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‘Humanity at the Brink of Disaster!’

Through recurring revelations of unmistakable intensity and clarity, Allah the Almighty has charged Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius with a heavy responsibility as a Warner sent unto mankind: to alert and warn the world about the impending Disasters. Thus, in his Friday Sermon of  01 March 2013 (17 Rabi’ul Aakhir ; 1434 Hijri ) Hadhrat Sahib has had to convey to the world the spine-chilling news about the Disasters waiting to unfold in a striking way all over the world. The world appears to be condemned to witness the consequences of its evil ways : for the chronicle of earth-shattering events foretold include wars, calamities, ethnic conflicts, communal violence/racial riots, the destruction of despots and the desecration of cities.

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:  

Allah (swt) chose me as His Khalifatullah in this era and my Creator has informed me through revelation several times since Friday, 08 February 2013 and continually so, till now that a third world calamity is to come. Despite the fact that these days all these calamities are hitting the world, yet people do not learn from these happenings, and these do them nothing that these calamities come from the Creator of the universe. They continue to persist in their sin and continue in the practice of Shirk on several levels. They have all forgotten the divine teaching; they trampled the teachings of God and give man’s words the greatest value. The majority of people in the world have turned their backs to the divine messages and rejected the Messenger of God in this present age.

Oh Muslims and all my brothers and sisters of different faith and religions, I tell you the truth that Islam is a perfect religion; the Holy Prophet of Islam, the prophet whose apostleship extends to the end of the world is a living prophet as the fruits of his apostleship appear in all periods. These fruits are irrefutable proof that the apostleship of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) is not dead. In our time this apostleship also bore fruit and blessings have begun to fall down like a rain.

The Khalifatullah came to give further proof of the continuity of the apostleship of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Allah (swt) told me several times that I am His chosen servant and I have the honour to occupy a spiritual position. As such I have responsibilities that are not allowed to set aside at any time until I breathe my last. These responsibilities encompass all human beings; each is dear to me because of this fraternal bond. Humanity is now at the brink of disaster.

In this context I am the bearer of an important message for you and for all my brothers and sisters, I tell you the truth, please listen to me.

Allah (swt) has informed me that a third world calamity will come, and entire regions will be devastated at once. Not only men will disappear but all living beings, without a trace. I am saddened that a great disaster threatens the world and the peoples of the earth are heedless. It is my duty to inform you (and them also) that a huge calamity is reserved for them. They must adopt the way which could save them from this calamity. This way is that they must sincerely rally under the banner of Sahih al Islam and fully submit to the One God (Allah (swt)).

If there were no Eastern country that could rival the power of civilized and strong nations from the west, some eastern nations soon will emerge as major powers challenging the supremacy of the West. The situation is already present in different Gulf countries; see Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine and analyze what is happening in Syria.

The third world war is not far; it shall suddenly surprise the world. The world will be in a state of shock; travellers face major problems. Rivers shall turn red with blood. Young people will be affected by senility. Mountains shall explode. The horrors of war will make people mad. This will be the time of the destruction of dictatorships and criminals. There will be naval battles. Empires shall be overthrown and cities converted into cemeteries.

With this great third world war, none of the islands will be spared; even the islands shall suffer much in all aspects and even Mauritius, a racial war, a communal one is threatened, and shall not be delayed. These racial fights in Mauritius will be in a dimension even higher than in 1968, and with more fatal consequences. Take into consideration these messages.

Oh Muslims, stop sub-dividing and cause wars among you. If the Ittihadul Muslimeen (Union of Muslims) is successfully carried out, it would be a great step forward in the expansion of Islam. All sects, leaving their differences on secondary issues and unimportant, could work together for a single purpose: To establish the supremacy of Islam in the world.

World War III size shall be even larger in dimension than the Second World War. The two opposing sides will clash with such suddenness that everyone would be caught unawares; death and destruction will rain from the sky and the earth shall be engulf by fierce flames. The colossus of modern civilization shall fall to the ground. The so-called powers will be destroyed, demolished shall be their powers, their civilization and ruined shall be their system, broken into pieces. Survivors will be terrified and stunned by this tragedy. There would be people who will overcome this state (of shock and calamity) and be on their feet earlier than the West. The prophecy is clear that the people of different countries will be turned to (Allah (swt)) their Creator and shall accept the Sahih Al Islam and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) of Islam. Nations who seek to eliminate the name of God from the earth and erase it from the heaven, shall realize the folly of their frame of mind and, ultimately, shall submit to Him as firm believers in His Oneness.

You can consider this as a fantasy. But those who survive the World War III will testify and justify the truth of what I say. These are the words of God Almighty. They shall be accomplished, nobody can divert His decree. The end of the Third World War will be the beginning of the triumph of Islam. People shall accept its veracity in large numbers Insha-Allah, and realize that Islam is the only true religion and that the emancipation of man must be won solely by the message of Muhammad (pbuh). All these events are important signs in the history of man.

Insha-Allah, I will continue on the same subject next Friday. May Allah open the heart and mind of His creatures so that they realize their mistakes before it is too late for them. Insha-Allah. Ameen.

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