Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mistaken Beliefs of Ahmadi Muslims

The mainstream Ahmadi Muslims today do not consider that their Khalifa can be wrong on any matter because they believe he is divinely appointed.  This is in spite of the clear statement of if I do wrong, set me right’ by none other than Hazrath Abu Baker Siddique (ra), whose example was recommended by Hadhrat Ahmad (as) himself as the model for the Community to emulate.

Knowingly or unknowingly, the Ahmadi Muslims have elevated a human being way beyond his official title and responsibilities and almost consider him to be the shadow of Allah on Earth, even though he has never claimed in the last many years of his office that he is even a recipient of divine revelations. In other words, the rank and file of the community is now virtually deifying their Khalifa. They are following an unexamined doctrine that is bound to corrupt their faith in Allah and His religion.

Further, Ahmadis today generally find it difficult to accept the argument in favour of the emergence of a divinely appointed person in the presence of a Khalifa of the Promised Massih (as). They feel that they could accept the claim of a divinely appointed person only if their Khalifa agrees to the emergence of this divine manifestation. In short, they consider that any new Messenger of Allah could be recognized by them to be of such status only when their Khalifa agrees thereto. This is in spite of the fact that the Holy Qur’an reserves the honor of Khalifa of Allah only to Prophets and Messengers who are the Elects of Allah, and not to humanly elected Khalifas.

The Holy Qur’an asks: “Can a blind man and one who sees be alike? Will you not then reflect?”(6:51). When the Khalifa himself is not a recipient of divine revelations, how will he be able to guide the community on the matter? And more importantly, can someone ever claim immunity from divine punishment for the denial of a Messenger of Allah on the basis of the opinion of their leaders and scholars?

Even though people may not generally realize this, is it anything less than Shirk?  What else is the meaning of Allah warning the people fear not men but fear Me and barter not My Signs for a paltry price” when the series of godly people and those learned in the Law” preside over them (5:45)? It is pertinent to note that Allah’s curse fell on other peoples because: They have taken their godly people and those learned in the Law for lords besides Allah” (9: 31).