Monday, May 2, 2011

Janbah Sahib's Allegations on Khalifa Sani

Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib of Germany claims to be the Mujaddid of the Fifteenth Century of Islamic Calendar. Yet, his claim to the august office is dripping with the blood of a holy man of God: His grand theory of Zaki Ghulam is built upon cutting the jugular vein of Hadhrat Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra), second Khalifa in the Ahmadiyya Community who once claimed he was elevated to the position of Musleh Maoud’ by Allah, the Most High based on His commitment/glad tidings vouchsafed to his illustrious biological (and spiritual) father, the Promised Massih Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian. 

According to Janbah Sahib, the second caliph was not a 'Zaki Ghulam' (pure son) or the 'Musleh Maoud' (Promised Reformer) as foretold in the revelations vouchsafed to the Massih Maoud (as). He was, in the viewpoint of Janbah Sahib, a fake claimant. Janbah Saheb theorizes that for making the 'false' claim of being a fulfillment of Divine prophecies, the second caliph of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya (Qadian) was punished by God Almighty. In support of his claim, the Janbah Sahib points to his own claim of being the real "Musleh Moaud". His apparent evidence is the incident of a life-altering, stab attack on the second caliph in 1954, by an impressinable youth who was brainwashed by the scheming Mullahs of Pakistan that committing of murder (assassination of the second caliph) is the way to Heaven.   

That the second caliph had to deal with the aftermath of a violent attack on his life is a fact of history. The grievous injury on his neck was of such a nature that survival from it was almost impossible; a miracle as stunning as the deliverance from the Cross of the man of God, the escape of the Messaih Jesus (as).  

Janbah sahib points out that after making the claim of being the ‘Musleh Maoud’, the second caliph eventually died within a period of 23 years. He argues by linking these two factors to establish / prove that the second caliph met with an accursed death of a false claimant of Divine revelations. Janbah Sahib further links the truthfulness of the claim of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius as the Muhyi-ud-Din/ Khalifatullah/Messenger of Allah of this age, is inextricably intertwine with the truthfulness of the second caliph (ra). Janbah Sahib has however, then, sought to create a barrier between them by accusing the Khalifa Sani of having met with an accursed death.

The hollowness of the basic claim of Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib was exposed by Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius, in his Friday Sermon of January 21, 2011. In response to a question by Shabeeb Haneef Sahib of Kerala in this regard, Mansoor Ahmad Sahib of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Islah Pasand/ the party of Janbah sahib, has once again presented this satanic theory and the same was published online at their website recently with the title: “Lion of God”. 

Since Janbah Sahib has staked the truthfulness of his entire claim upon this single issue, we cannot ignore it aside at all. As Mansoor Ahmad Sahib points out in the last paragraph of his essay, Hadhrat Ahmad (as) CLEARLY shows a mechanism to test the quality and faculty of a claimant to the office of Imam of the Age as well as his arguments in support of his opinion against other claimants to the Divine office. 

The claimant should be steeped in “Qur’anic verities” and his reasoning should be “incontrovertible”“God’s grace grants him all encompassing knowledge regarding Divine sciences and there is no one among his contemporaries who can equal him in the knowledge of Qur’anic verities, in spiritual blessings and in incontrovertible reasoning. His considered opinion corrects the opinion of others. Whenever someone disagrees with him with regard to religious verities, the truth is always on his side.”

Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib argues that the Qur’anic decree regarding false claimants of Divine revelation is fulfilled in the case of Hadhrat Khalifathul Massih II Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra). His claim is worthy of being tested in the light of the Holy Qur’an if only to understand the truth in this regard. Let us first look at the relevant Qur’anic verses on the issue of punishment to fake claimants of Divine revelation. Mansoor Ahmad Sahib quotes:

Holy Quran on fake claimants of Divine revelation

And if he (Muhammad – pbuh) had forged any sayings to Us, 
                        even if it was just one. We would surely have                                seized him by the right hand, 
                   and then surely We would have severed his life-                     artery, 
and in this condition nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath). (Translation from Tafseer-e- Sagheer)

Hadhrat Khalifa Sani (ra) offers the following commentary on the relevant verses in Surah Al Haqqah, v-45-48:

The argument is to the effect that if the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) had been a forger of lies against God, God’s strong hand would have seized him by the throat and he certainly would have met with a violent death and his whole mission and work would have gone to pieces, because such is the fate of a false prophet

The claim and arguments contained in these verses seem to be an exact reproduction of the following Biblical statement: I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, (i.e., the Ishmaelites) like unto thee and put My word in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command to him. But the Prophet who shall presume to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, even that Prophet shall die (Deut.18:20). (English W/5 Commentary, pp.2680)

Mansur Ahmad Sahib states (emphasis added, through out):

“In the light of these Divine verses, Hadhrat Mahdi & Massih Maud says about the fake claimant of recipient of divine revelation;

“For this reason I say again and again that for truthful the period of Prophethood of Anhadhrat  is very correct measure and certainly it is not possible that any person to be false and by forging lie on God could get respite propitious to the Prophethood of Anhadhrat i.e. twenty three (23) year, must be killed.” (Arbaeen number 4 (December 1900) with ref. to Ruhani Khazine, volume 17, page 434).

Hadhrat Ahmad (as) further wrote on the subject citing his own situation. He emphatically told the Maulanas who were opposed to him that a False claimant or a “lying and daring impostor” will not be able to get respite from God Almighty for a period extending more than 20  years” . Hadhrat Ahmad (as) asked: Is it then the way of God Almighty to grant a respite extending over more than twenty years to such lying and daring impostor?”

Hadhrat Ahmad (as) stated: It is enough proof for a righteous person that God has not destroyed me like an impostor and has bestowed numberless bounties on my body and my soul.more than twenty years have passed since I put forward my claim. Many of my friends and dear ones who were younger than me have died, but He has bestowed a long life on me and has been my Helper in every difficult situation. Are these the insignia of those who fabricate lies against God?” [Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol.11, pp.49-51,with reference to  Essence of Islam II, pp.377-378]

Hadhrat Ahmad (as) further added: I do affirm that he who falsely poses as the recipient divine revelation is soon seized and his life is cut short. The Torah, the Gospel and the Holy Qur’an bear witness to this and so does reason. An opponent cannot set forth a single instance to the contrary from history”. [Ayyam-us-Sulh, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol.14, pp.267-268 with reference to Essence of Islam II, pp.379]

From the above writings of Hadhrat Ahmad (as) on the subject, two principles can safely be  deducted:

(a)    No false claimant shall be able to get respite from Allah for his despicable sin over a period of twenty years .

(b)    A false claimant shall meet with a decisive end. Allah, the Most High will render their works vain.
Janbah Sahib stakes his grand theory of Zaki Ghulam on the duration of the period in which Khalifa Sani was alive after making the declaration of being the Musleh Maoud.

The claim period of Khalifa Sani (ra): (1944 January 06-November 08, 1965) 

If we go by the Christian Calendar, Khalifa Sani made the claim of being the Musleh Maoud on January 06, 1944. And he died 21 years and 10 Months and 2 days later, on November 08, 1965. 

Islamic spiritual matters are decided according to the Hijri Calendar. So let us check how long was he alive after claiming to be the Zaki Ghulam?

Under Hijri (Islamic) Calendar of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), Khalifa Sani met with natural death at the age of 76 years in the 23rd year of his declaration of being the Musleh Muoud. He completed a period of 22 years and 6 months after making the declaration of being the Zaki Ghulam or Musleh Mauod!

Under Hijri Calendar, the Holy Prophet (sa) died after a period of 23 years of being a recipient of Divine revelations and the Holy Prophet (sa) did not survive 23 years under the Christian Calendar, either. 

Under both lunar and solar calendar, the second caliph of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya lived for a period of more than 20 years, a period suggested by Hadhrat Ahmad (as) as more than sufficient for closing the case against a false claimant by Allah Himself. Alhamdulillah, Soumma Alhamdulillah.