Sunday, April 26, 2020

Gadgets and Life Balance

In a special Message on 22 April 2020, Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (atba) of Mauritius exhorts everyone of us- youths and children of the Jamaat, as well as their parents- to be aware of the harmful effects of 'addiction' to electronic gadgets: smartphones, earphones, digital entertainment, etc. As technology 'machines' help in simplifying daily tasks in several, different ways; one can easily appreciate their instrumental value. Yet, it is also critical to strike a correct and fine balance in our approach to these machines. Iour gadget-driven world of hyper-connectivity, the omnipresence of smartphones as 'entertainment' machines raises special challenges for impressionable children. Being glued to these gadgets can cause the deeply-vulnerable youths to lose focus on the issues that matter; setting them on a path of 'alternate reality' where they become oblivious of their true surroundings. The widely-observed contemporary phenomenon of lack of respect, and rift in relations between young-adults and their parents; tension and turmoil in family and social life, etc. can be explained in terms of such harmful addictions and negative influences. To secure our ethical values and to reclaim balance in individual and social life, it is essential to adopt a correct approach to technology devices and what they bring on the table, points out Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) in this discourse. 

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The Adverse Effects of Modern Technology, and Obedience to Parents

My dear children, and respected parents,

Assalamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu.

I am sending you this message to make you aware of the dangers of modern technology such as watching television, the constant use of smartphones and computers like Allah has taught me ever since the beginning of the Divine Manifestation as well as on Friday 03 April 2020, and thus, I informed this to you during the course of my Friday Sermon.

I said: “I must attract your attention on something. Today itself [i.e.03 April 2020], after the Tahajjud prayers, when I was doing Zikr and duahs, suddenly Allah (twa) put something with great force in my heart and my mind, and I had to stop my Zikr to concentrate on what He was making me understand. Lots of people will fall sick and will have their nerves affected and they will get depression with that thing. This, that is, earphones in the ears, is making the people walk on the streets as if mad, without understanding anything around them. Moreover, there are cell phones and smartphones as well as computer… yes, Allah has given you all these but in all things that He has given you, you must know how to use them. Allah has given us knives, isn’t it? But you should use it in a good way. He has given you matchsticks also to use, but you use it where there is the necessity for it, for example, to cook food. But, it is way unreasonable to have someone on a computer, or [smart] phone or WhatsApp [Social Media] etc. Do you know how much damage all these things bring to the health of people? 

And it is a fact that since long we received [by way of revelations] the percentage of the state of health of the youths, how their health will be badly affected. Do not be attached [glued] to all these. Look… In the near future, you won’t be able to take your phones etc. when you hear that such and such things [contaminations from diseases, etc.] are in the air. There are specific times when you are using it, yes [ok]. All things should be done at their specific time. 

Look how Allah (twa) gave us the five pillars of Islam. He told us that we must pray (perform Salat/ Namaz) five times a day. But there are specific times for each prayer. There is a time for prayer and Zikr, and there is a time where you go to work, look after and visit your family members, etc. All works should be balanced. Don’t tell me that when you wake up in the morning, till at night your remain glued to those advanced [and harmful] technological tools. There are so many worldly [and harmful] things that are happening through these. There are also fake news as well, which create hatred… There are a lot of things which are happening. 

I am telling you what I have received today. I am telling frankly that which I have received today. 

You believe or not, or say that such a person is talking nonsense… Let them say it all, but I am here to give the message. Watch out for your health! For all people, especially the youths. There are many who are putting earphones in their ears. A normal person may naturally not hear something but as for those youths, they intentionally block their hearing capacities. Allah has given them two ears to hear on both sides but they go on to block their ears to listen to inappropriate things. And their eyes are fixed… all their attention is riveted [to all these things]. Perhaps they may not even concentrate in prayer [on their Creator] like they concentrate on those things. They will not reflect on their Creator, how much favour He has made on them. How He created them, and gave them everything without any effort from their part. 

Perhaps at the moment when they are concentrated on those things, on computers, smartphones or WhatsApp [Social Media] etc., you know, all this also is creating much havoc in another way. There are people who are misusing those tools. All types of… Oh I tell you… I am a novice in all this. So as not to say that I am weak, but I am zero [have zero knowledge on all these]. By the grace of Allah, for anything, I use my pen… and when I look at all those things which are happening, I say, O Allah, you have placed me in the right place. Let me remain zero [in all this]. Even if it be negative one, negative two, doesn’t matter! Even for my master, my beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), everybody knew him as an Ummi (unlettered person), but look at the honour which Allah gave him in this world! When you hear his name… In Surah Al-Ahzab, Allah says when hearing his name, the angels sends blessings on him [Darood] and when you hear his name, you must send Darood on him. And whoever does not send Darood on him [the prophet], he is an arrogant person.

So, this is an appeal that I am making to you all… Now, even if they are not before the computer, they are before the Smartphone, and if am not wrong, on the Smartphone also there are movies. Now, no need to be before the television set to watch films. Even on the Smartphones, on Social Media [WhatsApp etc.] people can watch all kinds of things: all kinds of news, etc. And if they are not before their Smartphones, they are before the television set. Now, during the lockdown, how many people are remembering Allah and crying before Him?”

So, it is imperative for the youths, and all children of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam that they do not fall prey to all these evils, and that they concentrate their time and make use of modern technology to advance the cause of Allah. And they should always listen to the good advices of their parents, and practice Islam in the best way. 

Allah says in the Holy Quran that children should always obey their parents unless these parents are forcing them to pray others other than Allah, to give associates to Allah in His worship. In this case, no obedience is required towards those kinds of parents. But by the grace of Allah, Allah has chosen you and brought you to His Jamaat, a Jamaat of the Divine Manifestation and has caused you all, parents and children to recognise the truth and integrated the Divine Manifestation of this age. Alhamdulillah. So, it is up to you now to live up to the expectations of Allah and His Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), as well as the Khalifatullah of your age, that is, this humble self.

Bear in mind, O children that you should show respect to your parents, and obey them when they have your best interest at heart. The status of the mother is of paramount importance in Islam, as well as the status of a father. Children should respect their parents and show themselves as good models for others to follow.

Bear in mind, that your presence in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is like a training for you to become better Muslims, and one of the duties of a true Muslim is that he respects his or her elders and obey them and takes care of them as well.

Bear in mind that one of the signs of the Last Days is that children will have no respect for their parents. I have also mentioned this in my Book, “The prophecy concerning the coming of a prophet in the Ummah Muhammadiyya (pbuh). – page 46”

Another great change which will occur: Lack of respect. Children will no more respect their parents and grandparents and moreover they will not show any gratitude towards them. They will rather obey to their friends, their Peer group. Nowadays in this era, we are all witnessing this fact, in each home where there are youngsters; (they do not show any obedience and respect to their parents and grand-parents this is causing a lot of troubles and pain in each home.) (Reported by Abu Naim upon the authority of Huzaifa bin Yaman)

Therefore, it is very wrong for a Sahih al Islam member, for a true Muslim believer to behave in this way. Countless Quranic verses and Hadiths come to uphold my stand on the subject. So, I advise the children of my Jamaat to be soft and loving to their parents and to be of great help to them in their works, and most importantly, the works of Deen. Remember that you are the future of Islam, Sahih al Islam. If you don’t reflect in yourselves the goodness of faith (Iman), and learn to respect your elders, it will be very bad for you. Allah and His Khalifatullah will not be happy at all with you, and you will be deprived of the blessings of Allah.

So, make everything in your power to please Allah and His Khalifatullah by respecting all the commandments of Islam, which includes also obedience to your parents and to serve them in the best way. Remember that you were small and helpless and it was them who brought you up and gave you everything you need, and thus, never fight or reply back to your parents and instead pray a lot for them so that Allah may spread His love and mercy over them. Never forget your parents in your prayers and say:

Rab-bir hum huma kama rabbayani sagheera.

O Allah! bestow on my parents Your Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood. (Bani Isra’il 17: 25).

I pray that you all, children and parents stay within the limits imposed upon you by Allah and that you act as per His commandments with Taqwa, fairness and love for each other. Fortunate are those who heed the commandments of Allah and His Khalifatullah and act as real Muslims for the betterment of Islam in your home, in society and around the world. Ameen.

I trust you all in the care of Allah,

Assalaamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu,

I thank you for your kind attention. Jazak-Allah.