Monday, September 14, 2020

Faith and Life in the Covid-Times

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam-Tamil Nadu, India has just published a new edition of their spiritual journal, the 'Voice of Imam', first issue of the new Hijri era 1442 AH, Alhamdulillah. 

The journal is a veritable treasure trove of distilled spiritual wisdom, providing in a succinct way the enduring teachings of Islam as reflected in the writings and sermons of our spiritual masters, the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian; the Musleh Maoud Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad (ra); and the Imam of the present era, Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius. Likewise, members of the Jamaat in Tamil Nadu, including Naib Amir KM Saleem Saheb, contributed their spiritual writings through its pages. The present issue of the Journal can be accessed here. 

Reproduced below for the benefit of all our readers is the Editorial to the present issue of the Journal from the blessed pen of Hazrat Khalifatullah (aba):

'Dear Readers, 
May the peace, grace and blessings of God Almighty be upon you. 

The times that we are presently living are really difficult times, but it is also a time to reflect on one’s deeds and to reform oneself in the best way. The world is heading towards destruction and unfortunately, this destruction has been brought by the hands of man himself. Humanity is in danger, and it is humans who are bringing about this destruction upon themselves.

Human life is very sacred, and all people, especially the true believers of God Almighty should strive to preserve humankind and the essence of humanity in themselves. That humanity should not be marred by evil whisperings, thoughts and deeds. 

We are in such an era, a blessed era wherein Allah has sent His Messenger as a guide and leader for you all, yet it is also a critical time whereby if mankind does not heed the divine message and call, this can bring about destruction after destruction for the human race.

My humble advice as a Messenger of God Almighty, the Sole God, our Benefactor to Whom belong all dominion of the heavens and earth is that you should turn to Him alone in worship and abandon all evils, in deeds and thoughts.

If man does not reform himself in the frame of time allocated to him by Allah [the Unique God, the Incomparable God], then he shall go to his lost; all humanity shall be lost and brought to despair.

Remember that since the dawn of time, God Almighty has always sent His Chosen Messengers to lead the people back on the right path, and to make them leave evil and all evil ways. Only those endowed with true knowledge will understand this message, and I pray to God Almighty that He opens all hearts to let in the light of knowledge and understanding so that, united as one body, we may save humanity and the true faith.

This era is really a very difficult era. Everywhere we see calamities of all kinds: deadly viruses, epidemics and pandemics such as the Coronavirus COVID-19, nuclear upheavals, bombs, crashes, accidents, floods, landslides, raging fires, petrol spilling which is killing our earth and sea, pirates, drug peddlers and dealers, and all kinds of evils which are eating our society and man’s faith and conscience. Humanity is dying day by day in man, and we should put a stop to it!

All religions which originate from the true God, the sole God preach peace, but to preserve this peace, we should put a stop to our own evils and turn to the true God in submission, and this submission, this peace, it is only ISLAM which can give it to us. Islam is that religion, that true way of life which has been promoted by none but Allah (God Almighty) Himself. 

So, as the Messenger of Allah and a Good counsellor from Him to you, it is my duty to invite you to this way of life which has the stamp of approval from God Almighty, and which can save lives, not by a false association and belongingness to Islam, but truly practicing Islam in our daily lives and imbibing Islam in each of our every deed and thought. One should be mentally prepared to be a true Muslim and construct one’s life according to what God Almighty wants from him or her. And this option, God Almighty has made it possible with prayers. Prayer is one such armament which can capsize all evil plans and render the army of God Almighty stronger day by day.

So, my humble advice to all sincere disciples and humanity at large is that you should be good humans at heart, not animals without any conscience. When you will establish yourselves as good human beings, then you will be able to establish yourselves spiritually by being a good servant of God Almighty and devoting your time to Him by remembering Him in your prayers and by serving mankind as well. 

Service to mankind is service to God Almighty, because God’s essence is in all His servants. So, be good, do good and think good. Strive to be good, and be patient in times of difficulty. There should be internal reform – reform within yourselves before you are able to reform the world. You should become a good human being, a good representation of mankind and be humane and spiritual as well so that along with this humble self, the Caliph of God Almighty in this era, we can march forward towards a better future, not only for us but for the future generations as well; for the betterment of our own souls and our upliftment in this world and the next. Insha-Allah, Ameen. 

Munir A. Azim
Hazrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al-Khalifatullah
Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam

22 August 2020