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The many forms of Divine revelation

The Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) has said:
Out of many forms of revelation which God has disclosed to me, one is that when God desires to disclose some hidden matter to His servant, He causes to flow from his tongue some phrases in a slight slumber, sometimes gently and sometimes harshly. 
Those phrases that flow harshly from the tongue fall upon the tongue as hardly as hails falls suddenly upon a hard piece of ground, or as the hooves of a fast running steed strike the earth. 
Such a revelation arrives with speed and is so awe-inspiring that the whole body is affected thereby and the tongue runs with it so fast and in such a majestic voice as if it is not one’s own tongue. The slight slumber disappears altogether when the revelation is completed and during the time it is received one lies motionless like a corpse.
The second type of revelation, which on account of its many wonders I call perfect revelation, is that when God Almighty desires to inform a servant of a hi…

Divine Revelation: 10 Points

The concept of Revelation
By the grace of Allah (swt) I continue my sermon which I started last Friday where I began the explanation on the three categories of people who receive revelation. I told you about the first type of people, those who have no merit and have no relation with God Almighty. Today, I will Insha-Allah continue my explanations on the same subject.
So, the second type of people are those who have some relationship with God Almighty, but that relationship is not perfect. The Promised Messiah (as) provides the analogy that their dreams and revelations resemble the experience of a person who, on a dark and very cold night, espies the glow of a fire from afar and thus is able to avoid walking along a path which is full of pits and thorns and rocks and along which serpents and wild beasts exist in large numbers. But the glow of the fire cannot safeguard him against the cold and death. If he cannot reach the warm circle of the fire, he is destroyed like the one who walks in…