Sunday, April 5, 2020

Coronavirus: A Grave Sign

The Signs of Allah-IV

As Messenger of God, and Reviver of the Faith in this century, Allah sent several signs in favour of my truthfulness, just as in the past century there were many signs, including the sign of the plague as a sign in favour of the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). 

In his book “Our Teachings”, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) writes: “No calamity strikes if there is not an order emanating from heaven, and no calamity can be removed, if mercy does not descend from the heavens.”


Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, this is a serious warning from God, an admonition [warning] to those who persist in hostility, because He was very marked by the prevailing sin, hostility and indifference of the people and thus Insha-Allah, the Coronavirus can be annihilated with prayer.

By the grace of Allah, I received a revelation just after the Salaat-Ul-Zuhr on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 and I sat on the Musallah and I made a lot of duahs, concerning this deadly virus. I received the following revelation: -

“The Coronavirus / Covid-19 Pandemic will not go away unless sin and transgression beforehand go away. The bright sun is darkened because of sins. The earth launched this pandemic to scare and warn.” (This is the revelation).

Coronavirus / Covid-19, the pandemic, shows a great sign. Do not take this lightly and do not turn your back on the Divine Sign. Yes! You must listen to and obey the instructions of the authorities and take lots of precautions so as not to be contaminated by the Coronavirus. But what God decreed, no one can overturn that decree. It is God Who is the Almighty; it’s not the creatures that have the power to do what they want.

So you are not prohibited from using medication or other preventive measures [those measures as encouraged by Islam – the Quran and Sunnah], but you are prohibited from relying entirely on these. Because ultimately it is the will of God which will manifest. If anyone can, let him have faith in God, because having faith in God is the surest guarantee. Not just faith, but sincerity as well. Sincere faith.

There is total lockdown in many countries around the world. Offices, schools (pre-primary, primary, secondary, university, vocational institutions etc.) shops - markets and supermarkets etc. - are closed [except under strict conditions as from 02 April 2020 especially here in Mauritius] and everyone must stay at home, so as not to have contact with our fellow humans – people like us.

Be careful to have contact with other creatures if the person is infected, you may be infected too. So turn instead to the Creator. It’s very good to have contact with God (the Creator of the universe). The deadly virus cannot attack you when you are in contact with the Creator of the universe. Allah will make the deadly coronavirus become helpless and take the exit door as quickly as possible. Insha-Allah.

Although man cannot make the Covid-19 pandemic disappear by coercion and force and he does not have the power to drive out such an enemy, however God the Almighty revealed to me to transmit this divine message to all humanity. Here’s what God told me.  

God says: “Lament and cry out before Me because of this enemy; because chasing it is only possible by My Absolute Power. Such is My law, O My servant!

Although you are helpless in front of its [or his] hostility, still make efforts and do not come to terms with it. Always be at war with it and, as much as you can, fight against its hostility and implore My very own help, God, with supplications and humility. When you ask for My help, from the bottom of your soul and from a sincere heart, I send My power to your hands and I make your hand strong and domineering against it, so that you will cut off the head of this enemy with My strength and by the sword of sincerity. So, in truth, it is not you who are killing it, it is I who is killing it.

You could say: ‘O my Lord! It was not me who did this. Where could I have drawn this strength and power to face such an enemy? When I am so weak and more crippled than a straw, how can I pluck up such a mountain, crush it like pebbles and throw it to the wind like dust and earth?’”

God Most High says: “When My power attaches to a straw, the mountains before it are less than an atom. But since you, in this helplessness and weakness, you have shown me your loyalty and, relying on Me, you have faced such an enemy, and considered me as Present, Seeing and Dominating, for this reason, I transformed your weakness into strength. I accept everything from you and I am your obliged One. But in truth it was I Who did everything.

Therefore, I give strength to My servants and I guide them, so that thanks to My gifts and My guidance, they will drive out the enemy. And I accept that from them, I am obliged to them, and it is to them that I attribute this. On the other hand, I will give them countless boundless rewards and benefits, and I will celebrate their praise and their compliments in a thousand languages, and I swear on their name. And every mercy I pour out on creatures will be out of love for them. And every wrath that I show, and every pain that I inflict on the rebels, is to avenge My good servants. To render service  to them [i.e. to help them] is to render service to Me [i.e. to help Me].

Whoever saw them saw Me. And whoever attacks them, it is Me that he attacks. Whoever chooses them, it is I whom he chose. Their friendship for them is friendship for Me. Hostility towards them is hostility towards me. Whoever sees you has seen Me. Whoever attacks you has attacked Me. And I forgive and have mercy only to please them and give them satisfaction. And to whomever I testify My wrath in hell and to whom I cause pain, the reason is the pain and the suffering that My servants suffered because of them. Because I am God, I am without opposite and without equal. I created servants and allowed them to come to Me, so that they would become the mirror of My existence. One cannot describe the links which exist between them, because there cannot take place any separation which would make that there was among them someone who was opposed and hostile to Me. Whoever shows opposition and hostility to them attacks Me.

Anyone who wants to become a companion of God and speak with Him must go to a Messenger of God. Whoever wishes to be in the company of God must be in the company of a messenger of God.”

So concerning “the enemy,” the deadly virus, God the Almighty revealed to me at the beginning of this century, the warning had been given years before, long before medical science was able to predict its appearance in countries.

Speaking on the subject of the coronavirus, Alhamdulillah, yesterday on 02 April 2020, local time (Mauritius), in the morning, my message to humanity on this deadly virus dated 31 March 2020 was officially launched on our channel “Sahih al Islam”, and on that day, there were 7 deaths and 161 positive cases of COVID-19 in Mauritius. It is surprising that these figures formed my date of birth: 7/1/61. I’m not saying it’s a revelation. We shouldn’t put everything on the account of revelations. When it is not a revelation, then I will not say that it is a revelation. So, all this is food for thought. In the evening, the number of positive cases increased to reach 169. And the number continues to increase, and even worldwide, exceeding one million, and causing more than fifty-three thousand deaths.

Around 5.20 pm on 24 March 2020, I received another revelation about a great earthquake [And the revelation which I thereafter received on the morning of 27 March 2020 and which I mentioned in my Friday Sermon of last week confirms it]. The earthquake will bring the destruction of men, villages, fields, and will severely affect travellers. A surprised naked man would not have time to dress. Boats/ Ships carrying passengers will be forced to change routes to escape the dangers. There shall be [great] indentations in the earth almost everywhere. Rivers of blood shall colour the water of the rivers.

The whole world will be enveloped just like for the “Coronavirus - Covid-19”. All men, big and small, and all governments will have to suffer the effects of it all.

I understand that these revelations indicate a global calamity, a conflagration enveloping many countries and nations of the world. It is true that revelations seemingly speak of an earthquake, but it becomes clear that the earthquake-like calamity will engulf the whole world; which obviously means something more than an earthquake. Earthquakes are local, not global. This calamity will become global.

It will be hard for travellers, a possibility that will no longer have a connection with war but with the earthquake. The weather will be hard for travellers. Normal sea and land routes will be dangerous.

So, whoever stays away from JAMAAT UL SAHIH AL ISLAM is not from us. Whether you are rich or poor, remember, we don’t take anything with us when we leave this world for the hereafter. We all take only our faith and good deeds. Hear the divine call, therefore, that you may be accepted by God. 

Some beautiful words came to my lips on 29 March 2020 while I was working in my office (Deen works) around 5.12 pm. First I felt hot and I did not know what was happening to me. I switched on the fan and after few minutes these words came as if rain pouring down upon me. Alhamdulillah.


For being ungrateful, sinful, irresponsible, careless if we get severe punishment, torment from NATURE or God then now we cannot make any complaint or not raise any issues of unawareness.

Please note this that We used the word NATURE for those people who don’t believe in God. The people who are believers, they must remember that everything which happens in all universe comes under the permission and command of God.

We went to Sinai and Hira for very personal reason and we did not know this kind of serious news will come out. As a sincere servant of God this was our duty to convey the message in very deep detail so we conveyed.

Dear God is our Witness we did our best without breaking any law and order and without creating disorder. But we still pray and humbly request to our Dear God that “Save us (all mankind) from punishment and give us a chance to be good and be the best of mankind.” Ameen, Summa Ameen.

The history of Prophet Noah (uhbp) and Lot (uhbp) tell us the situation is very critical with the live messages confirming that something very severe will happen. To avoid this we have to do something amazing and miraculous and come under the protection countdown.

All things that occur are timed and designed and programmed. According to science of technology this is more understandable, but only with our hope and action and positivity and with prayer planned, everything can be changed or delayed from the Spiritual World (Heaven).

God sent this humble self (His Khalifatullah) to establish and work only for peace on earth with love for all, Hatred for None. To educate every single person on this earth, and our Generations. To save the Earth and establish brotherhood with peace and love. This is a huge task. Indeed, the Greatest work in this era. O God, help your Chosen One, this humble self. [Ameen].

O my dear mankind, listen! You have a God Who loves you too much that He can resolve all your problems and heal you from all kinds of weaknesses and illness. Won’t you then love Him, pray only Him and obey Him?

So all of these revelations confirm each other. They are like a chain of information from Allah [of God] to guide His chosen servant and mankind on how to overcome the enemy in all its forms. This enemy can even be a virus or a human or a satanic spirit, etc. And Allah has given us the remedy for it all in prayer, and diligently following His Quranic commandments and following the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Without the powerful help of Allah, we are helpless, but with His help and comfort, we become strong spiritually, and by applying the preventive measures supported by Allah in the Quran and Sunnah and by being a good citizen of our respective countries, and we honour these laws and regulations, for our own good, so armed with our trust in Allah and our prayers and by being model Muslims and citizens, we will enhance the value and dignity of Islam wherever we are. Unbelievers will be forced to admit the merits of Islam on the subject of hygiene, prophetic remedies, and even the wearing of the veil. They once criticized the wearing of the veil and even issued a ban on it, and now the world suddenly finds themselves in the extreme need to wear masks, and to protect themselves physically, which is equivalent to wearing the veil - complete (which covers also the nose and the mouth), and the large dress (for the ladies). What irony and what sadness, the latter surpassing the former!

I pray that humanity will wake up from its long torpor and abandon its vices to hold on to the rope of the One God, without giving Him partners.

Speaking of duahs and preventive measures, a member of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam of Mauritius yesterday (April 02, 2020) saw a dream where instructions were being given to recite certain specific Surahs of the Quran. There were around a dozen to fifteen Quranic chapters that were mentioned, and that person recited these Surahs, and whenever that member forgot the instructed Surahs, then the instructor who recited these Surahs repeated them again, and then that person listed them on the fingers to remember them better. Among these chapters there was the recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha 7 times, Surah Al-Lahab, Surah Al-Fil, Surah Al-Nasr, Surah Al-Asr, and among others also there were the four “Qul” - Surahs Al-Kafiroon, Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas.

God therefore demands our attention. Let’s pay attention to Him. Let’s worship Him sincerely from the heart and don’t abandon Him when He saves us from these calamities. Let us thank Him, even in pain, and let us be patient. The days of contentment are not far off if we all return to Allah with a pure and sincere heart. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 03 April 2020 ~09 Shabaan 1441 AH delivered by Imam-Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir. A. Azim (atba) of Mauritius.