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Making Sense of the Disasters Around Us

Before coming on the subject of today’s sermon, I would like to talk a little on the visit of the actual Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi who came to Mauritius on 11 March 2015 as Chief Guest of Honour for the 47th Anniversary of Independence Day (12 March 1968) of our country. 

Honourable Narendra Modi was all praise for Mauritius and the exceptional bond which binds our two countries. The humility he showed as a statesman was much appreciated, as political leaders should be good models for society at large, intrinsically as well as extrinsically. Honourable Narendra Modi graced the National Assembly with his presence yesterday and axed his speech on the celebration of both the freedom and also the struggles which Mauritius had to do to get its independence. He also reminiscence the Dandi March led by the Mahatma Gandhi on the 12 March 1930 paving the way towards the Independence of India. 

We, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam sincerely hope that the Honourable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi proves to be a good statesman for the betterment of India as a whole, and to connect India to the global community in peace, justice, liberty, and noble aspirations and plans.

Life & Destruction through the means of Nature

Water is Life. But sometimes, water is a means of destruction also. Too much of something can spoil it altogether. Likewise, man needs water to live. Water is a blessing of God. Rain falls to revive the dead earth, and provide man with the necessary water to keep himself alive.

Very often when man’s action is not guided according to the Divine will, but according to his own passions, God Almighty uses the elements of nature against him, and thus what may seem like a natural calamity is in fact a planned divine punishment, to give mankind a wake-up call, to make them realise their error and return to the worship of the sole God who have provided them all their necessities and to whom they should be thankful.

Water is life, but the same water can become a means of death. God Almighty used rain water to flood the town and drown the people of Noah (as). The same water which man absolutely needs to survive becomes a lethal weapon by Allah to punish those whom He has condemned as culprits when they discard the divine warnings through His Prophets and Messengers and do as per their own will. Water also was used as a means for God to rescue His Prophet, Moses (as) and his followers. He opened the sea to save His servants and bring the destruction of Pharaoh and his companions.

 Disasters in the times of a Divine Elect

Since the start of the Divine Manifestation of this age, we have witnessed many calamities, but the exceptional nature of the Divine Manifestation, with the advent of a Messenger of Allah is that Allah through His Messenger already gives warnings to mankind before actually seizing mankind, or some people in particular (as per the divine revelations) for their misdeeds.

And Allah also affirms in the Holy Quran that the consequences of the people who commit evil shall be evil in return, and all misgivings and calamities which befall them are consequences of their corruption and evil deeds and thoughts. Allah through His prophets warns of the spread of diseases, and all sorts of calamities if people do not reform their lives and start acting righteously. Therefore, people should not blame God for any calamity but should blame themselves. 

But there is a truth concealed in the major calamities which strike the world and that truth is whenever a calamity strike a people, then it is true that not only the evil people who are victims of the calamity but the innocent people also. This is a Qiyamat – the time up for all these people, and like Judgement Day, each and every soul shall be accountable for his own deeds, the evil ones for their evil deeds and the righteous people for their good deeds. And thus, we cannot absolutely say in the event of a calamity that ALL people who suffered and died from a calamity were in fact evil people who paid back their dues to Allah for the evil they committed, unless the Prophet of Allah receives express and precise revelations from Allah informing and indicating in that direction (that all those people were evil).

The Quran mentions the destruction of the towns of Thamud, Iram, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Pharaoh of Egypt in the times of Hazrat Musa (as) etc.  Since the Quran mentions it explicitly, then we can deduce without worrying about whether we are right or wrong that these people received divine punishment to such extent that Allah erased their existence from the surface of the earth and made them phantom towns and which exist only in His sacred books as a means of reminder for all people. He has even the power to preserve the body of His enemy (the Pharaoh and foster father of Musa (as)) to remind people of His absolute might. Nothing is impossible in the estimation of Allah, but when Allah established certain rules, He follows it so that this serves as a guideline for the people of the earth and that they act according to the prescribed laws He sent for them (for us) as a sign of His mercy for all mankind.

Therefore, since the Divine Manifestation of the age, with the advent of a Khalifatullah to the people of the world – not just for a section of mankind, Allah has caused this humble self to issue clear warnings of impending calamities – be them in form of flooding, earthquakes, air crashes etc. to the people of the world, and sometimes, to specific countries who are going beyond the limits of the permissible and who are murdering innocents in the name of religion. The past 15 years have been filled with unexpected calamities, such calamities which shocked the whole world – as now we are talking about the global community. People dies in strife, wars, floods, earthquakes, crashes, disappeared in such airplanes which till now remain without a trace, and also Allah accomplished the prophecies of the death of His enemies – those who murdered innocents for greed of money, fame and power.

The fate of Madagascar 

More recently, in the Indian Ocean, in the beginning of the year 2015 – last month, we witnessed the floods in Madagascar. Here also, it must be noted that during my visit in Madagascar, it is true that several people received the message of Allah and integrated the Jamaat and others have been in contact to learn more about the veracity of the Divine Manifestation of the age, but like it is to be expected, there were others who mocked and tried to create havoc. Some people tried to rob this humble self but the Hand of the All-powerful Lord (Rab) forbade them from harming His Messenger, His chosen Khalifa (caliph). Now, the people of this country are suffering to the extreme. Despite being poor, they are becoming poorer and more destitute than ever. But can we blame all of them? No. Some received the message, while others did not, but Allah whenever He sends a calamity; He deprives also the innocents, either of their basic necessities or even their lives. Why? Is God unjust, stone-hearted to do this to innocent people? No. Sometimes, God Almighty has to do this, first as a trial for the truly sincere and pious and second as a fatality for others to bear as a lesson for them, but the truly innocent ones, are brought back to life with the forgiveness and mercy of God Almighty. Such people become martyrs.

Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “He who is killed fighting for Allah's Cause is a martyr, he who dies in the Cause of Allah is a martyr, he who dies in an epidemic is a martyr, he who dies from a stomach disease is a martyr, and the one who dies of drowning is (also) a martyr.” (Muslim) 

Sa’id ibn Zaid reported that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “He who is killed while guarding his property is a martyr, he who is killed while defending himself is a martyr, he who is killed defending his religion is a martyr, and he who dies protecting his family is (also) a martyr.” (Ahmad & Tirmidhi) 

Yahya related from Malik from Abdullah ibn Abdullah ibn Jabir ibn Atik that Atik ibn al-Harith told him that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “What do you consider dying a martyr to be?” 

They said, Death in the way of Allah.”  The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “There are seven kinds of martyrs other than those killed in the Way of Allah. Someone who is killed by the plague is a martyr, someone who drowns is a martyr, someone who dies of pleurisy is a martyr, someone who dies of a disease of the belly is a martyr, someone who dies by fire is a martyr, someone who dies under a falling building is a martyr, and a woman who dies in childbirth is a martyr.” (Al-Muwatta)

If such a person was striving for the cause of Allah and died in such a calamity, then his death is martyrdom for the cause of Allah, and nothing else. All is in the intentions and acts of people. Allah judges the people not only for their deeds but for their intentions also, especially for their intentions, because intentions are the root and vehicle of deeds, canalising the deeds, whether it ought to be a good deed or an evil one.

And now, since the last few days (06 March 2015), water has been the source of upheaval in the little island of Mauritius. In the first days of March, there have been heavy rain falls, so much so that on 09 March 2015, the Government had to issue notice to close all public schools. The whole island got major rainfall, thunder and lightning also. As a result there was power-cut, and the rainfall caused landslides and flooding, invading the houses of people, and destroying their provisions and furniture etc. Their vehicles also were not spared. The tropical cyclone called ‘Haliba’ which was formed off the east coast of Madagascar has brought more intense rainfall not only in Mauritius, but in Reunion Island and Rodrigues also. Those islands also had to face the hardships of floods and landslides.

Moreover, in Mauritius on 06 March 2015 there was the manifestation of a celestial phenomenon at the “La Preneuse” Beach, where a French woman who has settled in Mauritius since two years now, and her friend have witnessed a waterspout in the Mauritian sky and ocean. This gave them both a surprise and a fright. Waterspouts appear as a consequence of the formation of cumulonimbus clouds; active clouds accompanied by thunder. 

If we count all the calamities which Allah manifested since the beginning of the Divine Manifestation in year 2000-2001, then we would need thousands of pages to cover them all. The fact remains that those calamities happened and many lives also were lost, some were culprits and some were innocents, and the judging of both categories of people belong to Allah. Had a prophet of Allah got the licence to judge people, then he would have done all that is in his might to make them all good believers with true sincere faith, but my dear ones, faith is in the balance of Allah to judge. A prophet of Allah can only say something definitely only if he has got clear revelations from Allah, which marks a prophecy to the people of the earth to witness to his truthfulness. Else, a prophet of Allah, like any human being does not have the power to see the contents of hearts and judge accordingly.

May Allah enable the truth-seekers to perceive the truth from Allah with the eyes of Allah. May Allah guide their hearts to perceive the truthfulness of the Divine Manifestation of this age and to abide to the pure laws of Allah as laid down in the Holy Quran. I have come to revive the spiritually dead from among all mankind. Mine is a universal mission. Should you open your heart wholeheartedly to the light which Allah is manifesting in this era, then you shall Insha-Allah receive this light without any fear or doubt. Allah shall guide you to His chosen one who has come to guide you all to Him, to learn of the best ways to reach Allah with a purified heart. This light of Allah is pure heavenly water; the water from Allah. Oh you thirsty of divine blessings and solace, come and partake of this water which shall grant you everlasting life. Insha-Allah.

-Friday Sermon of 13 March 2015 ~(21 Jamad’ul Awwal 1436 Hijri) delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Muir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius. 

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