Thursday, April 21, 2011

Corruption in the Nizam-e-Jamaat

In the Friday sermon of February 11, 2011, Hadhrat Khalifatullah exposed the nature of financial bungling and the parties involved in the corruption episode, inside the Mauritius Ahmadiyya Jamaat :

"There have been embezzlements in respect of the Nusrat Mosque in Quatre-Bornes (a fact which I mentioned in my Open Letter to Mr. Amine Jowahir on 27 January 2006), money-inflate of funds requested for the setting up of two gates at the Jalsa Gah. The initial amount requested was Rs.70000, whereas the values of the gates were less than Rs.40000.

Moreover, much lies is present about Jamaat Funds even in Amila proceedings. In a meeting on 04 September 1999, the Amila congregation was informed in Item 4.20 of the Minutes of meeting that:

“We have sent Rs.400000 to Madagascar for the construction of our school, as too much money is spent on the rent of a building for the running of our school there”.

An interesting remark is that firstly, the Majlis-e-Shurah never took such a decision and secondly, in a fax sent by Mawlana Siddique (from Madagascar) to Mauritius on 01 December 1999 (3 months after the meeting), the Mawlana has said:

“You will be pleased to learn that after so many efforts and patience, we have today obtained the property papers of our land at Andavamamba, Tananarive. Alhamdulillah. We most humbly request you to transfer the amount Rs Four hundred thousands (Rs 400,000) to our account in Madagascar.”

Now, why say “We have sent Rs.400,000 when afterwards, three months later Mawlana Siddique requested them to send over the money? Why this blatant lie? Moreover, there are instances when Jamaat money has entered the pockets of the financial in-charges instead of the Jamaat account.

Nowadays we have got to know that these evil acts still persist to remain in the Ahmadiyya Association, and this time the so-called Amir is pinpointed out, him being the ringleader and his yes-men as accomplices. 

Recently I have made two dreams concerning this affair:

1. 04 February 2011 before Tahajjud prayers:

I dreamt that I was in the company of my deceased father Salim Azim (died in 1990) and I was asking him if he knew what had happened in Dar-us-Salaam (Jamaat Ahmadiyya). He replied in the affirmative, saying: “I am well-aware of what has transpired!” Thereupon I told him that I do not have the full information about this affair and I asked him to explain it to me for this information is vital to me. I asked him that question several times and he told me that a great fraud has taken place. I asked him who is behind it and he confirmed to me what was in my mind that it was indeed the so-called Amir Jamaat of Mauritius who is taking himself as a truthful man and who is instilling fear in the hearts of people lest he expel them from the Jamaat.

2. 06 February 2011 before Tahajjud prayers:

I dreamt of my deceased brother Azize Azim (died in 2006) who was driving a bus wherein there were passengers and I saw the National Finance Secretary of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya (Mr. Shams Varsally) sitting at the front. (Inset on the left: Mr. Varsally being interviewed for MTA (c): Al Islam website). 

When the bus stopped at a bus stop and I entered therein, my brother Azize (the driver) gave me a lot of sweets (lolly-pops) and other sweet cakes and when I was going to find a place to sit down, the Finance Secretary of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya got up from the front seat and came to the rear (with fury), for fear I sit beside him. He made a move for a seat beside him (to enable me not to sit down) but when I saw that, I disregarded him and knocked down the seat and went to sit in another seat. He was disconcerted with my reaction. When the time came to get down the bus, I got down and the Finance Secretary of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya also got down the bus but when he got down, he was without shoes and his feet were ugly and dirty.

Therefore I understood from these dreams that both the so-called Amir and his Finance Secretary are involved in these serious money matters. Despite investigations from London officials, even if their caliph may come to forgive them and rearrange the matters in their favours, but it shall not be long when the hands of Allah shall seize them, especially the head of hypocrites and one of the best evil schemers which this era is witness of.

“Hypocrites are those who are attracted by their desires where they can take full control over everything. When they enter (the mosque), everyone sitting has to stand up and salute Mr. Hypocrite, the worldly king of the hypocrites. And they always wish that power lies always in their hands. But they ignore that their work is useless and fruitless both in this world and in the afterlife.

Despite Allah has given them all the blessings and favours, signs, and proofs of His manifestation, but unfortunately they cause division and disputes as if they know everything and as if they are always right.These people will always face dishonour wherever they go. They have attracted the wrath of Allah upon them and they face many miseries because they have rejected the signs of Allah and ridiculed the prophet of Allah. By their misbehaviours, neither their wealth nor their children will save them. They are causing lots of troubles to their own soul.” (Extract of my book The Real face of the Hypocrites”)

Wait Mr. so-called Amir, I also am waiting along with you. Allah delay but never misses His target. You have got respite but for how long do you expect to remain at the head and robbing the Jamaat members of the money they contributed. They contributed it for Jamaat religious activities and other important developments, or for your own personal enrichment? For how long will these people remain blind of your true colours, the colours of a hypocrite, a double-language person, a schemer, a liar, a chaos creator (especially in the case of my expulsion from the Nizam-e-Jamaat along with Zafrullah Domun Saheb). For how long do you think that you shall do whatever you like? People like you are deprived of fear of Allah. Personally, I do not see that you even fear your Khalifa. Actually, poor Khalifa; he is being manoeuvred by your skilled hands, the hands of a schemer and power-thirst idiot. Do you not know of this story, the story of “IZNOGOOD”. Poor him, he wanted to be Caliph in the place of the Caliph! No scheming was enough for him to earn that place and be considered chief and meritorious of the status of caliph.

But in this case, the caliph is a puppet in your hands, and you in your own way are misguiding the people, deluding themselves into believing that your words are the words of the caliph, when instead your words should have been the words of the Quran and Hadiths. But don’t worry, like several times in the past Allah has communicated to me to say:


“As they are going against the teachings of the Holy Quran, I must fight them as the Khalifatullah of this era because if the power of these kinds of people who are double-language (hypocrites) are not broken, they will create all the more disorder in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya and in Ummaté Muhamadiyya (peace be upon him) and will sever all the more all ties of kinship and trample under their feet all rightful claims. If I leave him and his acolytes like this or refuse to fight with these hypocrites now, Jamaat Ahmadiyya will continue to suffer from disruption and disintegration and forces of evil would stalk in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

Ameen Jowahir and his friends do not ponder over the Quran and do not try to understand and realise the real purpose of the teachings of Islam; they lose their spiritual sight and hearing and begin to find fault with the other people who follow the Quranic teachings. These kinds of people, never like that any good should be sent down to the faithful from their Lord. A hypocrite is too wily a person to burn his boats. He faces both ways. He never talks straight and always indulges in ambiguous and equivocal speech so that it conveys one sense to one person and quite another sense to another person. It is to this crooked manner of speech that hypocrites adapt to and adopt. Insha-Allah, Almighty Allah will soon expose their double-facedness.” (Extract of the Open Letter to Mr. Amin Jowahir on 04 April 2010 – written under divine inspiration)

“In the long run evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil; for that they rejected the Signs of God, and held them up to ridicule.” (Revelation)

 ---Summary of the Friday Sermon is available here.