Monday, March 4, 2013

“AL HAQ”- A Divine Attribute

The essence of pure belief is captured in the concept of Taqwah or God- consciousness. When one attains a stage of certainty of faith and establishes a true and real bond with the Truthful Being, it invariably leads to changes in a person- in one’s perceptions and priorities, both internally and externally. Such a person shall be able to walk under the shadow of Divine Help. The special Light or guiding force takes care of all his/her/their spiritual and material affairs in ways that will baffle and confound the mundane world. When a community of such believers straddle the earth, the spiritual light it emanates will illumine the world, conquering the darkness of disbelief and forces of evil. Such a community, howsoever small or insignificant in numbers or material riches it might appear, eventually vanquish their apparently ‘superior’ enemies in the battle of progress and endurance.

The universality of this spiritual principle is a recurring theme in the lived history of Divine Messengers and their spiritual communities. The most important testimonial of its practical application is available to us from the times of the Holy Prophet of Islam (sa) when the early believers have had to literally confront, far superior armies on the battlefields. It is the readiness to struggle and sacrifice, make efforts and change destinies that characterizes and distinguishes a believer from others. Through grit, determination and a sense of pure belief, the small band of believers go on with their tasks and missions, achieving what are, otherwise, apparently formidable and un-achievable. 

At another level, the principle is a profound commentary on the subtle ways of the Truthful God, AL HAQ. In his Friday Sermon of 08 February 2013, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius provides a profound commentary on the Divine Attribute of Al Haq and exhorts the believers - Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam- who have the Divine mandate to re-establish the faith in this age to take heart from the theory and praxis of this important spiritual principle in their every day lives.

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:

“And say, ‘Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, ever bound to depart.’” (17: 82)

Al-Haq (The One who is the truth, the real, and the truly-existing) is an Attribute of Allah and this special name of Allah is connected with all the other attributes of Allah which are mentioned in the Opening Chapter of the Holy Quran, the Surah Al-Fatiha. And the merging or meeting of all these attributes gives us the conception of Truth. That Being Who possesses all these excellent attributes began (in the Surah Al-Fatiha) with Hamd and closed (the chapter) with Malikil Yaumid-Deen, and the automatic conclusion is that that Being must be The Truth. And this affirmation cannot be anything except the Truth, and that is something that we easily understand.

But how can we take advantage of this (truth, this information from the chapter and these attributes of Allah)? And when we have a bond with such a Being, what do we get in return and what are the responsibilities which fall upon our shoulders so that we can benefit from this Truth? In this context, I have divided the subject-matter of this sermon into two parts.

The first (part) concerns people who have this bond with the Truth, which are the victories they obtain over the disbelievers. It is a fact that this aspect is connected with Dawa. And its second part concerns Tarbiyyat; that is, when you have established a bond with such a Being, a Truthful Being, then, there are certain changes which occur and in result of these pure changes, then (ponder over) the interior revolution which must be present. Therefore, I shall start with Dawa.

Thus, if we truly illumine ourselves with the light of Islam and if we do the work of Dawa in the capacity of Muslims, it is then, that by the grace of Allah, these blessings shall not be limited to Mauritius but it will continue to progress forward and spread in the four corners of the world. Insha-Allah. You only have to be attentive (to what is being said) and put these advices in practice. And when we shall put them into practice, Insha-Allah, this shall bring about a great (spiritual) revolution. Now, I shall talk more profoundly on this subject, in reference to Haq, the Truth. In the Holy Quran, Allah says: “And say, ‘Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, ever bound to depart.’”

There are some people who understand this verse in this sense: that when truth comes (from where it comes), then lies, or falsehood automatically disappear. And they cite the sun as an example. Once the sun rises, then darkness disappears. Anywhere there is sunlight, there itself, darkness transforms into light. They feel that it is this easy (to understand). If it was that easy (to understand) and this was the meaning underlined in the Holy Quran, then after the advent of each prophet, there would not have been any need for any struggle or fight. The prophet of Allah had just to appear, coming with truth and having a bond with the Truthful Being, then afterwards just in a fraction of a second (or swiftly speaking) the environment (his surroundings) changes all at once and the atmosphere is brightened and the truth gains the upper hand without any struggle, without any effort.

This is verily not the meaning of this verse. But, yes it can apply in some situations and contexts, but not all situations. I explain this. First of all, concerning the disbelievers and falsehood, how do they disappear with the truth? I shall explain with the support of the Holy Quran. This is because in fact the invitation to Allah is an invitation to Truth. We must get to know which and which obstacles are there in this path (leading to Truth), and which are the efforts which have to be made.

In fact, the nights which we call spiritual nights where there is darkness and there is a significant distance (of the people) from Allah, therefore there is a need that there are efforts to be made to change these nights (darkness) into light. To enable this change, you must take the light of Allah when you are present in this night (darkness) itself. It is not a light which comes like this (meaning: it is a special light to be strived for to obtain in its appointed time).

In reference with the Night of Decree (or Destiny), it is the same explanation given by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and thus that night, that darkness which spread around the world, how did it change (into light) afterwards? This is because someone (Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him)) surrounded himself, finished himself completely in Allah, and it was also through the supplications he made during the many nights he stayed awake. It is his humble supplications which enabled this extraordinary transformation from night to day, from darkness to light. It is the dedication he inputted in his nights which brought about this change and enabled light to appear. And when this light became apparent, then the people took the subject of this transformation as if it was done suddenly, they felt it that way. But they did not paid attention to the great efforts behind before that light emerged. When Islam became victorious, then the people thought that from now on, there would not be any difficulty for the light of Islam has come and all problems or difficulties shall be resolved.

But (the truth is) there had been long years of struggle so that this light may appear. The Holy Quran mentions this in different context and situations and each time it has linked this with Truth – But the Holy Quran did not say that it is such a subject which, on one hand truth appears and on the other hand, falsehood disappears (suddenly, literally). No. In the Holy Quran, Allah says that We have not sent prophets except as Bringer of glad tidings and as Warners.’ He (the prophet) gives good news, but he warns also. Good news is linked with Day (light) and warnings have a link with Night (darkness). But when they begin their work, it is not with ease that they establish the truth and make falsehood disappear. They struggle, fight and make efforts and face a lot of obstacles, a lot of problems. The Holy Quran mentions that they must struggle (make efforts).

And the fact is that the struggle begins with those people who do not want to accept the truth. These people make their utmost possible to make truth disappear and enable darkness to strive, to become permanent. The Holy Quran even says that they do everything to erase the truth. It is a subject with is completely contrary to the subject of truth just coming and making falsehood disappear (in the blink of an eye). Allah says that when truth comes, then lies (or falsehood) disappear, and when falsehood disappears, it strives with all its might so that truth disappears. And Allah says that they ridicule and mock ‘Our Words, Our Warnings and Our Signs’; they criticise, they object, etc. Thus, they use all means so that truth disappears and that falsehood continues to dominate.

Therefore, for our Dawa, we must understand that Quran did not say that on one hand you give them the message and on the other hand, on the spot they will accept (the message). No. On the contrary, the Holy Quran is warning us that when you shall give them the good news, they shall, then, make efforts to erase you from the surface of the earth; they will try to get rid of you completely. We see that this subject perfectly applies to us (Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam).

It is with good intentions and also for the welfare of humanity that we are giving you these good messages; we know that they are life-giving messages. We know that they are messages which give the heart tranquillity. And each of us we are witness to the fact that besides these divine messages (there is nothing). They are not messages which are against the pale of Islam, or against its teachings. We witness that in the absence of these divine messages, or we can say, in the absence of Islam and its teachings, there is trouble.

In fact, in the absence of the divine messages, in the absence of divine help and salvation, nobody can progress forward to obtain the light. In fact, in the circle of the divine grace, it is quite another world, an extraordinary change. In the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, it is another world. If people from outside sees it, then they say, that it is, in fact, an island (Mauritius) which does not have any connection with the world. If they recognise this truth, then they shall recognise the fact that it is another world, and they have to ask themselves the question: then, how did this happen? What are the efforts which need to be done, to be applied? Then, one is to be careful, for it is not something (victory) which comes suddenly, no.

Thus, Allah says that lies (or falsehood) strive with all means to eliminate you (the true believers, truth), to exterminate you completely. Therefore, it is true that when Truth comes, then falsehood, the liars, those who associate themselves with falsehood have to disappear. But it is not correct to say this verbally only; it is not just a simple declaration, because on the other side, the ones in the wrong also proclaim that they are better than the truth and that they can eliminate the truth.

An example of this is that delirious words of someone who is proclaiming to come from Allah, but who is essentially against the fundamental teachings of Islam, like the advent of prophets in Islam. The Holy Quran mentions this clearly in Chapter 4, Verse 70, about how the degree of prophet (not law-bearing one but who follows the precepts of the Quran) can be given to a chosen servant of Allah, one who follows in the footsteps of our noble prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Unfortunately this someone, Nasir Ahmad Sultani, when I invited him to come forward in the past, he has not responded, and he contented himself to label this humble self, this humble servant of Allah as liar on his website. And recently, a person who is originally from Kerala has joined him and this person said that he saw in a vision that I (Munir Ahmad Azim) was in a duel, a fight with Nasir Ahmad Sultani and that it was Nasir Ahmad Sultani who was victorious.

Interpretation of Dreams and visions 

Now let us look at the perception of this person, from the dream or vision he made. For him, automatically as he saw this, he thought that it is Nasir Sultani who must be the true one and that I, this humble servant of Allah, God forbid, is false. This is his impression, according to what he factually saw in his vision, but visions and dreams also have interpretations, and in the precise case of fighting or duel, either in a dream or vision, it is verily the loser who is the victor in reality. If that new disciple of Nasir Ahmad Sultani had known the rules of dream/visions interpretations, then he would have realised that he should have been with the loser (from his vision) because it is verily the contrary (of his vision) which is true, and he should have joined the rank of truth, the rank of Munir Azim.

Therefore, this is (an example) how truth may seem to be apparent to a person, who take falsehood as truth, and then, he makes the error of taking falsehood as truth and he goes to join the rank of those who have separated themselves from the true Islam, from the true concept of Islam. This makes me recall a revelation which Allah vouchsafed to me in the beginning of the Divine Manifestation when He told me that He shall make me become an Ibn Sireen, someone who shall have the knowledge of Dream Interpretation.

Allah has explained clearly this subject. Allah says that the truthful ones proclaim that ‘We have come and We shall exterminate falsehood.’ On the other hand, those in the wrong also, those who rely on falsehood also proclaim that ‘We shall get rid of you (the truthful) from the surface of the earth.’ Then, the Decree of Allah comes in operation, His final decision is established. And therefore, there are people who disappear while another group (the truthful) continue to progress and develop. And this is closely linked with truth and the progress happens as a result of this truth itself.

But truth has some demands that you (the believers) must accomplish. In another place (in the Holy Quran), with reference to the Battle of Badr, Allah says that, you (the Prophet) wanted to face an adversary who was less in number than you (the Muslims), so that you may have easily be victorious and suffer less loss, but Allah has another objective. Allah wants you to face this mighty army (of enemies) who are greater in number, but then it is Allah who shall increase for you your capabilities and make you triumph, overcome them; this is because Allah has decreed that falsehood must be uprooted. 

Thus, the believers wanted an easiness which resembles just like with the rise of the sun, obscurity departs. But Allah wanted that the Muslim believers face these great numbers of adversaries, so that with the help of Allah, they (the believers) gain victory and overcome them. Alhamdulillahil Aalameen. So that these adversaries may come to know what it means when truth overcomes falsehood. They had to know through which extraordinary means truth vanquished falsehood. And this outcome comes verily with struggle, with effort. It does not come easily.

Therefore, Allah says that it is with this objective that We gave you strength and capabilities so that you can cut the roots of the infidels. This is the subject defining truth which we must understand. If someone weak faces a very strong and powerful man, then for the weak one, this is a message of destruction. And if the strong and powerful one fights with a weak person and he overcomes that weak person, then this is not a glory for that strong man (for he knows the outcome of his strength overcoming the other person’s weakness).

Understand this well, because Allah is talking the truth. You must know what the truth is. And which signs are there for the truth. And if a powerful and strong enemy and his army makes the intention to wipe out this little Jamaat, and if God forbid, they success, then it is not a great glory for them. But if they do not succeed, and if whenever they try to confront this little Jamaat, then when with Allah’s help this little Jamaat triumph over them and the little Jamaat continue to expand and progress and becomes firmer day by day, then for the powerful one (the adversaries) this is a sign of truth (that despite their strength and number, a little army has overcome a great army).

It is a sign that it is a Jamaat which is linked with a Truthful Being (Allah), but despite the fact that this Jamaat can seem little and weak at the beginning, but when the breath of Allah, the divine truth is guiding it, therefore the adversaries, the wrongdoers are themselves astonished: What, so much progress with very few believers? But with the same fervour of the truth, this light keeps on growing, where this Jamaat continue to grow and becomes all the more firm, like a fortress, and the light of truth which Allah sends, that is, the chosen Messenger of Allah (and in this present era, this humble servant of Allah), therefore Allah makes Messenger of His witness, taste the victory which He (Allah) has promised him; whereby after his efforts, along with the believers, and the struggle they have fought, therefore there shall definitely come the moment where they shall taste the victory of truth over falsehood, where we (the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam) we shall witness our victory, a victory earned with the help of Allah and that of His angels, a victory which shows how darkness disappear with the coming of the manifestation of truth which Allah, Al-Haq has Himself sent in this world.

Therefore, if you have a bond with a truthful being (Allah is in this case the Truthful Being), then the decision of who shall be victorious shall depend on which truth are you bonded with! We are not talking about how greater or lesser in number the enemies are, if they are replenished with money, and us not, or if they have greater number of mosques, and us not. No, it is a question of whether you have a bond with truth, and it is then that this truth shall enable you to have the upper hand on those who have sided with falsehood.

Thus, when the enemy is so great in number that nobody seem not to be able to overcome them without them first breaking the laws of nature established by Allah, then, by Himself Allah does not break these laws. It is not an automatic thing, that because truth MUST be victorious, then you should go and fight the whole world. No (this is not the case).

I end my sermon on this subject here today. Insha-Allah, I shall continue the explanation next Friday. And I ask each member of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to ponder over the contents of this sermon and analyse it profoundly so that each of you may benefit from it and that you find yourselves always in the essence of truth and remain always loyal to that Truthful Being, our Allah who have trusted us with the task of re-establishing His Truth, His Veracity and Unicity in the heart of humanity. Insha-Allah, Ameen.