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Forbidding Access to the Mosques

And who are more unjust than those who forbid the approach to the mosques of Allah lest His name should be mentioned therein, and strive toward their destruction? (2: 115)

No Muslim can be denied the right to enter a mosque and offer prayers, and even to attend a function therein. This is a basic human right which Allah gave to His servants, and nobody has the right to hinder other people from invoking Allah, and to show Him their devotion in those places of worship. 

Moreover, it is to be specified that the verse refers to the fact that nobody can be hindered from entering the Mosques of Allah for any act of worship. A mosque is Allah’s and thus it is not the property of any person, though its management is done by people who are supposed to be Muttaqun – God-fearing! When people cease to be Muttaqun, and defy the laws of Allah, they bring upon themselves a sure damnation, and Allah has promised that in the Hereafter, their punishment will be great.

The subject matter of this verse is very true in the case of the persecutions faced by the believers of the Divine Manifestation in this era. All prophets in one way or the other passed through the same situations, suffering from being forbidden access to the Houses of Allah.


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) suffered a lot in the hands of the Quraish who persecuted and boycotted him and his followers so much so that access to the Ka’aba was quasi-impossible, especially for the grand pilgrimage, the Hajj. And if ever they were spotted near the Sacred Mosque, then the people of Mecca, in occurrence the Quraish would inflict much hardships on the innocent servants of Allah and believers in the Divine Manifestation of their age. Even the Holy Prophet of Islam was not spared!  

In March 628 AD, the Meccan troops stopped Muhammad (pbuh), the best of mankind and prophets and forbid him from entering the Sacred Mosque along with his companions for the lesser pilgrimage, i.e. Umrah. They tried to humiliate him, but the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) trusted Allah and the promise He extended for the grand victory of Islam. And today by the grace of Allah, this victory is palpable in every way in the form of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam which Allah has secured for the preservation of the glory of Islam in its entirety.

Man forms part of religion, but he does not make religion. Allah establishes the Laws and man has to abide by them, not the other way round. Whenever Allah sends His prophet, a reformer of Islam to preserve the grand mission of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh), then He is the one to stand by him and all those who have sincerely believed in him and make them the victors in all circumstances, even if they have to face all kinds of troubles and persecutions in order to reach such victory. And what the enemies of truth may consider as their own victory when they do all kinds of shameful acts in the name of religion as to demean the true believers of the Divine Manifestation is in fact clear victory for the true believers. 


In March itself, just a few days ago on 27 March 2015, a mother forming part of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam was invited by her daughters to the Nikah preparations and ceremony of her youngest child, Nikah which was to be held in the Dar-us-Salaam Mosque in Rose-Hill. In the previous chapter in the rules of the Establishment of Ahmadiyya Boycott (Boycott or No Boycott?), we have seen how the same mother and her eldest daughter, both believers in the Divine Manifestation of this age made history in January 2014 in one of the weddings organised by their relative in the Dar-us-Salam Mosque.

We all know the importance of a mother in the life of a human being. This importance is unquestionable. Indeed, both the Quran and Hadiths have elaborated on this subject in details. 

Unfortunately today, the Ahmadi Muslims, especially the Taujoo family in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association have exceeded all limits of decency and acted in the absolutely most savage way to try to humiliate a mother from attending the Nikah ceremony of her daughter in a Mosque of Allah, which was supposedly to be the House of Peace (not the House of Taujoos). Instead of Peace, there have been excessive commotions, disputes and harassment to bar the way of a single woman (Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam) from entering a Mosque of Allah to fulfil her duty as a mother in witnessing the Nikah ceremony of her daughter and praying for the new couple.

Regardless of whether a mother is to be formally invited to the wedding of her children, but the fact remains that a mother does not need any invitation whatsoever to fulfil her motherly duties and to even participate in the wedding preparations of her children. A mother is to be given priority by her children, and be held in high esteem and treated with love and respect. This is a lesson which the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) taught us Muslims, when Hazrat Asma bint Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) came to ask him (pbuh) a question on whether she is allowed to receive her mother who was a polytheist. 

My mother has come to me and she desires to receive a reward from me, shall I keep good relations with her?” 

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Yes, keep good relation with her.”

The perfect role model did not say to boycott her, ‘do not see her, do not greet her Salam’ when that mother was an idolatress. Instead Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) instructed to treat her well, keeping good relation with her.

If for a polytheist mother, a Muslim should have the best regard towards her, now for a Muslim mother, who believes in Tawhid, should she be treated as the worst of creatures in a function which should have spelt happiness instead of sorrow?


A single woman who had once upon a time been expelled from the Nizam-e-Jamaat Ahmadiyya on account of her newfound faith in a Reviver of Faith of this era has gone to fulfil her duties as a mother, in peace and with happiness in the heart. In the event of the recent transplant she did for her sister (in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association), and to which foul words pronounced by a so-called Mullah have been circulated throughout the Jamaat, despite all these events, and circumstances, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association and its leaders, and Mullahs have not got their lesson, the lesson of humanity. Instead, this crucial event in the lifetime of Ahmadiyyat in Mauritius has come to render them more animalistic than ever against a woman of the Divine Manifestation of this era. A single woman fought her way through to shut the mouth of dozens of people, the majority men from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, the majority forming part of the Taujoo family.

And Alhamdulillah she was successful in that endeavour, when upon entering the yard of the Dar-us-Salam Mosque she, along with her family members (who had long reconciled with her for their wrong behaviour towards her). She used to do her best to do her tabligh with her family members to depict the true colours of today’s Ahmadiyya administration and its managers in Mauritius. And by the grace of Allah, upon her entry into the yard of the Mosque, despite the huge male troop, literally bouncers (from the Taujoo family, among which there were so-called “Waqf-e-Naw”) who came forward to bar her way to the Mosque, it became clear that all her tabligh did not go in vain. Why so?

1. Because, she managed to shut their mouths with solid arguments while they, on the other hand had only Khalifa as excuse.

2. As soon as she and her mother (aged 84) and other near family members (who are not against her anymore) entered the Mosque Yard, that meant also that along with her, these family members and the rest of guests for the night were barred entrance to the Mosque. Guests were invited yet remained outside the Mosque Hall.

3. What is funny during this eventful night is that three women of the Taujoo clan (paternal aunts of the bridegroom and sisters of the present so-called Amir Moussa Taujoo) stayed outside with the male bouncers to restrict entrance to the mother of the bride. What is more funny is that one of those sisters had to beg the maternal grandmother of the bride to come inside (considering that she was a member of the Ahmadiyya Association and has reached old age) but the grandmother stood firmly by her daughter (i.e. the mother of the bride) and refused to come inside the Mosque without her daughter! 

As arguments put forward by that Taujoo woman, the grandmother was not obeying the Khalifa by supporting such a daughter who according to them is against their Khalifa. And they affirmed that it was the Khalifa himself who issued the instruction that the mother of the bride is not to enter the mosque to see her daughter being married off! To that, the grandmother insisted to be shown the formal letter instructing such unislamic teaching by the Khalifa in person. That firm stand closed the mouths of these people at once. They could not produce such evidence.

4. Because just like the mother of the bride, all the Taujoo bouncers along with the 3 Taujoo women and the rest of the guests DID NOT enter the mosque despite being formally invited for the wedding, and being the near kin of both bridegroom and bride.

Alhamdulillah, some Ahmadi Muslims, guests for the wedding, some her family members, and some not, all witnessed how the mother of the bride shut the mouth of those new-found Ahmadi bouncers with solid arguments. Those guests came forward to lend their moral support to the Lady and told her not to let go of this fight for the cause of truth! 

As for the men and women of the Taujoo “Khandaan”, they acted callously and in an unislamic way, as if the Mosque of Allah was theirs to do as per their will, as if they have the deed of the Mosque on their names to do whatever they want, even as far as to be impudent and violent against a single woman of the Divine Manifestation. What these people do not realise is that what they have done:

(1) Is totally, absolutely against the Holy Quran.

Among the 700 commandments therein, let them name just one which encourages such behaviour and act?

(2) Is totally against the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

If for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and other prophets (as) and their true and sincere believers such enemies of truth have not hesitated to persecute and boycott them, then how fortunate are we today, the chosen people of Allah to undergo the same kind of treatment for the cause of Allah, for the cause of our faith? But all in all, the truth must triumph and will triumph and the mouths of the evildoers and the hands they used to persecute and rebel against the protectors of truth shall be severed by Allah (swt). Insha-Allah.

(3) Is completely against the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as).

Are they still Ahmadi? Have they not already broken their bai’at as Ahmadi Muslims, as specified by the Promised Messiah (as) in his books and other literatures?

(4) Is completely against the rules and regulations of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Worldwide. 

 Blinding Consequences of Irrational Choices

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, especially in Mauritius has in its rules and regulations towards the State to act islamically, and not immorally for the good welfare of its members and all people. “Love for All, Hatred for None” is the canonical motto of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya for years, yet this motto has failed its purpose by some so-called defenders of Nizam-e-Jamaat and Khilafat

For them, it is the Khalifa who has given the instructions and the Khalifa is therefore their life, their visa to paradise. When that letter of instruction was asked of them to produce as proof, such instruction which is signed by the Khalifa personally, then all remained quiet, without any reply. They are dumb, deaf and blind in their love for the system of Khilafat and the Khalifa-ul-Massih. 

There is such blindness that they are unable to distinguish truth from untruth and if ever they are seeing all the injustices, yet most of them are afraid to come forward to fight this injustice and re-establish the true Ahmadiyyat institution as established by the Promised Messiah (as). They fear boycott and excommunications like the members of the Divine Manifestation of this age. They fear becoming social outcasts, and prefer to remain quiet and let the arc of Ahmadiyyat fall apart and sink.


Abd’Allah ibn Amr (ra) narrated: 

“I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say, If you see my Ummah fearing a tyrant so much that they dare not tell him that he is a tyrant, then there will be no hope for them. The Prophet said, Among my Ummah, some will be swallowed up by the earth, some bombarded with stones, and some transformed into animals. (Ahmad)

So, we see that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had already prophesised about such times when His Ummah will lose all credibility as true Muslims.

Recorded in the Mudkhal by Ibn-al-Hajj:

“The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said, 

‘Prayers will be neglected, carnal desires will be pursued, transgressors will become leaders, it will not be possible to distinguish the faithful from the false, telling lies will become desirable… the believer will be deemed the most disgraceful and he will be pained at seeing evils all around and his heart will melt as salt in water but he will not be able to say anything… Mosques will have external decorations and beauty and there will be worshippers too but there will be hypocrisy and mutual enmity in their hearts… Human blood will have no value, religion will have no helpers…”


Nowadays, the Ahmadis must ponder over the sayings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the teachings of the Quran. With all the boycott laws that the Ahmadiyya Association has applied here and there, therefore these teachings are a lesson which they need to draw. Like the Seal of all Prophets Muhammad (pbuh) has said, the one who disobeys his parent, consequently as a reward the door of hell shall remain open for him. Thus, if you proclaim to be a Muslim, and that you believe in Allah and in His Messenger (pbuh), you need to reflect upon the words of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) before your so-called Amir or so-called Mullahs drive you (Ahmadi Muslims) away from your parents; especially those parents who have accepted the divine signs and manifestations; those parents who have sacrificed nights and days to raise their children and give them education as well as all their needs and who have married them off also.

Nowadays, when one’s child is getting married, one does not have the right to invite his or her own blood relations, even the parents! Boycott becomes a must. On the other hand, other people, such as idolaters, and people who ill-talk the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Promised Messiah (as) can be invited. There is no repercussion for them! 

As for the one who believes in the Divine Manifestation, he/she must be boycotted, and if an invitation is given to such people (of the Divine Manifestation), even if they be one’s own parents, then there is the necessity to take back the invitation card (wedding invitation card), for if not the Nikah won’t be pronounced! Do you consider all this as Islamic teachings? On top of that, the instructions to boycott are obeyed to the letter, following them blindly. What a Shame!


The event under scrutiny for the welfare of all Ahmadiyya Community must be an eye-opener for all Ahmadi Muslims to take precaution so as not to let their rights be trampled to dust. The administration of the Jamaat is trying to fool the Ahmadis to instil fear and hatred in their hearts while Allah and the best of mankind (pbuh) have taught otherwise. What a shame for the so-called administrators of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius to behave in such arrogant and callous manner, and even threatening to walk out of the Mosque if the mother of the bride walks in! What a shame for the Jamaat Ahmadiyya for this is not the only time when they have restricted entrance to the Mosque of Allah.

I recall very well the time when on an Eid-ul-Adha in 2001, after our expulsion from the Nizam-e-Jamaat on account of divine revelations, the so-called Amir of the Jamaat at that time and his Managing Committee gave severe instructions to close an Ahmadi Muslim Mosque so that we may not go there and perform our Eid prayer.

This is the rotten mentality of today’s vicious Ahmadi leaders who forgot the persecutions which our grandparents have undergone on account of their faiths to establish Ahmadiyyat in the country. They forgot their origins and the persecutions and think themselves as too autonomous today as to do as per their will even if this means following the detractors of Islam and persecutors of Ahmadis in their acts and behaviours! What a Shame!

When this humble self only said that I was receiving divine revelations, instead of being happy that an Ahmadi was receiving revelations from Allah also, the Khalifatul-Massih IV, according to the reports of his Amir and officials preferred to oust me from the Nizam-e-Jamaat, thus re-affirming the will of Allah to elevate this humble self as His Chosen Servant and Messenger. Degradation over degradation gripped the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association and this sign of Allah is still not being recognised by many people therein.

In the context of the recent harassment against a mother, now the question is since when the Dar-us-Salam Mosque has become the propriety of the Taujoo family? Bear in mind that the lady’s Chanda money and other funds also have been invested in the Dar-us-Salam Mosque, hard-earned money which was contributed over the years in many projects for the betterment of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Now what happened? That lady became tenant while the Taujoo family became the only proprietors of the Dar-us-Salam Mosque and other assets of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius!!!

Oh my Ahmadi Muslim brothers and sisters, will you stand and see the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah (as) crumble by the evil acts of such tyrants whose manifestations were already prophesised by our beloved prophet, Muhammad (pbuh)? Will you let your rights as equal heirs of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya be trampled to dust? Is it not time that your voice be heard and ignominy and moral and physical harassment be stopped?

Mr. Moussa Taujoo, you forgot the humiliation you receive along with Mullah Hussein in 1988 by the Khalifat-ul-Massih IV. You did not receive any lesson out of it! Bear in mind, the consequences of your acts, especially the hide and seek you play to portray yourself as a good guy when in fact you are one of the best villains therein. Wait, I also am waiting along with you. You are acting without fear of Allah, and even allowed 6 of your nephews (Taujoos) to act like bouncers against a single woman, among which there was the son of an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police). Verily, that mother became an Iron Lady in the face of the persecutions you ordered, and you even launched against her your 3 sisters who acted shamelessly and without any fibre of Islam in them. 

Instead they put forward a mortal man forward as a frightening tool for the other Ahmadis when they should have known that it is Allah whom they should fear most. What kind of example they have set for the Lajnas and Naseerat? To be rude and aggressive? Bear in mind, among these sisters of yours there is one who is a Government servant, a School Inspector who forbid a mother from fulfilling her duties during the wedding of her daughter. Is that what she preached as a teacher before? To have such behaviours? To separate pupils from their parents?

As an Amir Jamaat in Mauritius, you have ruined this wedding and presented a very bad image of the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah (as) vis-à-vis the non-Ahmadi guests. Is that what you call being true defenders of Islam, of Ahmadiyyat?

Verily, what transpired in the Dar-us-Salam Mosque Yard on 27 March 2015 has polluted the ocean and earth completely. As this subject is too vast to discuss, I’ll pen off now on the callous deeds of the Taujoo family. Insha-Allah, I will come again on the subject later on.


While writing this refutation to you and all those who have given a helping hand in the atrocious acts perpetrated against A MOTHER, a Nazm of the Promised Messiah (as) kept on coming on my lips… Khuda Ke Paak Logon Ko, Khuda Se Nusrat Aati Hain…

May Allah guide the seekers of truth and bless their insight and courage to recognise and stand by truth come what may. In-Sha’ Allah. Ameen.

Munir A. Azim
Hazrat Muhyi-ud-Din Khalifatullah
Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam
28 March 2015 ----07 Jamadul Aakhir 1436 AH

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