Sunday, March 29, 2015

Perception of Truth in a Web of Lies

Allah took away their light, and left them in utter darkness - (so that) they do not see. (They are) Deaf, dumb (and) blind, so they will not turn back. (2: 18-19). 

These days, what are we hearing?! Basharat Naveed is posing himself as an innocent little boy, as if he never said what he said…!!! And now he seeks to know who spread that dirty talk in his stead! 

Because, the poor guy, he never said anything, but he does not know that we have “THE STRONG EVIDENCE” against him. Therefore, he now requests that that particular person be presented before him, to confront him, as if he does not know the individual in question! Now, it is for us to bring that person before him. He has a mandate to boycott us, not bidding us Salam, and not to invite us, and now he is inviting us to bring that person to him. Therefore, he shall sit in his office chair (like a good boy) and it is now for us to come to Dar-us-Salam to present to him the person.

After refuting him on the bad words he uttered, now he is ready to accept that the deed done (in the UK) was a NOBLE ACTION and he went as far as to say: “May Allah reward you for your good act.”  He is trying to free himself from his own web of lies. Like Allah says in the Quran: They hide (their evil intentions and deeds) from the people, but they cannot hide (them) from Allah.” He did not think that when he said these words with someone, that Allah was not present between them, and he verily used such words which has not pleased Allah at all. Mullahs like Basharat Naveed are found in the same categories of imbeciles who havetrampled the teachings of the Promised Messiah to dust”; not only the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) but that also of the Quran (the verses therein) and also the sayings of the noble prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). They have trampled all these teachings to dust.

If nowadays you are seeing these types of Mullahs in the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah (as), then you must realise how the teachings of the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah (as) have been flouted. That is why Allah (swt) has raised this humble servant as His Khalifatullah, and Muhyi-ud-Din to do a good cleaning up and to revive the true teachings (of Islam). 

But unfortunately, when Allah (swt) sent His light on earth, in this era, instead of receiving light from which they can illumine themselves, the light blinds them (makes them lose their sight). They do not see the divine light and thus in their imbecility, they talk nonsense.

Basharat Naveed thinks that he is still in Pakistan, and thus can say whatever comes out of his mouth, words he learned before he came to work in Mauritius. Is this what the Promised Messiah (as) taught the people of his Jamaat? Had he truly known the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as), he would not have said such stupid words; he would have stayed quiet. He would not have said such words as “In Islam one is allowed to eat pork if necessary”. He learnt that which shall harm people and not that which shall profit him. He showed himself to be stupid, coward, a Mullah only in name without any argumentation. What kind of teachings is this type of Mullah giving the Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Mauritius? When you analyse the reasoning of so-called Mullahs like Basharat Naveed, these line of thoughts shall bring you nothing and return you back to ignorance, to infidelity. All this through the jealousy in his heart, as a precaution to avoid you having faith in the Divine Manifestation!

On the other hand, the sacrifice which the Sadr Saheba of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has made, she has submitted her body completely to Allah, and did such a deed which not many people would have made for their own family members or children. Verily, her reward is with Allah. 

These kinds of people (believers) do not have any fear to do this kind of sacrifice and they do not feel sad or regret: Oh I have made such sacrifice and now my health is not like before.” On the contrary, they know that Allah has the absolute power on them, on their health. And like Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Annallaaha alaa kulli shayin-Qadiir?”

Allah is over all things competent. (2: 107)

It is a pity to see how a so-called Ahmadi Mullah has used such words (he should not have used). These words are only pronounced by ignorant ones. Who can detest the Divine Manifestation and the one who believes in the Divine Manifestation of this age and this humble servant of Allah except those who have unveiled their own stupidity? I thus cite a verse from the Quran to make Basharat Naveed ponder over what he has said. Had he known this verse, he would not have said such foul words. “Qawlum-ma-ruufuww-wa magfiratun khayrum-min-sadaqatiyy-yatba-‘uhaaa ‘azaa. Wallaahu Ghaniyyun-Haliim.”

Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury. And Allah is Free of need and Forbearing. (2: 264)

Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Mauritius and International should have been a model for all other Jamaats, in all aspects, but unfortunately, they are not role models despite the big “Love for All, Hatred for None” signboards on Mosques, stickers on T-Shirt, and on house (doors, roofs etc.). What they say and show people are not put into practice. 

There is on the contrary “Hatred for All (those who have accepted the Divine Manifestation), Love for None”. 

When you see that kind of boycott, whereby all Ahmadis and even the members of the family are made to feel threatened and cultivate fear in them; therefore they reach such a level where they come to fear creature/s more than the Creator, Allah, and thus they all apply boycott.

What a shame! All these signboards should have been removed. They should have made it a point to reflect amongst them humble people, Muttaqin, who call people to righteousness, who ordain what is good and forbid people from going against the teachings of Allah (the commandments of Allah found in the Holy Quran), of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and of the Promised Messiah (as). It is those kinds of people who shall prosper and receive divine favours – not mundane favours as was pronounced in one of their Jalsa Salana in Maurice, favours such like: Rice-Cookers, Washing Machines, Cars etc.

Arrogance and Hubris among the chieftains

Those should have been on the contrary such people who do not create division, and who do not dispute even after receiving clear signs/proofs. Do not be arrogant. Do not view yourself as too intelligent, possessing vast knowledge and riches, and who hail from great (honourable) families). Do not view the common people as poor ones, hailing from small (insignificant) families). Do not look at them with another eye! Reflect on this Quranic verse where Allah (swt) says: “On the day when some faces shall shine while others shall be darkened.”

Bear in mind, when Allah (swt) shall blacken your face and dishonour shall fall upon you wherever you are! Therefore, through your own deeds, arrogance, hatred and jealousy which manifest in you, you seek to shown that you hold control/power, that you are the one in authority – what you command must be executed. But you have forgotten that it is Allah who has absolute power and authority. When He (Allah) seizes (someone), He seizes (him) firmly and thoroughly. At that moment, even a dog holds more value than you. You lose your dignity and the honour which you once had through your own deed, and arrogance in you; such arrogance which you demonstrate by stuffing your body upright and walking pompously, as if you shall split the earth asunder. And moreover, you deny/reject the signs of Allah and you turn your backs to them with arrogance, and when you do such things against the Divine Manifestation you do not realise that by doing so, you are inviting the wrath of Allah on you. You have witnessed in Mauritius itself how those who have attracted the wrath of Allah were not spared.

Bear in mind that man has never been glued/fixed to the seat of power. There are such people who think that nobody can ever unglue them from it because of the mindset they have that they are too powerful. They forget altogether that there is a Creator who can remove them from this seat of power. Therefore, these kinds of people call for the divine wrath upon them, and misery befalls them. This is because they reject the signs of Allah, they disobey the Creator and go beyond all limits.

The new 'Zamindars' and their tools of 'control'

** Huzur also likened those kinds of people/Mullahs/Amirs as representatives of such a proprietor who (along with his representatives) thinks that all Ahmadis are tenants in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya and like a proprietor giving a piece of paper/a notice for eviction etc., therefore he thinks that like this he can expel members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya whenever he wants regardless the fact that the Ahmadis pay Chanda and other funds (just like a tenant pays rent).

Many Ahmadis are obeying the authorities who have gone beyond the pale of Islam and who are intimidating people to hide the truth, so that boycott and sanction may not be taken against them. These kinds of heads (those in authority) have gone beyond what Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and the Promised Messiah (as) have said, and Ahmadis in their fear or ignorance take those people (in authority) as their idols. And unfortunately they have more fear of their idols than Allah!

These people (that is, those in authority) shall not stop using you (the Ahmadis) to show their authority with arrogance and hatred against those who have real love and fear for Allah in their hearts, and who also do not fear those who are trampling the true divine teachings. They like to see the misfortune of those who have believed in the Divine Manifestation and their hatred comes out from their mouths, just like that of the so-called Mullah Basharat Naveed. And it is in these kinds of situations that you see the hatred which they conceal in the bottom of their hearts manifest against the Divine Manifestation when Allah raised His chosen servant and has bestowed upon him divine revelations. They thus seek took to turn truth into untruth/falsehood. 

'Fitna' in the times of Divine Favour

They say that we have created fitna (disorder) in the Jamaat. Allah (swt) has chosen His servant and has given him revelations. 

They call that fitna (disorder) and say to apply boycott, to not maintain familial/blood relations (to not mingle with the believers in the Divine Manifestation), but verily they are the ones who are creating great fitna (disorder) in the Jamaat.

Like Allah (swt) says: When they are told not to create disorder on earth, they reply: “But on the contrary we seek to establish order.” On the spot Allah (swt) replies: “It is not true what they say for they are the ones who are creating disorder, but they do not realise this (fact). Verily that which the hearts of these kinds of people hide is much worst. They seek to fool Allah and those who have faith, but they are verily fooling themselves, without realising the consequences of their own acts. There is a malady in their hearts. (Why?) Because someone is saying that he is receiving revelations and the one who was supposed to receive revelations is not saying that he is receiving revelations! Therefore their maladies increase all the more.

I now cite these verses of the Holy Quran before you:

“Innal-Fazla bi-yadillaah : yutiihi mayy-yashaaa : Wallaahu waasi-un Aliim.” Surely all bounty is in the hand of Allah. He gives it to whomever He pleases. And Allah is Bountiful, All-Knowing. (3: 73)

“Yakh-tassu bi-rahmatihii mayy-yashaaa, wallaahu zul-Fazlil-Aziim.” He singles out for His mercy whomever He pleases; and Allah is the Lord of abundant bounty. (3: 74)

To conclude (for today), I tell all seekers of truth that: “Alallaahi Falyata-wakkalil-Muminuun.” In Allah should the believers put their trust.

-Extracts from the Friday Sermon of March 27, 2015 delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.