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Official Proclamation as 'Khalifatullah'

Divine revelations are a bounty of Allah for the community of believers: to guide them on the true and narrow path of sublime spirituality. Recipients of Divine revelations are hence a very special category of saints in the faith. It is incumbent upon the believers to recognize and accept such Divinely-raised saints when they make their proclamation about the Divine Mission they have been entrusted with. For, they come with the messages of the Divine that teach and guide the community about the true faith and practical wisdom for their everyday lives. As the world was entering into the third millennium after Christ, and the Muslim world has entered into the new Century of Hijri Calendar, in accordance with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (sa), regarding the renewal of Islam in every century, a spiritual progeny of the Promised Massih (as) became a recipient of revelations and Divine communion. In the last decade, (2000-2010), Allah (twa) protected him under His shadows and allowed him to preach Islam to the world and also engage in seeking to refine a community of his followers on the practical ordinances of  Islam. During this decade, Allah (twa) gave him several spiritual titles and revealed very many spiritually appealing teachings. It was on May 26, 2008 that Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius proclaimed himself as the Khalifatullah of this age after recurring Divine revelations were bestowed upon him by Allah the Most High in this regard. 

Read from the Extracts of a Message issued after the official proclamation by the Khalifatullah:   

Since the past weeks, by the Grace of Allah, I have been receiving many revelations, concerning the state of the world and the need of my humble appearance as the Khalifatullah of this EraI am the Khalifatullah of this age. God is with me and He is standing like a sharp sword and He has revealed to me that these mischievous people who will combat me will be disgraced. Look by the Divine Commands, I have given you the warning, which was my responsibility to convey to you. You can laugh at me, much as you wish, abuse me as much as you like and plan to create problems for me as many as you like. And try to make plans by deceit to destroy me as much as you like. Even then remember Allah will show you that His Hand is overpowering.

Help, from the Lord, never does come for people with dirty minds. He never allows His righteous servants to be ruined or destroyed. Those alone come close to Him who are fully devoted to the Lord. The Proud never find the way to His self-esteem, august presence. The only recourse is that you pray to Him for His closeness. Seek alone, His helping hand, and burn all the sealing ladders. 

God is well aware that neither had I desired any pleasure nor I wished that I should be called the Khalifatullah of this Era, or try to claim to be better or higher than Christ Son of Mary. I totally isolated myself in a room and wished to be left alone and wanted to die in that condition. But the God Almighty said that I will make you famous all over the world. So ask Him why did He do it?

I have not come to give you ‘lectures’ deprived of meaning for I do not believe in the value of mere words. I have come to give you the messages from the Lord and share with you my deep love for Him and invite you to partake in this special love. It is this that I hold precious to my heart. This is the real treasure.

I have also come to remind men of their divine heritage. Vicegerents from Allah come from time to time, again and again to proclaim and re-affirm this truth. My work as the Khalifatullah of this era is to make men realise the essential Oneness, arising from the basic fact that all are expressions of the One. I have come in human form like you all to speak to you through the Holy Spirit in a language which you can understand and give glimpses of your innate glory. 

It is decided by Almighty God that those who among Muslims, disassociate themselves from me, will be unsuccessful whether they are kings or otherwise. A Warner has appeared in this world but the world did not listen to him and with great force will reveal his truthfulness. I swear in the name of Allah who is in complete control of my life, that He has raised me and named me as Hazrat Amir’ul Mu’mineen Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah of this Era.

Thus, O people of the world neglect not the message from your Lord, for He will always till the Day of Judgement send someone who will come from Him alone to revive the teaching of Islam which have been trampled to dust. So, let us as one body and one soul merge together in the Worship of the One Lord so that He may advert the evils and calamities which is impending upon this world.

Humanity is in danger. The road to ISLAM is the road leading to God Almighty, for a true believer is Him who devotes him completely in the path of God, and attaches himself to His Unicity. The world is condemned to disappear one day but let not the faith of man in His Creator not disappear from the surface of existence. For this, God Almighty sends out of His bounty someone to bring all people, towards the illumination of their souls. 

I have come into this world as the light from God Almighty, so that whoever believes in me need not stay in the dark any more. My mission is thus: to witness to the truth of the existence of God, and to guide you all towards Him. I have the task to make them leave their sinful state and purify themselves in the exquisite love of the Almighty Lord.


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