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Divine Punishment on Khalifa Sani: A Response

On 10th March 1954, Hadhrat Khalifa Sani Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra) met with a serious attack on his life. 

According to Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib of Germany who claims to be the Mujaddid of the new Century and the real (one and only) ‘Musleh Maoud’ as per the prophecy on ‘Zaki Ghulam’, the life-altering severe attack on the second caliph confirms that he was a fake claimant to the position, based on Qur'anic prophecies on the Divine treatment of false claimants. Based on this ‘insight’ on the Holy Qur’an, ‘the Imam of the Age’ has come up with a theory on the divine punishment to false claimants. In this article, we shall surgically examine the implications of his theory and the consequences of its application in the case of Khalifa Sani.   

Let us first state what we may call the jugular vein-cutting theory of Janbah Sahib.   According to Janbah Sahib,

a) “The cut off of life-artery of a false claimant of recipient of divine revelation is the clear proof of his being the liar”.

b)  “This humble self say here that above mentioned this Quranic decree of cutting off life-artery with its severe manifestation was fulfilled on Khalifa Sani”

c)   “if Allah the most High destroys the liar on spot by cutting-off his life-artery then from it the objective of the punishment that Allah the most High has announced in above mentioned verses can not be fulfilled”.

“It is for this reason that after the destruction of false claimant of recipient of Divine revelation (even though this destruction is happened due to cutting-off life-artery) his followers indeed will call him by the name of innocent Imam or martyred and by many other names etc., therefore it is necessary that Allah the most High not only destroy such liar within the short period of twenty three year but also give him painful punishment so that his follower could not call him great martyred etc.

d) If Khalifa Sani was destroyed right after this attack so then how people could have known that Allah the most High had cut-off his life-artery according to His declared punishment for false claimant of recipient of Divine revelation

"To lift the veil from this reality… Allah the most High saved Khalifa Sani from on spot death and through his physical examinations disclosed to people this admonitory proof of cutting-off life-artery”.

Janbah Sahib, then, asks:

if Khalifa Sani’s claim of Musleh Maud was true then on the day of 10th March 1954 why Allah the most High help not reached him and why Allah the most High Quranic verdict of cutting-off life-artery related to false claimant of recipient of Divine revelation was fulfilled in his person with its brutal demonstration…???????

In response, we argue that the attack on 10th March 1954 cannot be held against the second caliph, for he is a victim of an unlawful attack on his person for his beliefs and claims. In spiritual history, God’s Messengers and other divinely ordained people are invariably subjected to extraordinary trials, including attempts of murder on their persons. Holy Qur’an contains references to several such instances from ancient Israel. One of the great Prophets of Israel, Isa Massih (as) prayed entire night to be saved from crucifixion. Yet, he had to under go that trial.

Like in the case of Isa Massih (as), those who have eyes to see and basic intelligence to perceive can comprehend, the shadow of Allah’s help followed Khalifa Sani (ra), despite the extraordinary odds he faced. He was miraculously saved from the brink of death, as it were, for his life was indeed spared, despite the point of the knife touching the life-artery. It could not have been possible for him to escape what must have been certain death but for the Lord’s Will. The attack was a brutal demonstration of the extend to which satanic forces seek to go. Yet, God’s angels prevailed over them and saved the life of the man of God. 

According to the Qur’anic verses cited above (69:45-48) and also the unanimous verdict of the Torah, the Gospel and reason, the fate of a false claimant of divine revelations is absolutely clear: God’s strong hand would seize him by the throat and he certainly would meet with death and his whole mission and work would go to pieces. 

By applying the Qur’anic verses to the situation of Khalifa Sani who came under a violent attack on his life artery but survived and went on to live for more than a decade, Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib suggests, and we can deduct, the following principles about the fate of a false claimant as derived from the Holy Qur’an:

(a) The fate of the false claimant of divine revelation may not be clear and decisive: God’s strong hand would seize him by the throat but is incapable of killing him within a period of twenty years of his claim.

(b)  A fake claimant will not meet with immediate death even after Allah seizing him by his jugular veins.

(c)  No fake claimant shall ever meet with a quick violent death because Divine purpose would not be served by it.

(d) The Divine purpose is not to make a fake claimant, a martyr in the eyes of people and deny him a legacy

(e) However, his whole mission and work would NOT go to pieces AND may survive and flourish long after him.

It is impossible to consider that any reasonable man in his sanity would reach the aforesaid conclusions after reading the Qur’anic verses dealing with the SEVERE punishment of false claimants, leave alone a Man of God or the Imam of the Age. These conclusions of Janbah Sahib are probably not really meant to be universal principles on the nature of punishment Allah wants to inflict on fake claimants to divine revelations. They are but tailor-made to suit the requirements of an exceptional case Janbah Sahib has to prove! 

 Janbah Sahib has an especially impossible task: to prove that the attack on Khalifa Sani in his old age was divine wrath. 

According to Janbah Sahib, his life artery was cut off, but it failed to kill him and he survived and went on to live for another 11 years even after suffering the attack at the age of 65! Khalifa Sani lived in the world for more years than Hadhrat Ahmad (as) and the other Khulafa in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat so far. Many prophecies vouchsafed to Hadhrat Ahmad (as) were fulfilled during his time and his legacy and name survives to this day with honor and pride. The Promised Son was destined to be protected under the shadow of Allah even before he was born!

What do you understand by the verses: And then, surely, We would have severed his life artery, And not one of you could have held our punishment off from him”.  (69:47-48).

If Allah did not really intent to kill a fake claimant in these Qur’anic verses and destroy his legacy completely, what specific Divine purpose will be served by severing the life artery (according to you), yet retaining life miraculously and allowing him to declare his survival as an Act of God in His favour? If someone escapes miraculously even after such an extraordinary murderous attack on life, will it not amount to being PROTECTED under the shadow of the Lord Almighty?

What will happen if people respect the fake claimant even after his death and his legacy survives in tact all through history? Do you consider that in such cases Allah has failed (God Forbid) in his purpose of inflicting punishment on the alleged false claimant? Can divine objectives go unimplemented? Or is it that those claimants who remain heroes in people’s minds long after their death and their legacy survive to this day are genuine claimants of revelation and not fake?

In his hair-splitting (or is it, jugular vein-cutting !) pursuit of proving Khalifa Sani a fake, Janbah Sahib, the claimant of the title of Imam of the Age in our times,  has become the savior of all fake claimants in all times from the wrath of Divine punishment. He has become the Imam and liberator of all fake claimants and satanic forces in the world.

Janbah Sahib suggests that Allah’s practice of taking fake claimants by their jugular veins can not include a violent death. False claimants of the past who have met with violent ends have all been absolved of their sins by the Imam of the Age Ghaffar Janbah Sahib! Who is aiding and abetting “religious criminals” through such interpretations here? Has their ever been an Imam of the Age who advanced the cause of Satan?  Can anyone who advances satanic arguments be the Imam of the Age? According to him, the only intention of Allah is to cut off life artery of such fake claimants as a mere sign for people and they may go on to live up to the ripe age of 76 just as Khalifa Sani did!

Janbah Sahib has also made it impossible for Allah (God Forbid) to kill the fake claimants without worrying about what the disciples would think about the death. According to Janbah Sahib, Allah cannot kill a fake claimant instantly because he may become a martyr in the eyes of people. So, it means Allah does want to punish him in such a way that people will forget about his legacy and his disciples will wither away and no one will talk about him.

Yet, Janbah Sahib has no problem when the legacy of fake claimant survives long after he is gone! Is Janbah Sahib really conscious of the profound objections he is raising against the Divine Attributes by considering that Allah’s options are limited in relation to fake claimants of divine revelation? By suggesting what you did, are you saying that there are imperfections in the Holy Qur’an and in the Divine Attributes?

The interpretation of the Qur’anic verses regarding the punishment of fake claimants to Divine revelations offered by the so called Imam of the Age Janbah Sahib once again underscore the importance of the advice rendered by Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius in the last speech: Janbah Sahib needs to read the Qur’an profoundly so as not to meet with dangerous follies. 

Janbah Sahib has mentioned the Qur’anic examples of prophets and numerous ‘Zaki Ghulam’ being born after fervent prayers were offered by their righteous parents such as in the cases of Hadhrat Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Yahya and Isa Massih. Yet, he suggests that Allah denied the Promised Massih (as) his fervent prayers for a Zaki Ghulam from among his own progeny! 

What is the Qur’anic criterion for being deprived of divine favors?  Did the children rebel against Allah and His Messenger as in the time of Hadhrat Nuh (as) so as to be deprived of divine favors? Are you suggesting that by depriving and denying a ‘Zaki Ghulam’ to a Messenger of Allah even after his fervent prayers (and Allah promising him to give a Zaki Ghulam) without any apparent reason, Allah is Unjust (God Forbid) ?

A Messenger of Allah is also human. It is possible that sometimes they may not fully understand the larger Divine Plan at work in its minute details and may show error of judgement on interpreting circumstances and events. Hadhrat Ahmad (as) evidently thought different things about the fulfillement of this prophecy regarding the Zaki Ghulam. Even Khalifa Sani thought for many years that these prophecies did not apply to him, but only to future spiritual sons of the Promised Massih (as). We do not have any dispute on those facts. Hadhrat Ahmad (as) wrote: It is possible that, for a time, I might misunderstand the meaning of a particular revelation, but it is impossible for me to have any doubt about it being the Word of God”. (Divine Manifestations, p.29)

The important thing about a prophecy is its eventual fulfillment even more than what the recipient of the revelation personally thought about its fulfillment. This fact is especially important in interpreting prophecies because Allah Himself may substitute one revelation or abrogate it altogether.  Allah has revealed in the Holy Qur’an

"And when We substitute one revelation for another, and Allah knows best what He reveals, they say: You are only a forger. Nay, most of them do not know." (16:102)

Allah’s Plan works in mysterious ways. By eventually raising one of the physical sons of Hadhrat Ahmad (as) as the Zaki Ghulam of his time, Allah has indicated that the latter revelations (those that came after the birth of Khalifa Sani) relating to the subject would also be fulfilled through spiritual progeny in the times to come:

"Whatever revelations We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?" (2:107)

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