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Some Questions to Ahmadi Friends

In October 2010, a spokesman of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Kerala sent to three Ahmadi scholars, a bunch of questions based on the Holy Qur’an, the Ahadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) and on the official Ahmadiyya literature. Deafening silence was the response. Later, the same was published as a public notice, entitled Will the Ahmadi Maulanas respond?”. Once again, those who claim to be the disciples of that great Divine Reformer refused to join the debate.

It is surprising that those who are duty bound to serve and promote the cause of the Ahmadiyya Community are trying to evade and ignore these searching questions. We believe that it is incumbent upon every Muslim, especially Ahmadi Muslims, to search for answers to these questions, even if their leaders and scholars refuse to engage with them. The following are among the questions:

Do the Ahmadis hold the belief that a Mujaddid will appear in every century? If yes, is it not a topical issue in every age? Can we ignore the Fifteenth Century from this wider debate? Ahmadi Maulanas point to the traditions of the Holy Prophet (sa) when they propagate their message among other Muslim brothers. What do you say about those traditions and their relevance in the new century? 

Do not the Ahmadis hold the belief that the Mujaddid of the Fourteenth Century was the Imam Mahdi as per the prophecy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)? Was it on this basis that they recognized and accepted Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian (1835-1908) as the Mujaddid of the previous century? In both speeches and literature, Ahmadis have raised strong arguments in the past pointing out that the chain of prophethood will not end and that the door of revelations will always be open. Many people joined Ahmadiyyat in Kerala after reading Ahmadiyya literature including Thabligh-e- Hidayat in Malayalam, entitled SANMARGA DARSHINI and the great works of the late Maulana B. Abdullah Sahib HA (ra) such as An Nubuwwat fil Qur’an and An Nubuwwat fil Islam which powerfully articulate the cause of divine revelations and prophethood in future as well. Are you now suggesting that these people should ignore the new century? Can you now say that the door has been closed in the Fifteenth Century?

By selecting Hadhrat Adam (as), Allah, the Most High says: I am about to place a Khalifa in the earth (2:31). Can a Divinely-appointed Khalifa and the man-elected Khalifa be on the same pedestal? Ahmadis now believe that since Ahmadiyya Khilafat is in place, nobody can come in a new century or even till the Day of Judgement. If the elected leadership is indeed the Second Manifestation of Divine Power, why did Ahmadis gather together and conducted prayers for the descent of Second Manifestation of Divine Power during the Khilafat of Hadhrat Maulvi Hakkim Nuruddin Sahib (ra) (1908-1914)? 

Did the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) ever say that Imam Mahdi of the Fourteenth Century will be the last Mujaddid or that there shall be no Mujaddid after him? Did Hadhrat Ahmad (as) ever say that the Second Manifestation of Divine Power will preclude the coming of Mujaddidin in future? Why did the  Promised Massih (as) say that Mujaddidiyat is the “permanent institution” of Islamic Khilafat till the Day of Judgement?

If the elected leadership is the only form of divine favour on the Community till the Day of Judgement, why did the Promised Massih (as) instruct the community in Al Wassiyat to remain united under an elected ‘Khilafat’ till the arrival of someone who is a recipient of divine revelations and stand up with the help of Roohul QudoussWhy did you, then, propagate till recently that it is essential that a Mujaddid ought to come in every century as per the prophecy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)? 

Do you consider that the existing Ahmadiyya Khilafat is the Second Manifestation of Divine PowerCan the Khilafat that propagates utter falsehood- that there are 80 million Ahmadis in India and over 200 million in the world over- be anywhere near to the Majesty of the Truthful Lord? Can it even aspire to be the Second Manifestation of Divine Power when it is drowned in a web of lies so embarrassing that the so called true statistics had to be erased and removed from the public domain? 

Allah appoints His Khalifa or Mujaddid as the spiritual Commander of the Muslims. Once such an appointment is made, who presides over the spiritual realm among the believers- a man-elected Khalifa or a divinely-appointed MujaddidThe issue can no longer be put under the carpet. Ignoring or evading the issue will not brush it away. If the current Ahmadiyya Khilafat is indeed based on the precept of prophethood enjoying divine pleasure and on a higher pedestal, then, why is it that Allah, the Most High has deserted the present Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib and deprived him of divine revelations? Why is it that the “spiritual Commander” Khalifa is unable to respond from a spiritual perspective to the claims of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius as the Mujaddid of the Fifteenth century, Muhyiuddin, Khalifathullah, Massih Maoud and Amir’ul Mu’mineen?

To read the Notice in Malayalam, click here


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