Friday, March 15, 2013

Recent Dreams about the Divine Manifestation

“The world of dreams is in a manner like the world to come. The wonders that nature has sealed up in the dreamland and the mysteries therein and the manner in which these spiritual phenomena appear are similar to that of the Hereafter. One might say that the dreamland is a kind of reflection or a photograph of the world yet to come. That is why death and dreams have been spoken of as real sisters, alike in their features, appearance, components and integral parts.

The only way to have a glimpse at the secrets of the world to come without the aid of inspiration and revelation, is this source- the world of dreams; it is, therefore befitting for the wise and thinkers, if they are keen on acquiring some knowledge of the happenings of the next world, that they must ponder and deliberate over the happenings in the dreams because the wonders of the world to come are not unlike the wonders of the dreamland. Just as the state of dreams is created after a strange change so are the conditions transformed in the Hereafter”.- Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian (SURMA CHASHM ARYA; p. 159).

By the grace of Allah, Allah keeps sending new revitalising signs in His Divine Manifestation as a constant blessing. In other words, Allah keeps on pouring down His multitudinous spiritual grace in the hearts of both His Chosen Servant, the Khalifatullah of this era, Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) of Mauritius and the sincere believers in his advent. For the benefit of our readers, we present below two important dreams (dated Sunday 24 February 2013), one seen by the Khalifatullah (atba) and the other by one of his most devoted, wise and pious disciples.

1. Dream of Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (atba): Before waking up for his Tahajjud prayers, Huzur (atba) had a marvellous dream about his mother Mahroom Hazrat Momin Bibi Azim Saheba and his own spiritual status in the heaven.

He dreamt that his noble mother came, holding a paper which was in fact a special certificate. She was giving instructions to someone (one of the disciples of Huzur (atba)) to type on the computer (like she was giving guidelines in a serious note) the wordings found on the certificate. The wordings were as thus: “I, Momin Azim am the mother of the Prophet…” (There was written other wordings also but Huzur (atba) on waking up could not remember exactly what they were). She and Huzur (atba) were looking at these words as they were being typed on the computer and she (the late mother of Huzur (atba)) brought another paper and stated that this Prophet has come with this type of paper. The paper was pamphlet-like. What is this paper? It is THE FAITH. This was written at the top of the paper. Huzur (atba) explains, that his mother said that this prophet came with FAITH. And besides, in the paper there was written that the Prophet (that is, the Khalifatullah) shall have to undergo many trials with the hypocrites (Munafiquun). She received this paper from the Hereafter (Aakhirat), and even Huzur (atba) in his dream was in awe, humbled and pleasantly surprised with what his mother was saying in a most serious way.

Then Huzur (atba) in the dream had to go out in the darkness of the night to perform his duties (Deen work) and he realised that in his hand there was only one Book, the Holy Qur’an, and Huzur (atba) explains that he was going out to explain to the people the Holy Quran.

After performing his Tahajjud and Fajr prayers, he went on to continue his Tilawat-e-Quran and the Quranic Chapter he reached is: Surah Al-Jumu’ah (Ch.62) wherein Allah says that He shall send the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a second time for the Aakhireen. And after Ch.62, there is Surah Al-Munafiquun (Ch.63). Upon opening the Holy Quran, Huzur (atba) just saw how the two Quranic Chapters were in line with what he saw in his dream that early morning (before dawn).

2. Dream of the pious and wise disciple of the Khalifatullah (atba), may Allah keep blessing him (Ameen):

He related his dream as thus:

High up in the heavens, the clouds formed themselves into English alphabets and banner-like statements. The message clearly proclaimed the truthfulness and veracity of Hadhrat Khalifatullah and made my heart and latent consciousness feel that it is a message from the heavens. 

Although I was immediately awake, I continued to contemplate the beauty of the dream and the clarity of the words/statements that by the time I wanted to write down the express words, I missed them, unfortunately for me, I can't quote the exact words now as I saw it then.”

He further said:

I was reading the last three Friday sermons of this month in the morning. Reading them, I feel the dream I had is a mystical summary of the same. Allah has His own way of strengthening the hearts of believers against all odds and Insha Allah, we shall see great things in this era as well, as in the times of the Holy Prophet (sa)”.