Sunday, June 12, 2011

Solemn Prayers for the Light of Guidance

Allah, the Most High has always been sending His Messengers. It is entirely under Allah’s discretion where and when to raise a Messenger of His and no creature of the earth can interfere with this Divine Decree. Common Ahmadis would willingly sacrifice their lives to hold onto this belief. Yet today, they are not being allowed by their leaders and scholars to consider that Allah can speak to an Ahmadi Muslim and raise him as a Messenger of His in the new century of Ahmadiyyat, to lead them in the path of Divine Love. Worse still, as is to be expected in the time of an Elect of Allah, the religious leadership had the audacity to boycott the new Messenger of Allah by expelling him from the Nizam-e- Jamaat. Yet, Allah, the Most High did not discard His servant and in fact, raised his spiritual status and elevated him with his own Jamaat. The Holy Qur’an says: Thy Lord has not forsaken you, nor is He displeased with you. Surely every hour that follows is better for you than the one that precedes. And your Lord will give you and you will be well pleased” [93:4-6]. 
Even as the Jamaat of the new Massih is progressing by leaps and bounds, the villains who conspired to harm the Massih is biting the dust: The scheming National Amir of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Mauritius, Amin Jawahir, who played the lead role in the expulsion episode was disgraced recently by his own Khalifa on charges no less serious than corruption and maladministration!  Would someone who abused his position and privilege to persecute God’s Messenger have a fate other than humiliation and loss of face among his own people?   

In a message to world Ahmadis in 2008, Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib invited them to consider his Divine Mission and asserted that anyone who considered his claims with purity of heart and nobility of intentions and sought the light of guidance from Allah will definitely receive signs in favour of the Divine Manifestation and recommended that they follow the advice rendered by the Promised Massih (as) in this regard. 
Read the extracts: 
Today by Allah's Grace, I take Allah as witness to say that I am one of those persons who speak with the Holy Spirit ( rouhil qouddous ). It is indeed a great proof in favour of Hazrat Massih Maoud as that Allah has raised someone in his Jamaat to guide people towards him. In fact the spiritual heritage of Hazrat Massih Maoud (as) has been bequeathed to us. However, as at today the physical heritage is in the hands of others. Now it is up to you to see of which heritage you want to partake. The caliphs are the administrators of the Jamaat after the departure of a prophet until Allah sends someone else. Listen well my brothers and sisters, I swear that there are no lies in what I say and I do not have any ulterior motive.
You should all repent sincerely; you should once again return to the Holy Quran and the Sunna of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (sa) and to the teachings of Hazrat Massih Maoud (as). Allah has chosen me as the Muhyi-ud-Din of this era. Therefore you should supplicate and I am fully confident that He will give you a sign. Then you will have to accept this truth and follow me. Then you will tread on the straight path and your relationship with Allah will become firm. Your heart will confirm that you have met God really. I have been raised to continue the work of Hazrat Mohammad (sa) and Hazrat Massih Maoud (as). I beseech you to follow the advice of Hazrat Massih Maoud (as). He says in his book ‘Asmaani Faisla’ :
To accomplish my task of delivering the message, I would like to tell you that seekers of truth who are afraid of divine punishment do not blindly follow the mullahs of this era without making any research. They have to beware of the mullahs of the latter days because the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw has asked us to beware of them. Be not surprised at their fatwa because there is nothing new in these fatwa. If you have doubts on this humble servant, if you doubt the truthfulness of my claims, I am going to show you a simple method that will remove your doubts. Incha Allah, by using this method a true seeker of truth may find solace in his heart.
First of all, at night after repenting sincerely (tawbatoun nasouh), he should read two rakaats nafil . In the first rakaat he should read surat ‘Yasin' (ch36) and in the second rakaat he should read surat al ikhlaas (ch112) of the Holy Quran twenty one times. And then he should read Daroud and Istighfaar three hundred times (300) followed by this prayer:
Oh You The All Mighty and The Generous! You are aware of what is invisible whereas we are not. Someone who is accepted or rejected or who is a fabricator or a true one can be so only through Thy Knowledge. Therefore, with utter humility, we beseech you in order to know the truth about this person who says that he is the Promised Messiah, the Mahdi and the Mujaddid of this era: Is he a true one or is he a liar or is he someone that you have approved of or someone you have rejected?
Through Thy Grace please inform us about him either through a dream or a vision or a revelation. Consequently if he is rejected by Thee we will protect ourselves from going astray by accepting him. However, if he is approved by Thee, we will protect ourselves against perdition by rejecting and humiliating him. Protect us against all sorts of trials since all power is in Thy Hands. Amîne
You should pray like this seeking Allah's Help for at least fifteen days. But in order to do it you should purge yourself of all the impurities of the ‘self'. The reason is that if someone is full of enmity and bad thoughts about somebody else and he wishes to know something about the latter in a dream, Satan intervenes and according to the degree of filth already present in his heart, it will inspire him with even darker thoughts. Hence the situation of this person becomes even worse than it was before.
Therefore, if you want to ask Allah about something, you should wash your heart of all sorts of rancor and enmity. You should get rid completely of your ‘self' and also of the two elements of love and enmity and then seek the light of guidance from Allah. And, undoubtedly, in conformity with His Promise, Allah will send you His Light wherein there will be no smoke of doubt that will come from the self.
Therefore, Oh ye seekers of Truth do not allow yourselves to be ensnared by the trials that the mullahs represent. Wake up and make some efforts and seek help from the One who is All Powerful, Capable and The Guide of humanity. Now I have done my duty by giving you this spiritual message also. In future it is for you to see what you will do.
Let peace be upon he who follows guidance.
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