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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pandemic and the Prophet

[Reproduced below is an article by Dr. Craig Considine of the USA. Originally appeared in Newsweek International on 17 March 2020; against the backdrop of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the article provides a glimpse into the Divinely-inspired advices and healthy practices left behind by the Holy Prophet of Islam (sa). In the search for safety and security from the deadly contagion stalking the world today, the finest minds amongst us testify to the stunning validity and effectiveness of the Prophetic practices even in these uncertain times. Along with his devoted prayers to God Almighty, the Holy Prophet (sa) valued reason and common sense in every day life, including in the fight against epidemics: a lesson for all who truly seek to practice the most ideal way of life]. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments and news sources to provide the most accurate and helpful advice to the world's population, as the disease is indeed global in reach. Health care professionals are in high demand, and so too are scientists who study the transmission and effect of pandemics.

Experts like immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci and medical reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta are saying that good hygiene and quarantining, or the practice of isolating from others in the hope of preventing the spread of contagious diseases, are the most effective tools to contain COVID-19.

Do you know who else suggested good hygiene and quarantining during a pandemic?

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, over 1,300 years ago.

While he is by no means a "traditional" expert on matters of deadly diseases, Muhammad nonetheless had sound advice to prevent and combat a development like COVID-19.

Muhammad said: "If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague outbreaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place."

He also said: "Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy."

Muhammad also strongly encouraged human beings to adhere to hygienic practices that would keep people safe from infection. Consider the following hadiths, or sayings of Prophet Muhammad:

"Cleanliness is part of faith."

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Coronavirus: A Grave Sign

The Signs of Allah-IV

As Messenger of God, and Reviver of the Faith in this century, Allah sent several signs in favour of my truthfulness, just as in the past century there were many signs, including the sign of the plague as a sign in favour of the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). 

In his book “Our Teachings”, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) writes: “No calamity strikes if there is not an order emanating from heaven, and no calamity can be removed, if mercy does not descend from the heavens.”


Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, this is a serious warning from God, an admonition [warning] to those who persist in hostility, because He was very marked by the prevailing sin, hostility and indifference of the people and thus Insha-Allah, the Coronavirus can be annihilated with prayer.

By the grace of Allah, I received a revelation just after the Salaat-Ul-Zuhr on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 and I sat on the Musallah and I made a lot of duahs, concerning this deadly virus. I received the following revelation: -

“The Coronavirus / Covid-19 Pandemic will not go away unless sin and transgression beforehand go away. The bright sun is darkened because of sins. The earth launched this pandemic to scare and warn.” (This is the revelation).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Decadence of the Ahmadi Mullahs

Forbidden to you is that which dies of itself, and blood, and flesh of swine, and that on which any other name than that of Allah has been invoked, and the strangled (animal) and that beaten to death, and that killed by a fall and that killed by being smitten with the horn, and that which wild beasts have eaten, except what you slaughter, and what is sacrificed on stones set up (for idols) and that you divide by the arrows; that is a transgression. This day have those who disbelieve despaired of your religion, so fear them not, and fear Me. This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favour on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion; but whoever is compelled by hunger, not inclining wilfully to sin, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (5: 4)

It is unfortunate that since the beginning of the Divine Manifestation in 2001 until today, we have witnessed all kinds of mullahs in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. With the Divine Manifestation we saw the true face of these so-called mullahs. Nowadays we are seeing a so-called Mullah like Basharat Naveed who has been tolerated by a so-called Amir to say such serious foolishness which hurt those people who do Service to Humanity, (and in this particular case) a sister who has believed in this humble self and the Divine Manifestation who has expressed the wish to save the life of her sister, and she sacrificed all to go to the UK to donate Stem Cells to her sister Shirine Ben Taujoo, who is the sister-in-law and niece of the present Amir Jamaat in Mauritius. 

A sister who, come what may wanted to save the life of her sister. She disregarded the fact that she was previously boycotted in many of the engagement, wedding and familial functions. She did not think about all these boycotts when the question came to save the life of her sister Shirine Ben Taujoo. And it is fact that due to her belief in someone who has proclaimed himself as the Khalifatullah of this era, in a Divine Manifestation, therefore this donation of Stem Cells was done by her only for the cause of Allah, and with lots of duahs also.

What kind of Mullah Basharat Naveed is to give such reply? He is automatically classified as such Mullahs who were prophesised by Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) who will appear in the last days, and who will be like pigs and monkeys.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: A time will come when people of my Ummah will begin to differ and there will be very great and fundamental differences of opinions and the common people would go to the Ulema to seek guidance from them and lo!, they would find instead of Ulema, monkeys and pigs”.

They fix great “Love for All, Hatred for None” signboards for the eyes of people, but they manifest hatred against the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, National and International. Shame! What they say is not put into practice. Analyze that Hadith well and read the Holy Quran and see what Hazrat Dawud (as) and Hazrat Isa (as) have said for these kinds of people. The former was a Khalifatullah and the other was the Israelite Messiah. Thus, we see that this Hadith does not apply only to those who have abused the Promised Messiah (as) but this also applies for the Ahmadi Mullahs of our era.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

‘Maurice Under Threat of An Epidemic’

"He is the Knower of the unseen, and He does not grant anyone ascendancy over His domain of the unseen. Except him whom He chooses as His Messenger."
- The Holy Qur'an, 72: 27-28.
The Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius has received a spécial Divine Message in the French language (on  Friday August 30, 2013 at 9.05 pm) containing intimations about the out-break of an epidemic in Maurice. [Inset: “The First War of the Balkans: Cholera Epidemic”-this colour engraving is from the cover of Le Petit Journal, published in Paris, December 1912. The graphic image of Death with his scythe communicates the news that a cholera epidemic has begun. The artist, who is unknown, depicts the flying figure of Death cutting down a river of humanity in a single stroke).

The Divine révélation has come at a period of time when two airport employees died in the aftermath of leptospirosis, an infectious disease transmitted by rodents.

What is leptospirosis?

It is a bacterial infection caused by leptospirosis. In most parts of the world, small mammals (rats, mice etc.) are presumed to be its wild reservoir. Their urine is almost always the direct or indirect source of human infections.

In case of late diagnosis it causes kidney failure, which can result in death.

Symptoms of leptospirosis: Its symptoms can be confused with flu or gastroenteritis as it is manifested by high fever, vomiting, severe headache, muscle aches, diarrhoea. And, to an advanced stage causing renal and hepatic problems.

For the Official Statement, click here:

It is instructive to note that only recently, on August 15, 2013, the Khalifatullah (atba) spoke about the EVENTFUL year that 2013 has turned out to be in many, different ways: coups d’état, wars, political strategic plans against Muslim countries and consequently the continuous war between Muslim brothers. We can paint a whole picture of massacres in our today’s society. What is very important is that the humble servant of Allah has already warned the world about these events years ago and even at the end of 2012. Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) has told very clearly that Mauritius and the neighbouring islands also will not be spared.