Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Role and Status of a Mujaddid

The fundamental religious obligations of a Muslim include the duty to recognize and accept and help the Divinely-raised Mujaddidin in every century. Common believers (including Ahmadi Muslims), are however, insufficiently aware about their responsibilities in this regard. What does a Mujaddid do? What is the function and status of a Mujaddid in the Divine scheme of things for Islam? Should the Believers be surprised if a Mujaddid comes in a new Century?

We are presenting below certain extracts from the writings of Hadhrat Ahmad (as) that provide exceptionally illuminating answers to these basic questions:

Tajdid-e-Deen’ is that passion for the reformation of faith which descends upon such a heart that forges a state of communion with Allah. Then, sooner or later, this yearning of communion seeps into others. Those who are gifted with the status of a Mujaddid do not just trade in lifeless bones. Rather, they become the deputies of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) and indeed his spiritual successors (Khalifa). They inherit all the blessings that are granted to Prophets and Apostles. Their speech is effortless and spontaneous emanating from the inner core of the heart. Their speech is supplemented with noble deeds and personal experiences and is not the mere expression of theoretical knowledge. The revelation of Allah illumines their hearts. In all times of distress they receive guidance from the Holy Spirit. Their speech and conduct is not influenced by any worldly concern because they have been wholly purified and drawn towards Allah”. - [Victory of Islam, p.06, Qadian: Islam Int’l Publications, (2003)].

Believers and the Mujaddid

You would have been more justified to be surprised if Allah, Who is the Defender of the religion of Islam, Who has given His Word that He will always preserve the teachings of the Qur’an, were to remain mute at the critical juncture. It would have been a cause of utter surprise if Allah, Who promised never to allow this religion (of Islam) to lose its luster and freshness, Who, even after casting a glance at the overt and covert deterioration of the Muslims were to remain silent. It would have been shocking, if He had failed to honor those firm promises made in His Holy Book (The Holy Qur’an). I repeat that if there was any cause for wonderment, it would have been, if the unequivocal prophecy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) which stated that Allah would continue to raise at the beginning of very century a Mujaddid for the rejuvenation of His faith, went unfulfilled”. [Victory of Islam, p.05, Qadian: Islam Int’l Publications, (2003)]
Today, Islam is likened unto a light that has been caged in a chest or to a sweet fountain that has been concealed by twigs and leaves. That is why Islam is in decline and its beautiful face is shrouded from the world. Its enchanting silhouette cannot be seen. It was vital for the Muslims to liberate Islam from this confine at all costs. Not to speak of financial sacrifices alone, if so needed, they should have shed their blood like the pouring of water. But they failed to do that. They are still engrossed in their ignorance, saying: ‘Are the previous books not sufficient?’  They are oblivious that to combat new intrigues, fresh techniques have to be devised.   

At the onset of every spiritual gloom, Prophets, Messengers and Mujaddidin have been coming to the world. At the time of their advent, were the previous books not already present? Brothers! It is therefore essential that at the spread of darkness, a heavenly light must descend from heavens. [Victory of Islam, p.33, Qadian: Islam Int’l Publications, (2003)].

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