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Social Boycott by Ahmadis in Kerala

As Hadhrat Ahmad (as) famously noted:

See, a Mujaddid comes at the turn of every century. This is also a form of trial from Allah, the Most HighNow also a trial for Muslims is taking place. Allah, the Most High has sent a divinely raised one.”

- (Malfuzatvol.10, p.250). 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Kerala and elsewhere has come a long way from the days of persecution and struggle of the distant past. More than a century of existence has resulted in creeping materialism and decline of spiritual values within the Community. This is in spite of the presence of an elected spiritual leadership in the form of a Khalifa of the deceased Massih. No wonder, Allah has now revealed His time-testified Divine scheme by sending a new Mujaddid of the century in the person of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib of Mauritius.

Like all people who lived in the time of Messengers of Allah in the past, the Ahmadis today face a great test of faith: the choice is to accept the Messenger of Allah and be blessed or to reject him and go astray from the way of Allah. Which path will they take in this test of faith by Allah?

The Ahmadiyya leadership is trying to put out this Light of Allah by all means possible at their disposal because they perceive a grave danger to the prestige of their great idol in the wake of people recognizing the truth in all its varied dimensions. In spite of the official policy of love for all hatred for none, the leadership has forbidden ordinary Ahmadis from having social relations with the disciples of the new Mujaddid. Worse still, the leadership has prohibited Ahmadis from exchanging greetings or even saying or returning ‘Salaam’ to the disciples of the new Mujaddid, thus expressly and literally asking them to go against the command of Allah in this regard. Official circulars have been issued or other announcements were made at the local Mosques by the Mullahs concerned prohibiting Ahmadis from reading the literature or even looking at the internet website of the new Messenger of Allah.

Thus, those who have accepted the new Mujaddid are facing social boycott and communal prejudice at the hands of their Ahmadi brothers and friends. Already, in many instances, family relations have come under strain because of the emotional pressure being applied by the leadership on individual Ahmadis. Even believing Ahmadis have been asked to give declarations to the leadership stating their intention to remain ‘loyal’ because some of their close relatives have accepted the new Mujaddid.

Dr. Thahir Sahib, the General Secretary of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Kerala, recently mounted, through a series of leaflets and publications, a scathing attack on the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the current Ahmadiyya leadership and its refusal to engage with the larger questions raised by the Messenger of Allah in our times. Instead of engaging with this spiritual argument with counter points, if there are any, the Ahmadiyya leadership seems to be stooping too low to conquer. Dr. Thahir Sahib is being accused of trying to convert people to a new religion through his publications! 

Since his daughter Rajeela Sahiba is married to Mr.Nooruddin, son of the local Amir of the Ahmadiyya Association KC Muhammad Sali, the sending of the aforesaid publications to the house of the Amir Sahib was used as a pretext for damaging his daughter’s family life, separating her from her minor children. In an outrageous incident, the lady was physically beaten and mentally abused by the son of the Amir Sahib.

In a Friday sermon delivered on January 07, 2011 Hadhrat Khalifathullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib of Mauritius pointedly remarked that this year will witness many incidents pointing to the moral decline of Ahmadi youth. Torturing of women by Ahmadi youth only indicate the same. It is a strange irony that the incidents that are occurring now have remarkable similarity to the experiences of the early believers in the claims of Hadhrat Ahmad (as) in Kerala. Many of them were persecuted and deprived of the company of their dear ones because they believed in the claims of the Mujaddid of the Era.


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