Saturday, October 21, 2017

Divinely Revealed Prayers- IV

Invocations- Part 4

Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah, it is purely by the grace of Allah that I am able to continue my sermon today on the subject of “duahs”, more specifically the fourth sermon on the subject of duahs as revealed to me by Allah (swt). What is amazing is that these duahs can be found in the Holy Quran also, such duahs which were revealed to His Messengers in the past, and there can even be some duahs among those which I shall mention which Allah revealed to Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) also. But in this present era, Allah has also revealed these duahs again to His Khalifatullah.

Alhamdulillah, if I am false, a liar, would Allah have revealed these duahs to me? What can my enemies say about these duahs? Are these satanic also? (God Forbid). And if they label them as satanic, then their belief on the Holy Quran also has been trampled and they are not worthy to read the Holy Quran. When they humiliate me, in their stupidity, they trample at the same time the teachings of the Holy Quran to dust.

In the Holy Quran there is a duah wherein there is the mention: 

(O my Lord) Do not leave any non-believer on earth.

Through this duah, we understand that people in whose destinies have been inscribed infidelity (disbelief), they would not be able to escape from this (i.e. this condition of disbelief, and the subsequent punishment). But we need to understand this duah, that it is not a duah to exterminate all infidels, for it were so, then how people could ever have become Muslims today?

Verily it means that (O Lord) all people in whose destinies have been written that they are disbelievers, remove them from this world. And this duah was truly invoked by Hazrat Nuh (as). Now, these infidels can produce disbelieving children like themselves. Therefore, it would be best (if Allah were) to remove them. This was the duah of Hazrat Nuh (as).

So, in my case, in my situation, when the so-called defenders of the Nizam-e-Jamaat acted like infidels on the subject of the divine messages which I am receiving, Allah (swt) showed me this duah:

Rabbij alni Ghaleban ala Ghayri.
O my Lord, give me victory over those who are strangers to me.

And afterwards, there is this second revelation which showed my victory and the acceptation of my duah by Allah.

Wajalni Ghalebatan fid-Dunya wad-Deen.
Give me victory in mundane affairs as well as spiritual affairs.

Wajalni naafe-an fi hazehit tejara.
O Allah make this transaction become beneficial/ profitable  for me.

Here, this duah does not indicate worldly transactions. But the Quran mentions ’azaabin alim’ (painful punishment). It refers to that duah itself (i.e. such transaction which shall avoid me painful punishment).

Rabbi salitni alan-Naar.
O my Lord, let me have superiority (the upper hand/ victory) over the punishment of the fire.

That is, make that fire come under my commandment/ control.

There is a duah in Zabur (psalms of David) in the Hebrew language and which is mentioned also in Holy Matthew (a book/ chapter of the Bible). Its translation is as thus: O Allah, I pray to be bestowed Your salvation and deliverance from difficulties.

It is a prediction made in duah form. Therefore, there are many such duahs which Allah (swt) has guided me to discover and also, by His great wisdom, He has revealed to me also this duah: O my Lord, manifest Yourself on me, manifest Yourself on me.

And then He (Allah) showed me this duah:

Allaahumma in ahlakta haadhi hil-isaa bata falan tuhbada fil-ardi abada.
O my Lord! If you were to let Your servants die in this battle, subsequently nobody will be left to praise You.

This was a duah made by Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) to Allah before the battle of Badr. O my Lord! If you were to let Your servants die in this battle, subsequently nobody will be left to praise You (a real praise). And this very duah, I am teaching my Jamaat and encouraging you all to recite: O my Lord! If you (were to) destroy this Jamaat (who has recognised the Divine Manifestation and this humble servant sent by You in this era)? Subsequently nobody will be left to praise You and to thank You for this favour which You have bestowed upon us in this era.

Therefore, a Jamaat is not judged by the number of people in it, or the number of concrete mosques in its name, or even any other worldly favour. A Jamaat of Allah is judged by the Iman (faith) which it has on Allah and the Messenger whom He has sent (to the world). It does not attaches itself with false gods. It makes everything to seek the pleasure of its Rab (Lord). Its true pleasure is found in its Creator and it is then that there is true Ibaadat for Allah. Mosques can be made out of iron sheets or straws like in the past, in the epoch of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), but Iman (faith) was then solid as concrete. What is the use of having great concrete mosques, decorated with verses of the Quran, while Iman (faith) is as dry as straw. These kinds of mosques are those which are liable to crumble like dry leaves, like dry branches. What is the use of having such kinds of mosques but which are empty of worshippers, whereby the majority of them are running behind worldly favours? The verses of the Quran need not be used as decorations in mosques. What is more important is that the verses of the Quran should enter your hearts and at the same time you put them into practice, as well as the duahs taught to us by Allah (swt).

Therefore, a Jamaat needs to be judged by its spiritual progress, such progress which is made without creating hatred in the hearts of people to show that it is them who/ which is superior to the others.

Now, I put before you some duahs which Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) has made to Allah (swt) and which I also received in the year 2003 and 2004, and which I am presently putting before you today.

Rabbe arzeho jaza-an awfa.
O my Lord, give her all kinds of rewards.

In this duah, the word ’her’ refers to the person’s wife:

Rabbe ahsan zawjati.
O my Lord, give my wife health.

Rabbish fi zawjati haza wajalhaa barakaatin fis-samaaƩ wa barakatin fil arz.
O my Lord, give health to this wife of mine and give her blessings on earth as well as in the heavens.

Rabbe zidni umri wa umara zawjati zyad-atan umara haza.
O my Allah (O my Lord), increase the span of my life and that of my wife.

Rabbe la to zayye umri wa umraha fafazni min qulli aafatin.
O my Lord (O Allah) do not render vain my life and that of this wife of mine and shelter us from all tribulations and spare me from all problems which may come my way. Ameen.

Therefore, these are duahs which a husband can do for his wife everyday and this shall create peace and harmony at home also.

Pray (Invoke Allah) - Make duahs to Allah (swt) as if you are seeing Him before you and make your duah come out from the profoundness of your heart - not only on the lips whereby your mind is roaming around and focusing on other things besides Allah. When Allah (swt) is pleased with a person’s duah, He accepts it. When Allah (swt) accepts the duah of a person, this in itself is a great miracle. When someone falls prey to misfortune/ a problem, his heart is filled with pain, and in this state of turmoil, he calls out to his Lord, and his Lord listens to him. At that very moment, his hands become the hands of God.

Allah is like a Hidden Treasure. He shows His face through the people whom He is pleased with and whom He loves. The signs of Allah (swt) appear specially on those of His people whom He loves, those who are in undergoing all kinds of hard trials (and who are also repentant for their misgivings). When their miseries surpass the limit of what they can handle, then you need to understand that Allah (swt) is near and is ever ready to manifest His signs more quickly. People who sacrifice themselves more for Allah, Allah loves them more than someone who loves his own children. Allah demonstrate extraordinary signs in his favour. He shows such vigour which resembles that of an awakened lion.

Allah is Hidden and it is these kinds of people who makes Him manifest Himself - He is behind thousands of veils, and it is these people who make Him visible/ manifest.

O my dear disciples throughout the world, become such kinds of people who, through them Allah (swt) can manifest Himself, and be present with them wherever them are. Become such kind of people and Allah shall show extraordinary signs in your favour and He shall manifest His signs (for your sake) more quickly, Insha-Allah.

---Extracts from Friday Sermon of 20 October 2017(29 Muharram 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.