Thursday, March 20, 2014

Social Boycott in the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

The Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya has a standing official policy of socially boycotting all those who have accepted the Divine servant, Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of MauritiusEver since the official expulsion of this recipient of Divine Revelations in the year 2001, the leadership has been hell-bent on dissuading the common folks from taking spiritual benefit and solace from recognizing the Messenger of Allah. 

The policy means that members of the Qadian Jamaat are encouraged to break up the ties of blood and of family and kinship with their close relatives and family friends, only because the latter chose to follow and thereby, exercise their freedom of conscience, personal conviction, and individual choice on a question of profound spiritual import for all Muslims- the Islamic duty and spiritual obligation to recognize and accept and work with the Divine Elect of their times.

Yet, the Jamaat seeks to defend the indefensible. They mix and blur the legitimate and the prohibited- to make it look like the good and the bad are indistinguishable. For that, they even drag in the name of the Holy Prophet of Islam (sa) himself, to argue that social boycott was practiced even in early Islam. To delude themselves that the Holy Prophet (sa) is on their side in this.

The duplicity and stupidity of the social boycott agenda is self-evident in its contradictory strands and ironic implications. The same Ahmadis who boycott their fathers and brothers and sisters for accepting the  Divine Manifestation  have no qualms about joining atheists, Hindus, Christians, other Muslims and even pagans in all that they do. They take themselves as lords beside Allah. Yet, the present Khalifa is not a Messenger of Allah, with a divinely commissioned role and it is a mere boasting of vain desires that he has a religious mandate to boycott a servant of Allah. Despite the grand-standing, the chiefs in the Jamaat betray the grip of a fear psychosis in their tantrums: that the common folks may eventually see through the gaping holes, break the ranks and join the Mujaddid and by way of abundant ‘caution’, they have instituted the boycott programme.        


The life of Hazrat Muhammad (saw) and the Quranic teachings which have been sent down as guidance for him so as he may know how to live his life and guide his disciples and followers, therefore this shows us also, in our era and thus till the Day of Judgement how we have to live our life, and how to act according the different situations (we shall have to face).

There are some Ahmadis who say that boycott existed in the times of our beloved prophet (saw) and that is why their Khalifa and Jamaat Ahmadiyya must apply the boycott also. But what I wished to ask these people:

1. Has their Khalifa about whom they are talking (be it the 4th and 5th Khalifa) got a specific divine revelation to boycott us?
2. Has Allah given him the power to read our hearts to know for sure that we are actually creating fitna (havoc)?
3. Then, if that was the case, therefore, why not boycott the Sunni, and the other sects in Islam, those who have refused the truth coming from Allah when Allah sent Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as)?
4. Have the Sunnis and other Muslim sects recognised and accepted their Khalifa elected by man as worldwide leader of the Muslims?
5. Therefore, why boycott has not been applied to them in the social functions of the Ahmadis?
6. Why must they be greeted with the (Islamic) Salam?
7. Why must family ties be preserved with them?
8. And more than that, why not boycott all those who have not accepted Islam as the true religion?
9. Why must these people be invited in the functions, like Jalsa Salana and wedding functions in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya?
10. Why must ties of brotherhood be preserved with them?

If on the contrary, all people were made to feel welcome, despite all divergences of opinions, would this not be a first step towards reconciliation whereby little by little, all can become one for the pleasure of Allah? Will a parent reject his child if ever the child faulted or took a wrong path? Will they boycott the child or make efforts to bring him back (attracting him) to the right path, forgive him and encourage him to become a better child? Therefore, what is the role of a Khalifa, who says that he is a spiritual father for all Muslims?

You must understand that when Jamaat Ahmadiyya and its chiefs went beyond limits and took the bewildered path, therefore Allah shall definitely raise His Chosen One, His Messenger to preserve Islam and also the Jamaat of Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) from taking the deviating path.


If the Khalifa was a Messenger of Allah, raised by Allah and who received divine revelations, then won’t the Jamaat Ahmadiyya be one, wherein all people (the true believers) would have been happy that there is a Messenger of Allah to guide them with divine revelations, and to show to them where they are going wrong and how to improve themselves?

Had the Khalifa, elected by man received divine revelations just like a divinely elected Khalifa, then perhaps he would have been able to establish a temporary “boycott” like Hazrat Muhammad (saw), the greatest of all prophets established through divine commandment so as to make the believers reflect on the importance of the commandments of Allah and obedience to the prophet (saw), especially concerning Jihad (Holy War) in the path of Allah.

But it has not been stated (anywhere) to boycott the people who receive revelation from Allah and all those people who follow these people who receive divine revelations. That is why Allah ordained him to establish a temporary “boycott” so that they may realise their error and combat firmly in ranks along with Allah and His Rasul (saw) against the infidels who were attacking them. Surah At-Tauba in the Holy Quran is clear on this point!

But, Oh those who want to reflect and act according to the Holy Quran, are the Khalifa-tul-Massih IV and the actual fifth Khalifa Messengers of Allah? If yes, had they stand up to do some official proclamation in this regard, that Allah has conversed with them and told them that they are Messengers (Rasul) of Allah, reformers (Mujaddids), prophets (Nabi) to continue to hold fast the torch of Islam?

When Allah truly raised His Elect for this era in the presence of a Khalifa elected by man, then to whom should the preference of the true believers be directed? Towards the one whom Allah has raised, or to the one whom man has raised? And has the representative of man got the license, the right to institute boycott like a prophet of Allah?

What will you do with these words/writings of Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) where he stated that the members of his community (Jamaat Ahmadiyya) should remain united and work together until Allah raises someone with the Ruh-il-Qudus (Holy Spirit)? (Al-Wassiyat – ‘The Will’, pg. 9)

Boycott: Delusions of Grandeur

Has the situation not changed today? Are you not seeing today that the chiefs in Jamaat Ahmadiyya are acting like the non-believing Qurayshite chiefs who went against Hazrat Muhammad (saw) and his small group of believers?

 Allah was with whom?

With the Quraysh and their boycott of 3 years which they established against the Muslims (from among the Banu Hashim), or was Allah with His prophet and the Muslims?

Now, after 10 years, the so-called leaders of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya and their Khalifa are still trying to make you believe that they are God on earth to continue with the implementation of a boycott which is NON-ISLAMIC!

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) knew from divine source what he needed to do. He HAD TO obey Allah. Has the man-elected representative received a single divine message to boycott the members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya who have recognised the Elect of Allah?

Who is he obeying, ALLAH or HIS PASSION?

Beware, Allah says in the Holy Qur'an:

اَفَرَءَیۡتَ مَنِ اتَّخَذَ  اِلٰـہَہٗ  ہَوٰىہُ وَ اَضَلَّہُ  اللّٰہُ  عَلٰی  عِلۡمٍ  وَّ خَتَمَ عَلٰی سَمۡعِہٖ وَ قَلۡبِہٖ وَ جَعَلَ عَلٰی بَصَرِہٖ  غِشٰوَۃً ؕ فَمَنۡ یَّہۡدِیۡہِ  مِنۡۢ  بَعۡدِ اللّٰہِ ؕ اَفَلَا  تَذَکَّرُوۡنَ  ۝
Afara-‘ayta manittakhaza ‘ilaahahuu hawaahu wa ‘azallahullaahu ‘alaa ‘ilmiww-wa khatama ‘alaa sam-‘ihii wa qalbihii wa ja-‘ala ‘alaa basarihii gishaawah. Famayy-yahdiihi mim-ba’-dillaah ? ‘Afalaa tazakkaruun ?

“Have you seen he who has taken as his god his (own) desire? And Allah has, knowing (him as such), left him astray and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart and put over his vision a veil. Who, then, will guide him after Allah (has withdrawn Guidance)? Then will you not be reminded?”

Psychosis of Social Boycott

Don’t the chiefs in Jamaat Ahmadiyya have other works to do besides keeping an eye on “a small Jamaat” which do not hold any value in their eyes? Why are they panicking? Why do they establish the boycott?

What do they fear when the Ahmadis from the mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya maintain ties with us? Do they fear that when the Ahmadis will have contact with us, they will receive THE DIVINE TRUTH and accept it and therefore revolt against the man-made institution of Khilafat? What do they fear?

There must be a valuable reason, isn’t it? Not all the other meaningless reasons which they are feeding the Ahmadis, that we are supposedly rebels! What rebellion have we done in these past 13 years? Guide people towards Shaytan or Allah? Guide people to reform their immoral life (which is far from the ways of Allah) or to encourage them to live an unislamic life? Are we the ones to have implemented boycott and to maintain distance, or is it you?

Who is truthful? Is it a chief elected by man, who does not have divine support to convey the message correctly, or is it the Elect of Allah with whom Allah converses and reveals to him the state of the Ahmadis, the other Muslims and the world in general? Why did Allah see the need to raise His Elect these days?

Is it a pleasure for Allah to see that His servants have lost touch with the divine teachings and are drifting away towards their loss? Will Allah not take action?