Friday, July 5, 2019

'Nizam-e-Jamaat': Questioning Injustice

In his Friday Sermon of 28 June 2019 ~24 Shawwal 1440 AH, Hadhrat Imam Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius spoke comprehensively on the human responsibility to respect and abide by Divine commandments at all times, especially in the times of a Divinely-raised messenger among them. Dereliction of duty in responding to the Divine Will and wisdom behind the lofty Message, particularly our arrogance and hubris in ridiculing the Messenger to the extend of 'shooting'/expelling him from our midst would bring in Divine punishment in unexpected ways. Revolting against the Divine Gift of a Prophet/ Messenger/ Reformer/ Inviter to the sublime path of Renewal in the name of blind veneration of one's own priests and chiefs will inexorably and inevitably corrupt an entire community's spiritual future.  

Drawing on his own searing personal experiences of going through blatantly  unfair treatment, social boycott, loss of livelihood and much injustice at the hands of the leadership ('Nizam-e-Jamaat') of the 'mainstream' Ahmadiyya community (the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya)- that he served with dignity and distinction for a decade and more, Imam Muhyi-ud-Din (atba) speaks to remind the truth to the 'powers' that be, by asking fundamental questions on their very spiritual identity and their institutional malpractices: the nature and character of their 'faith'; sense of fairness and justice; respect for Islamic laws on employment-related obligations; non-compliance with the rule of law in the country; failure to settle termination benefits under labour law; their empty rhetoric on 'love for all, hatred for none', etc. 

Despite their ego-massaging lofty capital-city building projects in England these days, deep- down, the Nizam-e-Jamaat knows that their empire of caliph worshipping/ unquestioned authority of the leadership over the common Ahmadis is facing tumultuous times, especially with Allah (swt) raising a 'Saviour'/ Liberator/ 'Messiah'/ 'Mujaddid' for the enslaved Ahmadis in our times. With the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam making sure progress in India and elsewhere, the Nizam-e-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya is indulging in a PR-exercise of 'addressing' long-standing grievances against the high-handedness of officials amongst Mauritius Ahmadis. Speaking against that backdrop, Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) also unveils for the first time a very important document that throws much light on the unIslamic ways and unjust practices of the Nizam-e-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in our times.      

Read the Friday Sermon Below: 

The Divine Law v/s the Law of Man

Today people are giving their idols way much importance than the Divine Law. It is man-made laws that are destroying life on earth and destroying the divine teachings. And man has established his laws so forcefully that the one who does not show any obedience to them [i.e. the man-made laws and instructions], therefore, such people go to the extent of taking sanctions against those who do not follow their laws.

When divine laws are being replaced by man-made laws, the world is paying the consequences of this waywardness. Today when man has drifted away from divine laws and is giving much more importance to the laws of man, look what is happening in the world, in a country, in a society, in a Jamaat, in a family, in your environment.

Those who take themselves as scholars/ savants/ intelligent people, they are putting their own ideas and opinions forward and they have pushed aside the divine laws, and unfortunately the people who are following them are going towards their own lost, and their fear of God has disappeared. Instead fear for their Guru (Chief/ Leader) has gripped their hearts, and this is verily what has annihilated faith for the Almighty in the hearts of these people.

They start fearing man more than the Creator. All that they do, they do it only to reap the pleasure of their Guru, in their deeds and works, and there is nothing that they do to reap the pleasure of Allah. That is why, wherever you look, there is no peace, and evil has surfaced on earth. It is then that Allah (swt) manifests His wrath to wake up the consciousness of man (i.e. to make man realise his mistakes/ misdeeds) and make him understand that there is only one God.

Thus, only the Law of Allah (swt) can ever stop this deterioration in our daily life. Divine Law has proved itself more than 1400 years ago and is still proving itself right with the advent of an Envoy of God with the Holy Spirit (Ruh’il Quddus) to bring back all people to the unicity of God, on the right path and to revive the true teachings of God.

Remove the fear of man from the heart and replace it with the fear of God. Look at the effect of the Law of Allah on earth. After all, even logic points out that all the earth belongs to Allah. Allah has created humans. Allah knows the nature of people. So, Who is more apt to decide that laws are to be used for the wellbeing of His creatures, such beings that He has Himself created? It is Allah, of course!

The laws of man is filled with cracks [full of failings]. There is so many failings that they [i.e. the people] break family ties and establish boycott in family functions and they spread fear of the laws of man in the hearts of the people. What they preach, they personally do not even put into practice. They spread out big advertisements/ billboards/ signboards for the eyes of people to indicate that they have love for all, hatred for none, and it is [unfortunately] these kinds of people who show their true faces, filled with hatred towards those who do not show any obedience to the laws of man [their established laws], such laws which are filled with failings. Those who do not show any respect and obedience towards the laws of God, and do not put them into practice, it is those people who come forward to claim themselves as great defenders of truth and thus, according to them, it is them alone who can state who are those who shall have the right to get access [passport & visa] to paradise, and they judge the faith of others.

But the truth is that the divine law has taught us – God Almighty has taught us – that it is Him (God Almighty alone) Who is the Best Judge, and there is not mentioned anywhere in the laws of God that man can judge the faith of their fellow human beings [people like themselves], that he has the right to establish boycott, break family ties, and not to respond to peace greetings [i.e. the Islamic greetings].

Let me now relate to you an incident which has happened in Mauritius, in a Jamaat (community) in which the people [nowadays] pretend that it is only for them that the path [and doors] of paradise will be opened and they take others as stupid and ignorant people.

On 02 February 2019, I received a phone call at night informing me that the Guru of that Jamaat had sent someone [to Mauritius] to know the problems of the people. I was told by this person – a chickenhearted person who is in contact with the Guru’s representative – that I have got an opportunity to come forward and explain my problems, and that I should not worry because he [the chickenhearted person] will accompany me. I have categorically refused this plan of action and I said: “Tell that person whose Guru has sent him, to tell for what reason I had been expelled from that Jamaat?” [Moreover, I put forward some conditions and told him that we shall not meet like this: the whole Jamaat Ahmadiyya (in Mauritius) should be invited to come as well as that representative so that when we shall talk and the truth be bared, the whole Jamaat should know the truth] – Is it because I followed the laws of God, and not those of the people; especially not the laws of their Guru! It was for this reason that I was expelled and all kinds of rules/ laws were invented so that other people could not get into contact with me [to know the truth].

I therefore wrote a 12-page letter meant [initially] as private & confidential, dated 10 February 2019, and I also stated therein my conditions [especially in respect to my employment – salary & compensation]. If he accepts those conditions, I would come, and the whole Jamaat (Ahmadiyya) should be present that day, and all of them should know the truth, Insha-Allah.

He gets my letter, but he retreats in his steps (no official reply). It is make-believe tale that he has come to resolve the problems of the people here, and I have been in contact with someone [an Ahmadi] who has told me that he was despaired to see such long queues of people in the Dar-us-Salaam Mosque to meet the representative and tell him the problems within the Jamaat. Despite the long queue, he waited and when the time came for him to explain his problems, when he told all that he had to tell about the problems within the Jamaat, the man just remained silent and noted all that he said without telling him anything! – And I told him that he shall not have his questions replied! – Thus, there were long queues of people who came to explain their problems. Till now, no answer and when there was a wedding in [my own] family circle – own blood relations – he remained adamant that boycott should be maintained for me and my family. Is that the teachings of Allah and His Messenger (pbuh)? Where are we going now? Just a hypocrite and such a display of hypocrisy, as if he has come to resolve all the problems of the people [Ahmadis] here! Do not give those people false hopes, such people who have believed in the Promised Messiah [Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as)] and lots of these people have become blind in their faith/ belief in their caliph [elected by man] which has gone way overboard, to such an extent that they have stop saying Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) have taught such and such things. Now, they say, “Khalifa has said this… has said that…”, etc.

[From what I had written in the letter, at least they complied to a portion of what I had told them – in respect to the change in the Committee officials, but as for my salary and conditions attached, no reply… I need to tell you also that there are presently situations where loans had been contracted by some Ahmadi Muslims with the Jamaat, but after they have received the good news of the truth of the Divine Manifestation of this era, they have left there and integrated the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. Now the Mullahs/ administration within are trying to use this against those newfound believers of the Divine Manifestation, and they are adamant to give a bad name to the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam because of those loans which had been contracted way long back!...

Let me refresh the memory of the administration of the Jamaat and their Guru, especially here in Mauritius. As an employer of the Jamaat, I got by the grace of Allah to witness many situations which had happened in the Jamaat. Long ago, the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius used to give small loans to its members to help them in their hard time. Many sums of money were involved: Rs: 30,000, 40,000, etc. Unfortunately, many such Ahmadis who received these loans chose money as their priority instead of their caliph [at the time, the fourth caliph]; they chose money over their Guru and never returned this money. This happened in the Amarat of the recent ex-Amir [first Amir/president]. Seeing this situation, the fourth caliph forbade the Jamaat in Mauritius to ever give loans to the members as they did not return the money. When the second ex-Amir [the one who has been expelled from the Nizam-e-Jamaat] became Amir, and his comrade [the ex-Amir, the one because of whom all problems arose – causing havoc in the Jamaat with the new era of Divine Manifestation] needed money, he requested on his behalf a loan and asked for the caliph permission to grant him the loan, but the caliph refused and reprimanded him, and told him to give that [now wretched person] loan at his own risk. Even this person could not honour his loan/ promise to reimburse the money.

So, now, when such accusations are wrongly stated on account of my followers, just because they took a small loan prior to their integrating the Divine Manifestation, and cannot repay their loans quickly because they do not have a proper job, so as their spiritual father, and knowing full well that I have my money with that Jamaat itself [Jamaat Ahmadiyya], I am completely ready to accept that my money – which the Jamaat Ahmadiyya owe me – around Rs.300,000 with all those years’ compensations – to be deducted on behalf of all those of my disciples/ followers who had contracted debts/ loans with the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, and thus, I demand that their loans be immediately cleared off because MY HARD-EARNED MONEY is with YOU! Like our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said, a worker should be given his salary [in full] even before his sweat dries up! – Even if we know that a worker is strangling us (in a manner of speaking) in monetary terms for his services, but we need to pay him!]

If [the members of the] Jamaat Ahmadiyya [in Mauritius] were to reflect on what happened in 2015 for the centenary of the establishment of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius (1915-2015)… A Jamaat which has gone through lots of trials, seen lots of cyclones (i.e. hard times), what happened? Their Khalifa did not even come to celebrate this unique event with them! Instead, he preferred to go to another country during the same period, and he did not come here.

During that time, the Jamaat Ahmadiyya here in Mauritius was busy in preparations; large billboards were put up all over the island, and they even came to put one in the vicinity of Petit-Raffray! – And what happened afterwards? Nothing! The signboard was removed approximately one week after we saw it, and the other billboards as well. Lots of money [for these billboards are very expensive] had been wasted for nothing! – Their caliph had changed his mind and would not be coming anymore! Now, think of all the contributions – Chanda etc. which the members [Ahmadis] had sacrificed and spent to welcome their Guru; all this money had been wasted! He did not come. He told them to redress their Jamaat! But he, as a caliph whom those people had elected, what is his role as a spiritual father? He should have seized the opportunity and come to correct the Jamaat!

This is what happens when you leave Allah, and His teachings and the teachings of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)! You have put all your trust in an elect of man. Look at all the failings therein. When there is no Divine Guidance, look at the stupidities that are done, to such a point that you begin to trample the teachings of Allah and His Messenger. You manifest yourself/ yourselves like Iblis with all your arrogance. You do not pay the salary of someone who has done his work, and you do not give him his due, in terms of compensation/ lump sum for all his years of service, and you present the caliph as a frightening figure to make people have fear and create negative thoughts in their minds, and you seize this opportunity to order them to not meet and invite us, encouraging them to boycott us in all your functions, and even family functions. These kinds of people – at the head of the Jamaat [Ahmadiyya] here in Mauritius – poke their nose in private familial matters. They act as great defenders of their Khalifa; they order others, the common people, the poor people, the small families, whereas they [themselves] do as they please. This is where the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, national and international is heading to. They are reducing the laws of Allah to dust and they are pushing forward their laws as concrete [i.e. solid laws which need – as per their definition – to be obeyed].

Through their own deeds, Allah is pushing them towards their destruction, step by step, without making them take conscious of this. And I can tell you that lots of people around the world have left the Jamaat Ahmadiyya by the way that it is now being managed, because it is the people who are devoid of Taqwa who are at the head. Moreover, these people have family-feeling [i.e. they do not act as per the divine laws and hide the mistakes of their family members and/ or are always in favour of the wrongs of their family members]. They support the idea of dynasty [in the Jamaat system]. They are always at the head to control the Jamaat. It is a very unfortunate situation. This was supposed to be such a Jamaat which is based on the teachings of the Quran and the teachings of our noble prophet (pbuh). We need to obey what Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) have told us. But unfortunately, it is the complete opposite of what they have said which is being put into practice nowadays.

Like I said at the beginning of my sermon, their Guru sent one of his representatives to Mauritius to look into the problems faced in Mauritius. This is a manifestation of panic. I tell you that when they have sent such a person to look into the problems of the people here in Mauritius, this indicates how greatly the Khalifa is anxious after seeing the progress of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam throughout the world, especially recently [the rapid progress] in India. His Amirs and missionaries in India are giving him all feedback as well as in the other countries as well. Therefore, there is an aura of panic! He wanted to reassure himself that nobody in Mauritius from within the Jamaat is being influenced [and attracted towards the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam], and he thus sends his representative [quickly] to resolve their problems [lest they despair and leave]. He wanted to know what is happening in Mauritius… after more than fifteen years! Therefore, this one [i.e. the representative] comes, he uses a strategy: come and tell your problems, just like a politician. All this is a manifestation of panic on their side, like Allah says in the Holy Quran [a verse which I also received as Divine Revelation at the beginning of the Divine Manifestation – when they hatched plans to close the Mosque at New Grove for the Eid-ul-Adha]. Allah revealed me:

Fatarallaziina fii quluu bihim-marazuyy-yusaari-‘uuna fiihim yaquu-luuna nakhshaaa ‘an-tusii-banaa daaa-‘irah. Fa-‘asal-laahu ‘ayy-ya’-tiya bil-fathi ‘aw ‘amrim-min ‘indihii fayus-bihuu ‘alaa maaa ‘asarruu fiii ‘anfusihim naadimiin. 

Those in whose hearts is a disease – you see how eagerly they run about amongst them, saying: “We do fear lest a change of fortune bring us disaster.” Ah! perhaps Allah will give (you) victory, or a decision according to His will. Then will they repent of the thoughts which they secretly harboured in their hearts. (Al-Maida 5 : 53).

Moreover, it is these kinds of people who fear lest there is a change of situation here also, and thus they would be in a sad state after the plans they harboured and which they kept secret in their hearts. They portray themselves as very strong, as if they don’t care what is happening on our side, but they are hatching secret plans to stop the progress of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. On the front [exterior, visible side] they make themselves look as pious people for ostentation, but they cannot hide from Allah what they conceal in their hearts. Afterwards they talk about obedience towards them and when the subject of their misdeeds/ failings is broached, they label you a rebel! They proclaim on the lips that they believe in divine revelations but when Allah (swt) gives revelations to this humble servant, they label these revelations as “so-called revelations” and send curse and state that we are creating havoc and therefore, we need to be expelled.

Those who make lots of efforts to put into practice the divine teachings; they strive to obey Allah and His Prophet, and fight for the cause of Allah, those individuals thus become outcasts [in the eyes of the power-thirst people]. On the other hand, those who reject the laws of Allah, and at the same time rejecting their faith in Tawheed (unity of Allah), those are the ones who fight for the cause of their idols. Don’t they have the least trace [in the like of mustard seed] of Taqwa in their hearts? Like Allah says in the Holy Quran: Afalaa yatadabba-ruunal Quran ?Don’t they reflect upon the Quran ? (An-Nisa 4 : 83).

They discard all that which Allah has revealed to enable one to become a true believer. They don’t give this any importance whatsoever. Allah (swt) alone knows what they hide in their hearts. Allah (swt) says in the Quran: Wa maa arsalnaa mir-Rasuulin illaa liyutaa-a bi-iznillah.We did not send any Messenger but to be obeyed by the leave of Allah. (An-Nisa 4 : 65).

It is therefore a grace of Allah when Allah sends His own Messenger to guide people to Allah and put them on the right path and make them develop fear, love and trust in Allah, and their reward shall indeed come from Allah alone. When they cultivate all these qualities in their hearts, those people shall become apt to invite others towards the unicity of God; they will become Dai-Illallah, and it is the laws of Allah which shall be of capital importance to them. They will prefer life after death rather than this temporal world and they will fight for the cause of Allah. The one who shall fight for the cause of Allah, whether either he dies on it or he obtains victory, his reward shall come from Allah alone and there is no doubt that he shall get a great reward (ajran azimaa).

So, one must judge one’s own faith before judging [finding flaws in] the faith of others. Allah (swt) alone knows who is pure. Do not become arrogant and pretend that you are purer than others. Read the Quran, understand the One Who has created you, Who has sent you on earth, the One in Whose Hands your life, death, food, drink, honour etc. are found. And Allah says: Alam tara ilallaziina yuzakkuuna anfusahum? Balil-laahu yuzakkii may-yashaaa-u wa laa yuzlamuuna fatiilaa. Have you not seen those who claim themselves to be pure? Rather, Allah purifies whom He wills. And never will they fail to receive justice in the least little thing. (An-Nisa 4 : 50).

From what you can perceive from this Quranic verse, there is not the least failing in the words and laws of Allah. He shall give a goodly reward for all the good that you shall do, and He shall punish you accordingly for all evils that you do. Allah (swt) is not unjust towards anybody, even as big as an ant, but He rewards for the most little good that you do. He not only rewards accordingly, but He also multiplies the rewards for it, and He gives you from Himself a mighty reward.

So, those who take the deviating route have indeed done lots of wrong and they have established their own laws/ rules without respecting the divine laws. They seek to deviate you also – they desire to see you also [the believers] take the same deviating path, and to fall to the same abased level as them, and they seek to frighten you with others whereas you should have fear only for your Creator, the One to Whom you shall return and account for all your deeds done on earth.

If you avoid all the main things that Allah has forbidden you, bear in mind the [good] consequences [of them all]. Allah wants to make everything clear for you – He shows you how to live among people and among your families – to be honest, humble, respectable, to preach peace, to not harbour hatred, to help fellow human beings like you, to not establish boycott, to live in harmony and brotherhood. Indeed, Allah (swt) has taught us that when two groups of believers fight between themselves, you need to establish peace between them, and Allah (swt) loves those who establish justice/ equality/ brotherhood among the people. Allah tells the believers: Surely the believers are only brothers; so make a reconciliation between your two brothers, and be pious to Allah, that possibly you would be granted mercy.

You need to understand these divine words very well. Indeed, Allah has created you and there is no failing in His words – Is there any hatred, instructions to boycott, break family ties, instructions not to respond to the greeting of people or even instructions not to greet Salaam etc. in the words of Allah? On the contrary, all evil deeds, all instructions which deviate from the words of Allah comes from Satan. It is the Satan who encourages all this. Satan is an enemy of Allah and of all His true believers. Those who follow the footsteps of Satan do not have true faith in Allah and His Messenger. All the evil practices are not the practices of those who have faith in Allah and His Messenger; they are not the practices of a true believer.

If you pretend that you are that [truthful] Jamaat and that you have a spiritual leader at the top who shall bring people to Islam, and the path leading to paradise, then is it with those kind of mentalities [evil ones] which you adopt that you shall guide people to the religion which has been perfected by Allah (swt) – i.e. Islam? With hate and enmity ? Are these the teachings that you are sharing with others? You have held countless struggles and debates to prove that the door of divine revelations and the advent of prophets (prophethood) is open; not close. In this present era, when Allah (swt) raised this humble servant, so to protect your Khalifa elected by man, you deny such possibilities, such a truth. You say: “It is impossible that others receive revelations and nobody else can become caliph!”

They deny such a truth and they close the door of revelations and prophethood on their own accord and they therefore abase themselves to such a level that we come to see how history is repeating itself, that whenever a Messenger comes from Allah, they give him all kinds of bad names. They label him a liar and a madman. They even label DIVINE revelations as “so-called revelations”. They go even down in their baseness to restrict people, those who want to listen to the Messenger of Allah, from following him. They tell these people: “You are only following a sorcerer, madman”, etc.

When you see all these things happening with the advent of a Messenger of Allah, this proves his veracity. When reading the Holy Quran, one sees that all Messengers who have come from Allah have received the same treatment. There is no Messenger of Allah who has not gone through all kinds of trials. When Allah raised them as His Messengers, they did not get anything easy. The people did not believe at once in their message. They went through all kinds of great trials, even with their own blood relations, and only a small group of people accepted them, and the latter also were persecuted as well. [Such Messengers & followers] They go through all sorts of trials, and it is always the poor, the common people who [first] receive the grace/ boon to believe in a Messenger of Allah, come what may.

But there are also those kinds of people also who initially accept the Messenger of Allah, but with the rise of persecutions and trials that they go through, when people put boycott on them, then those kinds of people cannot withstand all those trials and they leave the Divine Manifestation and they break their oath of allegiance (Bai’ah).

There are also such kinds of people who integrate the circle of the Messenger of Allah [the Divine Manifestation] as hypocrites, only to create disorder, and they come and invent all kinds of lies and thereafter leave the Divine Manifestation to spread such lies. They even dare to say all such divine manifestations/ signs/ boon are but tales of the ancient [false], and they even accuse the Messenger of Allah that he plagiarizes other books (copy from books) and pass it all as revelations. Nawzobillah min Zaalik (God Forbid)!

I need to stop here for today, otherwise the Friday Sermon will become too long. It would be convenient to attach also the letter which I addressed to the representative who came to listen to the problems of the people within the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, and he also has already gone back [since long], but those who related to him their problems have not got their replies till now; no proper action.

[I waited long enough, given them the opportunity to reply and now the time has come to disclose the content of that letter]. So, I cannot read that letter in the Friday Sermon, but it will be attached [in its original English] with this Friday Sermon on the website, Insha-Allah.

To close this sermon, as the Khalifatullah I advise all those who have badmouthed the laws of Allah, either by ignorance or with full knowledge, they must absolutely repent before Allah. The laws of Allah is not limited to only an era only. They are valid till the end of times. We do not have the right to bring any modification to them [i.e. the laws of Allah] and we must not criticise them. We should take extra care not to say anything in our ignorance that can make us lose faith. We must be careful on the choice of words we use concerning the laws of Allah, and we should control our pen also when writing [so as not to write anything against the pleasure of Allah].

We live in an unislamic country; we respect its laws without denying or criticising the laws of Allah. Do not denigrate the laws of Allah to please man. Do not give your Guru more importance than Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). If you do not know something, it is better to keep silent. Keep quiet, do not add to any talks [on which you have no knowledge], lest you go against the divine laws and this shall be grievous for you, and the divine punishment shall fall quickly on you and it would be very serious for you.

I pray, may Allah help you to understand this sermon profoundly. Ameen.

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