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Food: Choices and Consequences

Food and Human temperament

By the grace of Allah I continue to answer the questions on ‘pork’ that I received last week and I answered a lot of those questions, and today Insha-Allah, I will continue on the same subject to see a little on the immoral side which is sprouted by the consumption of this type of animal.

First, let us get the truth straight out that man is composed of body, mind and soul. The brain, the seat of the mind (with all its functions of thought, feelings and other psychological aspects) is a part of the body and takes its food as one of those parties. At any time, thousands of cells in our body get depleted and are used to operate the complex machinery of the body; food is used to replace these dead cells. Food particles become part of the body, part of which goes to the brain.

It is commonly known that food has an effect on the health of the body. But few people realize that it has an effect on the brain (hence the mind) as well. Healthy food obtained through legitimate means and consumed with a peaceful conscience, has good effects on both health of body and mind. But unhealthy food, or food taken at the time of emotional distress, harm to the body and spirit. 

The 'cultures' of Pork 

The pig is an animal such that even in countries where its flesh is a highly regarded consumer good, its name means a dirty person, a thug, a sensual, and a glutton. The word ‘pig’ is synonymous with evil and degenerate. This is because the pig is sensual and impudent. People who eat pork are gradually influenced by its inherent sensuality; and when this trend influences minds, impudence becomes common rule; modesty and honesty become outmoded ideas that are deviated from the cult of sensuality and perversion.

A question may arise, how can you prove that pork creates impudence? Well! Look at any country in Europe, America, etc. where pork is a common food; then look at their morals; Take a look at any newspaper and you will find scary headlines.

The exchange of wives and concubines, commonly called “Swinging” or “The Lifestyle” is the modern sexual phenomenon. The Western world is sex drunk. “Swingers” is the term used by both married and unmarried couples who participate in groups (with married couples also) to some moments of pleasure (orgies) where husbands or partners share their women (wives or otherwise) – undressed – on a bed. The list of these headlines is long, disgusting and it’s not good to pronounce all this in a Friday Sermon. 

Those headlines are truly shocking and we must vigorously condemn this permissive society. But what has it to do with pork? Let us divide the regions of the world into two groups: pork consumers and non-consumers of pork; then look at what regions such shameful conduct is dominant. In areas of pork consumers, you will find Europe and the United States and it is in Europe and the United States you will find such licentiousness, not in the non-pork consumers regions.

There is a big difference between the two regions. When a woman in an Islamic country indulges in infidelity, she is ashamed and does not want that her parents, neighbours and friends know about it. When a woman in a pork-consuming country, becomes unfaithful, she feels no guilt or shame, because society glorifies her actions as an art.

Some women take off their clothes to the last string and wander naked on stage, and they are called ‘artists’. This is, in fact, the difficulty of the problem. In swine consuming countries, impudence, infidelity and public displays of sex is glorified as art: sociologists, doctors and psychologists in these countries as professionals deem adultery, promiscuity and sexual perversions respectable, justifying such things on biological grounds. For them, man is just like any other animal. It was at this ‘impudence’ that I was referring: it exists only in pork consuming societies. What more evidence do you want? These societies degrade man to the level of wild beasts. Pork transforms man into pig. (Inset: Spencer Tunick is an American photographer best known for organizing large-scale nude shoots. Since 1994 he has photographed over 75 "human installations" around the world, including at Mexico City featured above). 

Muhammad (sa), the Great Role Model  

To distinguish and classify the personalities of the world, not only their contribution to their country is to be considered, but especially at the level of the individual, the importance they attach to human values ​​and their contribution to the advancement of humanity. In this competition which could be open to all men and all women in power in the world, the candidate must meet the following criteria: a repository of moral and religious values ​​and to present himself as a model of excellence. Be endowed with great intelligence and have ambition for the human race without exception. Have a beautiful face and a popular figure to be accepted as leader by everyone.

(He must) Have patience, be articulate and attentive to the words of others. Have as much courage to face the enemy alone, if necessary. Be both protective of his disciples and understanding vis-à-vis their weaknesses. Be a visionary and adopt a principle of fairness for his own people and for foreigners. Be tolerant, kind and take the burden of others. Be wise and humane like a father and mother. Be a real man with physical strength to ensure the provisions of his family and lead with firmness and courage. Have compassion for the weak, children and thus act with moderation and justice vis-à-vis animals. And above all, not vainly hurt men by usurping their land and their property. Be generous with smile and goodness. Forgive the murderers of his family and those who try to poison him. Overcome and suppress a revolt or attempted revolt without bloodshed. Not unnecessarily use force and not to lie, even in extreme cases. Be honest, be hospitable and fulfil his responsibilities. Also, be chosen by God and be proclaimed master of men.

Among the men and women who have existed in the history of mankind no one could get to reunite in him or her all these values ​​except the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Consider the value of his pure and noble ancestry. He did not choose his parents. It was predestined. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Allah has chosen Kinana from children of Isma’il, and then chose Quraish and finally chose me from Banu Hashim.” (Muslim)

His genealogy according to researchers is this: Muhammad the Messenger of God, son of Abdullah, son of Abdul Muttalib, son of Hashim, son of Qusayy, son of Kilab, son of Murrah, son of Ka’b, son of Luayy of the lineage of the Prophet Ismail, son of Prophet Ibrahim. His ancestry is free from any relationship of adultery or incest. Abdullah the father of the Prophet (pbuh) was famous for his purity and morality. He died during a business trip in Medina leaving behind a pregnant wife. And this is the Qureish who will remain the most noble to the end of the world. The Prophet (pbuh) said about this: “The guidance of religion will remain among the Qureish even if it remains only two of them.” (Bukhari).

It is narrated on the authority of Muslim that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “I would be the chief of the children of Adam on the Day of Judgement; I would be the first out of his grave, the first to intercede and the first intercessor to have his intercession accepted”.

Hazrat Jabir describes the physical features of the Prophet (pbuh): “The Prophet was of medium height, broad shoulders with long hair till the earlobes ... I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful.” (Shamail).

The tolerance showed of the Prophet was such that he had forgiven the man who had killed his daughter. He had forgiven Wahsi, the same man who killed his uncle Hamza. After the Meccans rejected him and wanted to kill him, the day of the conquest of Mecca, he announced: “You are free, there is no reproach against you today.” The character of the Prophet was to perfection that even the Quran says: “And you’re certainly of eminent morality.” (68: 5). During the war of Uhud, the Prophet (pbuh) fell into the trap set by his enemies and was wounded. But he replied with: “Oh Allah, forgive my people, because they do not know that I am a prophet.” (Tabrani).

His honesty was such that even the people of Makkah knew they could count on his integrity. On the eve of emigration, the prophet put Ali in his place to return the things he had in his custody (Ruhul Ma’ani). In short, all the qualities were found in the prophet (pbuh).

I quote the statement of Lamartine, “If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astounding results are the three criteria of human genius, who could dare to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad? ... This man moved not only armies, legislations, empires, peoples, dynasties, millions of men in one-third of the then inhabited world; , he moved over the altars, the gods, the religions, the ideas, the beliefs and souls...” (History of Turkey, Vol. II)

Allah Ta’ala sent him as a blessing for all mankind and as a beacon of guidance for his followers.

“Certainly there is for you an excellent example (to follow) in the life of the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad (pbuh)).” (33: 22).

God sent us a perfect model who taught us how to act in all circumstances. And He sent us a holy book that contains the original teachings of all the world’s religions and prophets to guide man to the preservation of a healthy body, mind and soul. It is for us humans of all religions to keep the commandments that God sent so that we build a moral and spiritual society able to maintain despite the passage of time and customs. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

-Extracts from the Friday Sermon of April 17, 2015 delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius. 

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