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The Enduring Blessings of Islam

Most Ahmadis today somehow believe that Allah has abolished the Divine Scheme of sending Mujaddidin in every century to revive the Muslims and to renew their Faith. They consider that sincere believers have to be content with the man-elected Khulafa in the Ahmadiyya Community for all practical purposes and that for the purpose of Divine guidance in future, if any, only an Ahmadiyya can elevated with Divine revelations by Allah (twa). The Divine Prerogative of choosing and selection whoever He wills has come tom an end with the establishment of Ahmadiyya Khilafat- at least, that is what the leaders and the priests within would like common Ahmadis to believe as religious doctirne.

On the other hand, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian presented Islam as a living faith that produced through the centuries of its existence, countless saints and godly people. More importantly, Hadhrat Ahmad (as) firmly believed that these blessings will certainly continue till the Day of Judgement amongst sincere believers who followed the fundamental teachings of Islam. We are presenting below certain extracts from the writings of Hadhrat Ahmad (as) that affirms the enduring blessings of Islam and points out the mistaken notions of the Shia Muslims in this regard. Reflective Ahmadis will find remarkable lessons in the episode:  
It must be clear to you that when a true seeker lives Islam obediently and completely and each of his faculty truly and automatically follows God’s commands then the overall results of his efforts is that Allah sends signs of guidance to him on a larger scale without any intermediary veils. That is to say that this person will directly experience Allah on a higher level. Many kinds of blessings fall on this person. These commands were accepted due to his faith and because it was obligatory on him.

But now he starts to experience these commands as realities and certainties through true visions and also through true and clear non-ambiguous revelations, which is without double meanings. He receives revelation on the mystery of the law and faith and he sees signs of the kingdom of Allah, which brings him to a state of certainty and full understanding of Allah’s kingdom. He is blessed in his tongue, his words, and his actions and in whatever he does. He acquires an overwhelming courage and also becomes very patient and has a firm belief and a thorough understanding. Common human weaknesses such as contemptible action, miserliness, short sightedness, easily giving away to one’s passions, contemptible actions and all of his ego centric purposes leaves him completely and he is filled with the divine light of Allah’s attributes. This person then experiences a complete change and he is as if born again.

He hears and sees through Allah. His anger becomes Allah’s anger and his compassion becomes Allah’s compassion. In other words, if he is angry with someone, Allah is angry with that person and if he is happy with someone then Allah is also happy with that person. But we need to understand that this kind of a person has no meanness in him. He is someone who has washed himself from all human weaknesses, which may be found in human nature. When someone arrives at this stage Allah listens to his prayers because he is one of the chosen ones, there is no need to test him, since this person becomes a living proof of Allah on earth and he is a sign of Allah’s security. And in heaven there is a joy because of him and the greatest gift that he receives is that Allah’s words descends on his heart beyond any doubt..”  [Ai'na kamalaatĂ© Islam Rohani Khazain Vol. 5, pp. 226-233 ]

on the Shia Notions of end of Divine Blessings 

The Shias believe that “wilayat” and “imamat” was reserved only for their twelve imams and after them the door of revelation has been shut for ever. So if we believe in this, all of our teachings are for nothing and we have to agree that Islam is an abandoned and silent house where there is no blessing. If this is true that Allah has shut the door of holiness and guidance in the future, then it is very sad indeed for those who are seeking Allah with a sincere heart; moreover it will seem that they have died while they are still alive. And they will hold in their hands only ancient tales, which will not help them in anyway to acquire the real truth.

And if the Shias believe in this dogma, then why do they recite five times daily in their prayers the following: ihdenas siraatal moustaqim siraatal lazina an’amta alaihim”, which means Guide us along the straight path, the path of those on whom Thou has bestowed Thy favors

This prayer means, “O Allah, Thou art the most powerful, show us the path that brings us closer to Thee, the path of the prophets, of the rightly guided, of those who are true, of the martyrs and those who are pious. So this verse shows us that the path to acquire spiritual guidance is always open and will always be so. I have sent thousand of leaflets in several countries, in order for them to understand this truth.

If the path to obtain this blessing is closed then what makes Islam superior?

 It is indeed true that the twelve imams were perfect human beings, they were leaders but it is indeed wrong to believe that the qualities they had, nobody else will be able to possess. Allah, The Mighty Whose two hands are always open with His Mercy and His Power, will always remain open and if the day comes when Islam will no longer have these blessings then it will surely be the end of time.”.    (Al Hakam, 10th March 1902).

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