely no power. And see, even with floods and other calamities that threaten the world and even Mauritius, these idols and statues cannot do anything, even to save their own bodies made by the hand of man.

I would have died long ago of pain if God who is my Lord and Master had not relieved me through His message that it is the oneness of God which shall triumph in the end, and all other gods shall die, those false gods god with supposed divinity. The period of Shiva, or that of a worshiped Mary as Mother of God will come to an end Insha-Allah and the doctrine of the divinity of her son also shall die.

God Almighty says (in the Qur’an) that had He wanted, He could have annihilated Mary and his son Jesus and all those who inhabited the earth. (5: 18) He now wants that the false divinity of both suffer death, the two gods (fabricated by men) must certainly die. Nobody can prevent this from happening, from materialising. With them shall also die all addictions that encourage obedience to false gods. There will be a new heaven and a new earth. The days are near when the light of truth will spread throughout the world and everyone Insha-Allah shall come to recognize the true God.

After that the door of repentance will be closed. For those who would want to come shall have entered through it eagerly ... Those whose hearts are sealed by nature shall remain outside, those who love darkness rather than light. All other religions except Islam will perish and all weapons will break except the divine weapon of Islam which will not break, and it will launch until it crashes into pieces the forces of darkness. The time is near when the oneness of God will spread everywhere, even the inhabitants of deserts who were till then unaware of any faith in their hearts shall feel the need to connect to the True God, and gain the salvation of their souls. That day no false redemption or false God will survive. A divine hand shall cancel all the machinations of unbelief, not with the sword or gun, but by enlightening a number of souls with divine light. When this time will come, you will understand what I am saying.

The signs of the fulfilment of the prophecies about the victory are becoming increasingly evident. In my sermon last Friday I talk about the third world war after which Islam shall emerge triumphantly in its full glory, and I also said that this disaster may be diverted by a sincere contrition (repentance) and by following the path of virtue as taught by Islam. It is up to you to you save yourself and your children by establishing a real communion with God based on certainty and conviction, or sentence you yourself and your offspring to total annihilation by choosing the path that takes you away from Him (Allah).

The Divine Warner is warning you in the name of God and His messenger, the Prophet (peace be upon him). He has done his duty. It is my prayer that God grants you strength and courage to do your duty. Let me tell you that God told me about several earthquakes which will shake many countries, be it Asia, America, Europe and even small islands with Tsunamis, Floods, and diseases etc. Some shall look like the Day of Judgement. Many people shall die, that rivers of blood will flow. Even the birds and beasts are not exempt from this (kind of) death.

A ravaging disaster shall sweep the surface of the earth, and it will be the largest since the birth of man. Homes will be destroyed as if nobody ever lived there. This will be accompanied by several other terrible calamities that the earth and the heavens will launch until their extraordinary nature becomes evident to every reasonable man. Then mankind will be in distress and in painful wonder of what shall happen. Many people will be finished, and die. In fact the days are near. I can see when the world will witness a terrible life.

Not only earthquakes but also terrible calamities shall surprise men, some from the heavens and others sourcing from the earth. It will happen because humanity has ceased to worship the true God, and lost themselves in world affairs with all their heart, their effort and intention. If I had not come, these calamities might have a bit been delayed. But with my advent, the secret goals of an offended God which were hidden for so long shall become apparent. God says in the Holy Qur’an: “We never punish unless We send a messenger!” (17: 16)

Those who repent will find security, and those who have a genuine fear (of Allah) before the calamities surprise them will get (divine) mercy. Do you think you will be free from these calamities? Or that you can be saved by stealth? Not really. That day all human plans shall fail. Do not think that earthquakes shall hit only America, Europe and other continents, and that your country shall remain safe. Really, you will face greater difficulty, no country or island will be exempted. Horrible actions were perpetrated before His eyes, and He (God) said nothing. But now He will reveal His face with majesty and terror. Let him who has ears hear that the time is not far; I’m doing my best to bring all under the protection of God, then do listen to me! Turn towards one God and acknowledge the divine manifestations which are apparent in this century, your century, the current time in which you are living.

 – Insha-Allah I will continue the sermon next Friday. Ameen.

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