Sunday, April 26, 2015

Munir Javed: Hubris and Stupidity

Since a very long time, ever since the time of the fourth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Movement, before 1993, there was a man named Munir Javed who has remained always the private secretary to the Khalifat-ul-Massih, and who takes himself as a strong supporter of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya. He claims to know everything when in reality it is only a false claim because he knows nothing, and he is even in the process of becoming all the more deprived of knowledge. This same man is currently conducting an anti-Divine Manifestation policy. It was only on my return from UK on 05 January 2015 that we set to work on the materials – the Dawa works and the two letters which I sent to the Khalifat-ul-Massih V during my stay in England in the month of December 2014 – to be posted on the website. On 24 March 2015 I received a letter from the office of the private secretary of the Khalifat-ul-Massih V, dated 16 March 2015 in which the answer given is very dull, just like the paracetamol tablets which every time doctors give to their patients, be it in dispensaries and hospitals. Despite the different kinds of ailments of those patients, paracetamol (panadol) is prescribed as the quickest means to “cure” these people as if there are no other remedies for their ailments. It is basically like this for Munir Javed also! 

Munir Javed Sahib replied instead of the Khalifat-ul-Massih and he said that my letter was received and read by the Khalifat-ul-Massih V. According to the letter, the Khalifa did not object to what was intended for him in writing. 

Munir Javed did not mention anything of the reaction or the words of the Khalifat-ul-Massih V about the invitation letter. Munir Javed takes himself as ‘more royalist than the king’ to add that he prays that Allah Almighty illuminates my heart and all those who have deviated from the right path. 

Can Munir Javed declare on which path have we deviated? I can tell you that by the grace of Allah, Allah has poured down His light – His divine messages – upon me. Had Allah not lit up my heart, I would have been like Munir Javed, that is, I would have been like Allah mentions in the Holy Quran: “Summum bukmum um-yun fahum la yarjiuun” deaf, dumb and blind, they will not return (to the right path). 

When he (that is to say, Munir Javed) made the deaf ear and became dumb and blind regarding the signs of Allah, and the fact that he turned his back on the Divine Manifestations, then for this type of person it is Allah Himself who took away the light from him and left him and those like him in the dark, so that they may not see anything at all.

Can Munir Javed say 100% for sure that he is on the right path? Can he give the guarantee that paradise has already been reserved for him? If he has doubts about the messages that I address (to the world), then let him come forward and prove that he is right and let him seek help with anyone and prove also that we (I and all those who have recognized the Messenger of Allah, and divine signs and manifestations of this century) have gone astray? As for me, I was sent by my master Allah (swt), confirming what you already have. So if you do not have an answer to give, then just put a rock in your mouth so as not to say any nonsense. Thus, in order to avoid giving unnecessary fatwas.

So insults and abuse have no meaning. All the prophets of God were insulted and abused; but those who have faith have never rejected a prophet for that. The so-called Mullahs like Munir Javed and others have violated the pure teachings of the Promised Messiah (as). There should not have been any division in the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah (as). There should not have been so many disputes also after you received the pure teachings. So you should show yourselves humble if you’re really on the right path. You should have tried to put back on the right path those who deviated from the right path and also ensure that from among your great defenders spring up a Jamaat calling people to good, who orders what is correct and prevents what Allah has forbidden (from His commandments found in the Qur’an).

When you analyze the behaviour and fatwas that the so-called Mullahs of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya give – as if they have received the license of faith to judge the faith of others – then you will see that they are themselves bad. Our prophet (pbuh) was the perfect model, and the perfect book was revealed to him for 23 years, but despite that Allah (swt) had not given him the green light (the patent) to judge the faith of anyone. There is a very striking anecdote during his time as prophet. I will mention only a brief of it. 

During a war a Muslim fought with a non-Muslim and was ready to plunge his sword into him (when the opponent fell down) when the latter uttered only “La Illaha Illallah” and did not pronounce “Muhammadur Rasullullah”. Despite his declaration of faith, the Muslim killed the man in question and the matter came to the ear of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) who got very angry and he (pbuh) called the man and he asked why he killed the victim (after his declaration of faith). To defend himself, the man said that the non-Muslim in question knew that his last hour had struck and therefore it was to save his skin that he uttered “La Illaha Illallah”. Then the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said (angrily): Have you opened his heart to see if it was only to save his life that he said that?”

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) gave an extraordinary example. In the Jamaat Ahmadiyya you find so-called Mullahs like Munir Javed, Majeed Tahir and others who give fatwas and Ahmadis are usually blinded by such fatwas and take those as true messages coming down from heaven.

Allah (swt) has sent His Messenger in this century with divine messages, and now they turn on their backs and they arrogantly label these revelations ‘so-called revelations’, and make everyone believe that these are indeed so-called revelations. So people blindly believe that these are really false revelations. Know that there is a limit even in imbecility! These types of people do not have the fear of Allah in the heart; there is rather the fear of creatures.

To please their idol, they lean more towards infidelity instead of towards faith. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts. Allah (swt) knows what they conceal within. (Before everybody) these are the same people who will preach to you the oneness of Allah, but are they really going to guide you in the right path? They act like they are the greatest connoisseurs of religion. They think they know everything and that others are only good for nothing before them. There are ignorant people who can say, “He wrote to the caliph and the caliph did not even take those letters into consideration. And it is the others like Munir Javed who had to give him an answer. Does he not see that the Caliph does not need him?”

Know that everything a true servant of Allah does, he does it just for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of man, and he is not afraid of what people will say! If I made a step forward for reconciliation, to forget our differences, it is only for the cause of Allah, for our union, for the pleasure of Allah and to better preach God’s message and especially when we are found in a single religion, the religion that Allah (swt) has perfected and given the name: ISLAM, such a religion which was a single entity and which should always remain the same (i.e. a single and united entity).

Today there is so much division in Islam and also in the Ahmadiyya Movement, so is it not my duty to make an appeal to the caliph (Khalifat-ul-Massih) of the Ahmadiyya Movement? Do I have to worry about what people will say, even if the Caliph did not consider the message that was intended for him?

Therefore, each person is responsible for his own actions. I did my duty as a chosen servant of Allah and Islam. Besides, several times I have called all Jamaats which are divided (and further subdivided) in Islam and I even wrote to them to say that Islam has become like a body broken/cut into several pieces, and which was cast in several directions, and thus non-believers who do not like Islam at all seize the opportunity of this disunity to put an end to Islam. This is because they know that we are not united and we’re fighting among us, even though we say we believe in one God and in a Divine Book which is for the Muttaqeen (those who have fear of Allah and follow the right path). They know there is no common ground (for agreement) between us. Muslim brothers are killing fellow Muslims who profess the same faith as them.

A true servant of Allah cannot remain insensitive to all this and he appeals to the Muslim world to unite once again, to forget our differences, to put our differences aside for the sake of Allah, His Messenger (pbuh) and His Messiah (Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) and to unite because “Unity is Strength”. Let us put our arrogance and any other argument aside, and let’s obey Allah (swt) in what He tells us to do. Let’s us not give importance to what people (in general) say. It is only the ignorant fools who ridicule this, not the Ulul-al-Bab. It is the Ulul-al-Bab who will see this as a great work for the cause of Allah, and also know that it is the command of Allah which is being implemented, where Allah (swt) says:

“Wa-tasimuu bi-Hablil-laahi jamii-aww-wa laa tafar-raquu.”  Hold on together to the rope of Allah and do not be divided.

So if we do not understand what Allah (swt) wants from us... and certainly by the rope of Allah’ here it means to remain attached to the Tawhid, the unicity of Allah. When you stay attached to the unicity of Allah, then you will develop fear of Allah and you shall obey the commandments of Allah. You shall not reject any divine command, and you shall not trample the divine teachings with arrogance. So what we see today, these teachings have been trampled, and the door of prophethood, the door of the coming of the Prophets was closed (by the hands of these people). And then they say that no prophet will come and that the door of divine revelation also is closed. And thus, Jamaat Ahmadiyya has lost all credibility by thinking that only the caliph elected by man should receive revelation and that he is the only spiritual leader and that Allah (swt) has no power to raise His own caliph with divine revelations.

There is much to say on the subject. Moreover, in many of my Friday sermons in the past – and many also are available on the website too – I treated the subject in detail.

So it is unfortunate that with these kinds of people who are at the head of the Jamaat, they prevent those who have faith to follow the path of Allah. And these people shall certainly order people to apply boycott, and not to mingle with and invite us in family functions. They are afraid, lest people who have faith receive Hidayat, the true guidance.

So when there are these kinds of hotheads who sit on the chairs of authority, they trample the divine teachings and cover the truth with falsehood. They hide the truth when in fact they know very well that this truth is true, and it is they themselves who create disorder (fitna) in Islam and also very certainly in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

So Allah does not like that His creatures, His servants live in division (be divided), and He (Allah) said:

“Wa laa takuunun kalla-ziina tafarraquu wakh-talafuu mimbadi maa jaaa-ahumul-bayyinaat.”
And do not be like those who became divided and began to argue, after clear proofs came to them.

And in another verse He (Allah) said: “Wattaqullaaha la-allakum tufli-huun” Seek Allah’s protection that you may prosper.

A believer should always seek the protection of his creator. There are people who lack confidence in their creator and seek protection with the creature. They forget that it is Allah Himself who created that same creature. And then they do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. They will knock on the door of the creatures when they are in trouble. It is only after knocking on the doors of creatures and not finding any solution that they will knock on the door of the creator. But on the contrary, a sincere believer, whether in moments of happiness and/or unhappiness, he always seeks the protection of Allah above all, and he knows perfectly well that it is only Allah (swt) who has the ability to make him prosper wherever he is. For this sincere believer, he knows that his food, drink, life, honour, dignity, work, health etc., everything is found in the hand of the One who created him, who gave him life and who shall Insha-Allah cause him to die and that he shall have to return to his creator and appear before Him on the Day of Judgement.

So certainly, man must always be grateful to his creator and seek His help and whatever happens he puts his trust in his Creator, like Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Wa-alallaahi falyata wakkalil-Muminuun” And in Allah must the believers put their trust.

May Allah help us to always be thankful to Him, and to place our trust in Him, and whatever happens we do what He tells us to do, not what the creatures that are deflecting His teachings tell us to do! 

All power is in the hand of Allah. He does what He wants and there is and will be no creature in the world that will prevent him from doing what He wants to do. Allah honours whom He wants, and He abases/humiliates whom He wants. He has absolute power, and it is up to each one of us now to hold fast to the faith we have in Him and all that He told us to believe in. It is certainly not creatures that shall manage to make us deviate from these beliefs, because if we listen to these creatures instead of the creator, then these creatures shall make us slip (from the right path) along with them in their stupidity and lust for power, and ignorance. May Allah protect the Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and particularly the Jamaat Ahmadiyya as a whole against these types of narrow-minded and ignorant people who believe that the power and license to give faith are found in their hands. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

- From the Friday Sermon of 24 April 2015 ~(05 Rajab 1436 Hijri) delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.