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Expulsion by the Nizam-e-Jamaat: True Facts

What ails Ahmadiyyat today? Who can explain what is wrong with the Jamaat better than the one who comes in the mantle of a Prophet from Allah, the Most High? What better way is there to explain what is wrong in the Community than by narrating the personal experiences which a man of God has had to undergo at the hands of the Pharaohs of the day?

Hadhrat Khalifathullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius has now written profoundly on the circumstances surrounding his expulsion from the Jamaat of the Promised Massih (as) in a new booklet entitled: A Background Story of the Predominance of Truth over Falsehood”.

Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib was expelled from the mainstream Ahmadiyya Jamaat in December 2000. The expulsion order was issued by the Fourth Khalifa Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib who simply relied on a report of Mr. Amine Jowahir, the unfortunate Amir of Mauritius.  The order (reproduced in page no.43 of the Book) is evidently an absolute act of unbelievable hubris on the part of those who issued it.

Mr. Amine Jowahir, the man whose report was relied upon by the fourth Khalifa, was recently dismissed from his position by the fifth Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib on charges of corruption, nepotism and moral irresponsibility after a lengthy enquiry by his special representative who visited Mauritius for the purpose of investigating the glaring charges against him.

Think about it. A report filed by a man of questionable integrity was used by the then Khalifa to expel some one who claimed he received revelations from Allah the Most High. Now that his true colours have been revealed, will the Jamaat show the decency to respect principles of natural justice? Even secular courts show minimum respect for evidence and notions of justice by reinvestigating cases where new evidence or suppressed facts are unearthed and become available even if it happens after decades. For instance, in Kerala recently, a criminal case was reinvestigated after 43 years and justice served. Will the Jamaat which swear by spiritual notions of absolute justice, reinvestigate the case and give a fair hearing to the cause of the Khalifathullah?  

Revelation and the Expulsion

In February 2011, an Ahmadi friend from Kerala wrote the following when he came to know that Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim of Mauritius, the Khalifathullah of this era, was outsted from the Ahmadiyya Jamaat on the basis of the revelations he received from Allah the Most High:

The Holy Quran declares in unequivocal, terms regarding the continuity of revelation not only to its followers but also to anybody on earth whom Allah chooses to talk with. And me as an ahmadi, it always gives me immense happiness when I hear about true revelations of any ahmadi as it is a sign of  actual victory  of Hazrath Maseeh Maud (alaihisalaam)’s mission. He in fact came to this world to create more number of people, more number of common men, who attains nearness to Allah. And true revelations are always a happy encouraging sign for a person who is in search of Allah’s pleasure and nearness.

I really don’t get the point when it is being alleged that any person, moreover an ahmadi, was rusticated from Nizaam-e- Jamath just because of the reason that he received revelations. Because Hazrath Khalifathul Maseeh IV(rahmahullahu alaihi) as well as Hazrath Khalifathul Maseeh V(atba) has always been repeatedly saying about common ahmadis, who have been experiencing true dreams and revelations, throughout  their various speeches and Khuthbas.

So it is quite impossible to simply accept the allegation that an ahmadi  was suspended from Nizam - e- jamath  just because he received revelations. There must be something else that is not evident to us at the moment.”

Thus, many other Ahmadi friends in fact have also respond with disbelief when they hear that the Jamaat leadership chose to deny itself the blessing of divine revelations. While writing the book, Hadhrat Khalifathullah has taken note of this situation:

This present year, at the beginning of February 2011, some Ahmadis in India did not want to believe their ears when they came to now that I had never received my official letter of expulsion, and in addition, they could not accept that the fourth Khalifa wrote such a letter of expulsion only on the basis of divine revelations, only because some one has said he was receiving revelations from Allah. They personally have the conviction that Allah shall always pour down divine revelations on His chosen ones , and thus they could not believe their ears when hearing about the harsh words which the fourth Khalifa had uttered about this humble self (through Additional Wakilut- Tabshir).

Moreover, the fourth Khalifa stated the words “so called revelations” in his letter. The people in India could not believe their eyes as the Khalifa himself wrote a book of more than 700 pages on “revelations”. They could not accept that the late Khalifa could do such mistakes. According to them, they believed that the Khalifathullah of this era is a liar when he started blaming their late Khalifa or they even thought that I was forging lies on his account! Alas, all these facts are based on the truth”. (p. 44)

The new book by Hadhrat Khalifathullah has brought out the full correspondence and the circumstances behind his expulsion. It has unraveled the dubious role played in the expulsion by different persons, especially Mr. Amine Jowahir and his friends who worked directly under the fourth Khalifa. It is a searing indictment of those who have injected major sins such as deception and duplicity and cunningness into the DNA of Jamaat administration. Indeed, the book is a profound contemporary commentary on the verse of the Holy Qur’an: Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Falsehood is bound to depart…” (17:82).

Ten years after the advent of revelation and the consequent expulsion from the Jamaat, what is the scenario? The man who plotted against the Elect of Allah is humiliated in his own land by the one whom he considered his Quibla to Allah”! And the expelled man is blessed with a flourishing Jamaat even in a foreign land and that too in the land of the Promised Massih (as)!! Will the Ahmadis ponder over the limits of expulsion and the power of revelation? 

Ahmadis who want to check the actual record can find the truth now. A recent revelation received by Hadhrat Khalifathullah points to this opportunity:  

O ye people! If it is truth thou seek, truth shall thou findest, but let it not be that when the light of truth cometh to your knowledge, thy heart closest to the perfection of it all!” (Divine Revelation on 11 January 2011).


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