Friday, April 22, 2011

The advent of Reformers in Islam

At the time of his proclamation as the Khalifatullah of this Era in 2008, Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib reflected on the Islamic belief about the coming of Divine reformers in every century and the extraordinary opportunity it represents for the common believers.  Here are the extracts:

“Belief in the coming of the advent of a Reformer has been held from before the time of Islam. It existed centuries before the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), as part of the Mosaic tradition. But in Islam the coming of a Reformer has been taught so systematically and determinately that we are obliged to regard it as one of the important beliefs of Islam.

Factors, which have strengthened and systematized the Islamic belief, are the following:

(1) The advent of a Reformer is described in Muslim traditions as the advent of a new era in the advancement of Islam. The conquest of other faiths by Islam was to wait on the coming of a Reformer. It was to be initiated by the Reformer.

(2) The coming of a Reformer has seemed like the coming of the Holy Prophet himself, the first believers of the Reformer like the first believers of the Holy Prophet (sa).

(3) The Reformer was to render Islam a great service at a time of great difficulty. The time is described in the most fearful terms in the Hadith (Saying of the Holy Prophet). A time of unparalleled danger, it was to shake Islam to its very foundations. The Reformer comes and makes Islam secure against its enemies.

The coming of Reformers and Messengers is often described in religious books. Such descriptions are always metaphorical, literal descriptions being useless for the promotion of spiritual merit. If signs of the time of a Reformer are described in minute detail and the detail is to be taken literally, there can be no distinction between a believer and a disbeliever.

The coming of the Khalifa (Caliph) of Allah is no ordinary event. It is a great event. Everyday, therefore, in our time is precious, infinitely more precious than the most precious possession of this world. Lucky is he who knows the value of the present and decides to join the Khalifatullah of this era, and earns the approval and pleasure of God. Such a man will find the goal of his life, and capture the secret of being truly human.

When a Messenger of God comes and raises a Jamaat, the first to join are generally poor. But the Jamaat does not remain poor for all time. It begins to prosper and ultimately many peoples join its fold. Nobody need think, therefore, that our Jamaat is poor and will remain poor. It will grow by leaps and bounds. Insha-Allah

The value of great events or good actions depends upon the time chosen for them. A thing done at a certain time turns out very great.

At another time the same thing turns out not so great at all. Those, who were the first to believe in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), remain to this day the spiritual leaders of the world. Those, who believed when Islam had become a power in the world attained to little fame or honour. Therefore, those who join the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam now, when it is thought to be weak and insignificant, will attain the honour of early believers. They will inherit special rewards and blessings. Insha-Allah

Much time has gone by already, but the door to honour is still open; to earn nearness to God is still easy. I invite you, my dear brothers, sisters and beloved children, to consider how precious your opportunity is”.

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