Saturday, June 18, 2011

JUSAI: Public Meeting in Kerala-II

At a special Programme organized to mark the successful, historic, first public meeting of the Sahih Al Islam Community in Kerala, Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib offered some insightful comments throwing light on the fortunes of believers in the time of a Divine Manifestation. 

Read the Extracts from the Speech:

And that those who have been given the knowledge may know that it is the truth from your Lord, so they may believe in it and their hearts may be lowly before it; and most surely Allah is the Guide of those who believe into a right path. (22:55) 

Who are those who believe in it (and submit to this divine commandment)? They are those who recognise the advent of a Messenger of Allah. By the grace of Allah, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam members, those who have not seen the Khalifatullah of this age have believed in this humble self, and despite not seeing me in flesh and blood, yet they believed in the veracity of Allah and His Messenger and they are foremost to do exceptional works for the progress of Deen-i-Islam. They have recognized the instructions (the knowledge) bestowed upon them by Allah, to be the truth and they have believed in it, and their hearts also are convinced on this truth.

It is my humble prayer that I supplicate Allah on behalf of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and also for the whole Muslim Ummah that they may recognise the signs, messages and Messengers of Allah and that they do not do the deaf and blind, especially in this era of divine manifestation when Allah has raised this humble self as His Elect.

Allah has sent me to do a work, He sent me for a mission. If you accept this humble self, then it will be for your own good, but if you reject me (and the divine signs, revelations and manifestations which Allah is sending from Him) then it shall be to your own loss. Thereafter, grievous shall be your consequences if you turn your back to it (the Divine Message).

By the grace of Allah, I have received the report of our Amir Jamaat of Kerala who has detailed how our first Public Meeting in Kerala has gone. Alhamdulillah, it was a real success…

By the grace of Allah, for the first Public Meeting in Kodiyathoor in Kerala, a small group of believers have worked hard to achieve great results, and this I must say with zeal and love (for the propagation of the divine message). Despite we are small in number compared to other groups, but definitely this verse of the Holy Quran has proved to be a truth for us:

“How often has a small party vanquished a numerous host by Allah's permission, and Allah is with the patient.” (2:250)

Hazrat Khalifatullah (atba) as a commentary of the Quran verse (2:250), also mentioned how upon choosing Talut as King (by Allah), his army (of believers) was tried by Allah (through revelation to Talut) by a river – they were not to drink from it, save what a hand can contain. The majority of them drank from it and only the small party of believers remained with Talut and went on to fight against Jalut (Goliath) and his army. They were the ones to pray Allah and be foremost sincere in their desire to combat the enemy (for the sake of Allah). The Khalifatullah also referred the small party of believers with the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam members of Kerala.

By the grace of Allah, our Jamaat is progressing in the world. Even if we do not have members in millions, but the few members that we have – do you think that this Quranic verse was only in the epoch of Talut & Goliath (2:250)? – but this must repeat itself today. Each time there shall be the manifestation of both Talut and Jalut. Therefore, what should we ask Allah: “Our Lord, pour down upon us patience, and make our steps firm and help us against the unbelieving people.” – The Khalifatullah’s duah not only include the Kafireen but also “… and help us against the Munafiqeen, Zwalimeen, Shaytaan, Mufsideen, Faasikeen, and Mujrimeen.”

Afterwards, Huzur (atba) talked about how the Jamaat Ahmadiyya keeps expelling good people, while corrupt and immoral people are still found in the Jamaat there. Even those in London, while the Khalifa (the late 4th Khalifa) was present, his officers committed frauds – right under his nose! Therefore, should Allah not raise another pure Jamaat, devoid of such types of people? It is Allah who separates the sincere from the insincere, the believers from the unbelievers and the hypocrites and those who have blackness (illness) in their heart from the pure. It is when these people go away (and separates from the sincere believers) that they manifest their true faces, their rebellion and bitterness. It is then that Allah shows to the Messenger and the group of believers how insincere these people were.

Huzur (atba) then expounded on arrogance, how arrogance can lead a believer to take himself superior to others (unless he repents). Arrogance made someone lose the divine favours, when he listened to others and when seed of superiority made him lose grasp of his focus in the Divine Manifestation. Verily, how fortunate he would have been today had he been with this humble self, working together towards the progress of Islam for the sake of Allah.

Therefore O my people, do not adopt arrogance for this can lead you astray and make you lose all divine favours. Despite you are having true dreams, revelations and visions, but in one moment, you can lose it all due to arrogance. Remove it and become humble for therein is the path to your spiritual success.

At the end of his speech, Hazrat Khalifatullah (atba) then read before all members the revelation he got that afternoon at 5.15 pm in English:

“Bear in mind – Keep your thoughts clean of all petty things; Do not fill your mind and your thinking with disagreeable thoughts. To stand still is to go back. When you give to others, you are opening the way for more and greater blessings to be bestowed upon you. Success is generally due to holding on, and failure to letting go. True wealth is not what your estate amounts to but what you amount to. The workshop of character is everyday life. Of all the things you wear your expression is the most important.” (Munir Azim – Divine Revelation ~ Wednesday 15 June 2011)

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