Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mubahala Challenge to Maulvi Ismail

Maulvi Muhammad Ismail HA, one of the leading Ulema of the Ahmadiyya Community in Kerala, has been spreading canards against the new Messenger of Allah and his disciples in Kerala, India for some time now.  In order to retain the loyalty and blind faith of ordinary Ahmadis in the system itself, he converted the sacred precincts of Mosques into theaters of cheap wit and abused his position to raise spurious charges against the Khalifa of Allah. [Inset: the Pazhayangadi Mosque and the Maulvi SahibIn his Friday Sermon of March 11, 2011, Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius thus publicly challenged this Maulana for a Mubahila Duel "so that the world, the Ahmadi people and his caliph may know who really the liar is” 

We are presenting below the relevant extracts from the Sermon:

"I have gotten the needed information about the one who spread the false rumour of financial corruption on this humble person. He is none other than the Molvi Muhammad Ismail H.A (the senior Muballigh of the Ahmadi in Kerala). He is the foremost person to have spread this false rumour and verily soon he shall taste of the evil consequences of his actions.  He not only spread such lies on this humble self but he also is playing God as to say that the death of someone is due to his father’s disobedience to the Ahmadiyya Caliphate and his acceptance of the New Messenger of this era. God forbid, according to this so-called Maulana, the father commits sin whereas the son pays for it? Now, he is spreading the words that beware of forthcoming deaths of the sons of the disciples of this humble Messenger.

Fouse Jamal, the son of the Amir Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam of Kerala died in November 2007 without ever getting to know about the presence of Allah’s Messenger in the world. He was a sincere Ahmadi and was even elected the General Secretary of the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in Kerala at the age of 25. [Inset: Fouse Jamal (left) with his father (c) and a relative (r)- a 2006 photo from the family albumWhen he died, his funeral procession was done by the Ahmadi Muslims and even the fifth Khalifatul Massih mourned his death. Now the so-said Maulana is telling the world that this young man died because Allah wanted to punish the Amir Jamaat for his alleged deviant behaviour. The same Maulana has also warned another of the active Dai-Illallah of our Jamaat in Kerala that lest he is careful, he also would lose his son who joined us.

Now, the funeral prayers were done in the Ahmadiyya Movement back then in 2007. At that time, was that death a natural death or an accursed death? If it was an accused death (God forbid), why then did the Ahmadiyya Movement along with its caliph led the funeral prayers? [Inset: the Condolence Prayer offered by Khalifatul Massih V when Fouse Jamal died]. And I want to attract the attention of this so-called Maulana that from 2007 up to September 2010, these people did not yet accepted or recognized this humble self in this era, how could you say that this death is an accursed death? Have you gone up to Allah and seen the judgement which Allah has passed concerning this young man’s death or are you playing the idiot in spreading such nonsense comments?

If according to you he has gotten an accursed death in 2007, while having died in the Ahmadiyya Community, then the logically explanation is to say that you yourself consider the fifth caliph of the Ahmadiyya Movement to not being a divine caliph, who has not been appointed by Allah, but that in reality he is only a man-made caliph (elected by men)! In my view, you are contradicting your caliph, and thus showing yourself more superior to your caliph. So according to you, the Ahmadi Muslims must foremost follow your guidelines and stop following the actual man-elected caliph.

What I want to ask this so-called Maulana is whether the archangel Gabriel has taken him up to Sidrat-ul-Muntaha, and therefrom to Allah, for him to say such nonsense and making other Ahmadi people fear him and the words he spread about forthcoming deaths? Does he himself know when he shall die? How long will he live on earth, or will he go heavenwards like others believe that Hazrat Issa (on him be peace) has gone up physically in the heavens? Does he have the confirmation from Allah that he shall have a special visa to Paradise?

Though the other Ahmadi Muslims in Kerala do not have any problem in listening to the message of Allah in this era, this Maulana is using every tactic possible to instil fear in their hearts, that if they ever join the ranks of this humble Messenger, they also or their sons shall face death due to their disobedience to the present system of man-made caliphate. This satanic mentality is not of today. The past prophets and their disciples also faced such evil attacks on their person and the enemies of truth are always in a hurry to say that death of somebody is a punishment because he or his parent has accepted the Messenger of Allah. 

This was also the case in 2003 in Mauritius when my most fervent and sincere disciple, Seid Ahmadthe gem of youth and the ever ready seeker of the divine blessings (who seized every opportunity to go everywhere with me so that to obtain the blessings of Allah whenever revelations came down upon his humble self) – died. He was aged 22. Once he saw the clear signs from Allah of the truthfulness of this humble self, he let go of most of his leisure time to devote for the cause of Islam. When he died, the evils tongues of so-called Ahmadi Muslims, along with his close blood-relations, did not hesitate to say that this death was a fearful end for his respected mother for she believed in this humble self. They clapped their hands and said that this boy would not have died if he and his family have not believed in this humble self.

The so-called Mullah in Kerala is taking himself as God on earth just like pharaoh in the times of Musa (on him be peace), who commanded that all baby boys be put to death, and now this Maulana is predicting the deaths of the believers in the New Messenger of this era.

But does he not know the life of the mother of Sir Zafrullah Khan. A sorceress came to her (before the birth of this son of hers) and commanded her to hand over her newborn to her, but she refused flatly, despite that the sorceress warned her that her son shall die. It came to be that the baby died, but the faith which the mother of Sir Zafrullah Khan had in Allah did not waver in the least. She remained firm with Allah, putting her trust in Allah, despite the several deaths of her children whenever she brought them in this world. The sorceress work was at play, until the Messenger of Allah (the Promised Messiah) – on him be peace – invoked Allah to protect that pious woman and when the Promised Messiah’s prayers came into Allah’s presence, the sorceress work went in vain, and Sir Zafrullah Khan was born. He became such a boy and later a man which represented the promise of honour for Islam. [Inset: Sir Zafrullah Khan with Hadhrat Mirza Nazir Ahmad Sahib and Dr. Abdus Salam

Likewise, this so-called Mullah of Kerala is now incarnating the role of the sorceress in the times of the Promised Messiah’s time. But little does he know that whatever he may try to incur fear of creature into the hearts of my disciples, he shall never be able to deviate my sincere ones. For the latter (my sincere disciples all round the world – be it now or in the future) are the promises of tomorrow’s victory of Islam. The true soldiers of Allah never waver in front of such menaces and they along with Allah and His Messenger, we shall be victorious. Insha-Allah.

I hereby invite this so-called Maulana, Molvi Muhammad Ismail H.A (the senior Muballigh of the Ahmadi in Kerala) to come forward in an open duel of prayer (Mubahila) concerning what all that he said about this humble self, and my disciples in Kerala (India). Let him come officially forward and make this announcement officially that he has accepted my challenge of Mubahila so that the world, the Ahmadi people and his caliph may know who really the liar is. And I am waiting for his reply to this open challenge for a duel of prayer (Mubahila) so that the world may witness the clear defeat and death of the liar within one year!

He must come forward officially and sign this part of the official Mubahila which I have included in my Friday Sermon of today 11 March 2011, and this Mubahila will take effect as soon as he accepts and puts on officially his signature, date and time of acceptance to this challenge. As soon as he signs the challenge to Mubahila, I am ready to sign and date the document. Insha-Allah.

As Allah said in the Holy Quran Chapter 3 Verse 61: 

“If anyone argues with you, despite the knowledge you have received, then say, “Let us summon our children and your children, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, then let us invoke Allah’s curse upon the liars.” 

Come together and implore Allah and say: “O my Creator! Descend down Your curse in the period of one year upon either one of us who is the liar and deceitful in Your eyes and cover him with shame and humiliate him and show them the manifestation of Your anger and punishment. Punish him, hit him, and try him so that everyone knows that all their misfortunes do not come from men, but from Your all-powerful Hand and so that it may be known that these wonders are from Your jealousy, Your Self-Esteem.” 

I personally make this prayer: “O Allah, so punish the liar, the so-called Maulana Muhammad Ismail H.A (the senior Muballigh of the Ahmadi in Kerala) who is spreading false rumours on Your humble Messenger of this era, Your Munir Ahmad Azim. O Allah, show to the world your humble Messenger’s veracity through the defeat of this so-called Maulana who is adamant to deviate your servants from the right path. O Allah, in You I place my trust and through You shall truth become manifest. Ameen.”

The Friday Sermon is available here