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FRIDAY, the 10 and the New Massih

Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib (May Allah forgive him) once said that he saw in a vision “Friday the 10”.

Almost everyone in the Ahmadiyya Community is familiar with this vision of the Fourth Khalifa. And there has always been much speculation within about its real meaning and import. Reflecting upon the profound meaning of this spiritual vision, Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib of Mauritius linked it with the year 2010 and the events in his Divine mission. 

The year 2010 began on a Friday, 01 January 2010- the first Friday of the year 2010. The first Friday of the New Year was also a blessed day for Muslims- for it was an Eid-ul-Jumm’ah. And the last day of the Year 2010 was also a Friday, 31 December 2010.

It was on Friday, September 10, 2010, that Allah made the Khalifatullah stand up to officially proclaim himself as Messiah, Mujaddid and Prophet of Allah.

Within a month of this official proclamation, Allah inclined the hearts of believers in a distant Asian land -Kerala, India- to recognize the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius, an African island! That the Divine Manifestation is happening in Africa should be a matter of happiness and pride for thoughtful Ahmadis- For it confirms a prophecy of Hadhrat Khalifa Sani (ra) that “the future of the Jamaat is linked up with Africa”.

And it was on a Friday in the 10th month of the year 2010 that the new disciples of the Khalifatullah formed a branch of the Jamaat in Kerala!!

The year 2010 also marked the 10th year of the Divine Mission of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib, having begun his preaching in 2001- “the number has changed place – 2001 has become 2010. The 1 which was after 0 has now come before 0”, as Hadhrat Khalifatullah mystically observed in the Friday Sermon of January 01, 2010.

Read the extracts from the Sermon:

   “...[t]he members of the Jamaat interpreted it [“Friday the 10”] in many ways. And since he told the Jamaat that, all people are ever conscious and checking for every event on all Friday the 10th. They check how many of these Fridays are there in a year. And there are people who attribute this day to the personal events in their own lives.

But today, it is true that we did not really understand that meant Friday the 10. But in fact it refers to Friday of the Year 2010. It starts on the FIRST DAY OF THE YEAR 2010, that is, today. When analysing it profoundly, today is the first January 2010, and it is Friday. The first Friday of the year 2010.

And today itself there has been the launching of the Words of Allah, the greatest treasure of this universe, the Holy Quran – the Commentary of the Holy Quran (Al-Azim Tafsir’ul Quran Website It is not just a few words on some pages, do not just look at it in the form of a book with few pages; do not just take it and let it here and there, touching it with dirty hands, without ablution. No! On the contrary, we must try to analyse profoundly its words and meanings and how Allah revealed it (the Holy Quran), how its history was made, and today by the grace of Allah, Allah’s angels have invaded our assembly (as a sign of the mercy and contentment of Allah).

Moreover, in this present era Allah manifests Himself in a more extraordinary way, and He makes us know that His Victory, the Victory of His Humble Caliph and Reviver of Faith, the Victory of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is really close. And that is why He makes known to us that when this Victory will come, what should we do? We should act like our master the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We show our humility and ask Allah His forgiveness for our own mistakes and weaknesses, so that He may reinforce us by Him for He alone is our strength and Protector. It is not in vain that Allah has revealed the Chapter of the Quran “The Help”: “When shall come the help of Allah and the Victory…”

We are indeed living in an exceptional era, whereby you people may not be really paying an attention to it, but with this launched Commentary of the Holy Quran, whereby Allah has made us put the Arabic Verses and its transliteration, other people will if Allah wills enter the fold of Islam – Sahih Al Islam, whereby they will have difficulty to learn Arabic (but with this Quran format and Commentary, it shall be easier for them).

The first January– indeed a memorable date and month– [Hadhrat Khalifatullah was expelled from the Ahmadiyya Community on January 01, 2001] whereby I shall never forget what the evil-doers in the Ahmadiyya Association did to me, with all their plots to rid some of us from the Administration of the Jamaat, not because we celebrated New Year’ Eve, lit up fire-crackers, went to the discotheque with beer in hand etc. No! But because I said that Allah talks to me, that I receive divine revelations. On this sole basis, they expelled some of us from the Administration of the Jamaat and as for the others, for them all is permitted; amusement and illicit things in Islam. These other people are raised to lofty stations in the Jamaat and they are considered good believers by the rest of the Jamaat.

O the Pharaohs of this era – as from year 2001 – you have been doing all sorts of evil plans, talking behind our back, said all sorts of lies on the minbar of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I am thus addressing the so-called Amir and his Mullahs and the evil-doers and hypocrites who work in the Tabshir Office in London Today is the first January 2010, I am thus addressing you O Pharaoh of this era because of what you have done; today is the first January; the number has changed place – 2001 has become 2010. The 1 which was after 0 has now come before 0. Go and seek refuge in your idols, and try to defend yourselves from the decree of Allah upon you.

The year 2010 has started with a blessed day, especially for all Muslim brothers and sisters; it is an Eid-ul-Jumm’ah. Are we considering the importance of such an Eid or are we considering New Year festivities more than this Eid. It is really no sin in wishing others a Happy New Year; there is no harm in wishing them with beautiful words and praying for them – especially the other people of other religions. It is a good way of increasing friendship and brotherhood, and removes hatred among people”.

Summary of the Friday Sermon is available@:


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