Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Curse of the Fourth Khalifa

In the 1990’s, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community under the leadership of the Fourth Khalifa Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib entered into a Global Bai'at Programme for converting the world in to Ahmadiyya Islam. Every year, specific targets were centrally determined for converting people and the leaders dished out reports of their work in executing the task. And the Khalifa kept on announcing the news: that hundreds of thousands and millions and millions of people were joining the Jamaat from all parts of the world. 

So much so that by the time of the death of the Fourth Khalifa in 2003, the Jamaat estimates showed that over 200 million people were its members! Imagine, a million Ahmadis in every country of the world- a picture of unbelievably extraordinary progress no community has ever achieved within a single decade in the entire history of human kind!! 

Here are the officially reported conversion statistics between 1993 and 2002.















[Source: http://www.qern.org/wiki/display/qarchives/The+200+Million+Figure  removed from the official website]

While this story was being fed to unsuspecting common Ahmadis, thoughtful people became uncomfortable with its apparent lack of credibility. They saw that the fourth Khalifa relied completely on the reports he received and did not share their concern about the accuracy of the reports being sent by the leaders within. So much so that the Khalifa once said that “Khuda ki Kasam” all Bai’at reports are true (in millions and millions in number) when a man stood up to attract his attention on the subject. He even became angry when the man questioned him on the subject. Without knowing the truth, he took the name of Allah, read a false report of Bai’ats and did not hesitate to offer the curse:

“May the curse of Allah be upon the liars”

In the Friday sermon of June 17, 2011, the current Ahmadiyya Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib stated that Ahmadis constitute around 5 to 7 percent of the total 2 billion-Muslims in the world. To put it differently, there are 100-140 million Ahmadis in the world, assuming that the Khalifa is right. It means that under his watch, the world is witnessing one of the largest exoduses of people from the ranks of a single community in the entire human history. Imagine, 80-120 million people leaving the Jamaat of the Promised Massih (as) within a single decade!

In the aftermath of his election as Khalifa V in 2003, Masroor Sahib has witnessed that “Tens of Millions” of Ahmadis are leaving the Jamaat every year! That is precisely the meaning of what he said last week when co-related with what was claimed earlier. Instead of the promised victory of Islam under the Khilafat system, the ground beneath the Khalifa is evidently shifting and shaking. There is simply no other example of a Khalifa in the entire history of Islam who has had to suffer this kind of humiliation. It glaringly announces the deepening crisis of confidence in his leadership potential.

Is the Khalifa and the Jamaat under some kind of a curse from Allah? How else can you explain the missing millions from the ranks of the Jamaat? Has the curse of the Fourth Khalifa come back to haunt the Jamaat and its leaders? Since the curse is also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an (3:62), it is bound to exalt the truthful and humiliate the liars. That is the guarantee of the Holy Book!

It is absolutely clear that to save the Jamaat from the impact of the curse pronounced by the Fourth Khalifa, an Ahmadi has to do nothing less than disown his Khalifa: accept that the fourth Khalifa was simply being taken for a ride by his officers and that he was being naïve in believing and saying what he did. To protect the honour of the current Khalifa, there is no other way than to bury the deceased Khalifa’s estimates along with him or to dump them down the River Thames.  

The Jamaat has either to accept the truth or continue to evade it from the truthful. Either way, the leadership stands discredited and humiliated at the court of facts and truth. Can the Jamaat live with the fact that its leaders have committed a great fraud on the common Ahmadis by cooking the books and inflating the numbers so as to keep up with the targets planned in advance? Will it accept that the fourth Khalifa was taken for a ride by his unscrupulous officers and scheming missionaries who continue to man the Jamaat even under the current dispensation? Why did Allah desert the Khalifa when such a humongous fraud was being committed in the Jamaat, especially when Ahmadis know or believe that Allah will guide their Khalifa on every issue?