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Time Planning is an Islamic Virtue

In hisFriday Sermon of April 27, 2012, Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib of Mauritius (atba) continued his discourse on the significance of leading a full life in this world. Good deeds form half of the Faith. Believers are to diligently pursue their noble objectives on every single day of their lives.One must rank one’s priorities and set objectives in terms of importance and try to accomplish each of these tasks in the required time. The main duty or sacred duty (Farz deed) must be fulfilled before performing a supererogatory one, and this is equally valid for other cases.Exploit (your) time fairly and effectively’ and ‘not be among the thoughtless and forgetful’, exhorts the Messenger of Allah of our times.
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“...There is no favour to any particular person where time is concerned. This is because the latter is split equally between men. But some have more merit in how to manage, operate and profit from it. Allah (swt), who evaluated tim…

What Ails Islam Today ?

Enjoining good and forbidding evilis one of the primary obligations of the believers in Islam.It is indeed a very firm pillar of Islam upon which the branches of faith are held. Yet today, the different groups within the Ummah have turned this pillar of faith on its head. They viciously compete among themselves for forbidding good and enjoining evil. They leave a trail of blood of fellow Muslim brothers murdered in the streets and even in the MosquesIn his Friday Sermon of April 13, 2012Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius continued his magisterial survey on the spiritual ailments that afflict the Islamic world today. ‘True Muslims have become rare’, observes the Messenger of Allah. Drawing upon the sacred traditions of the Holy Prophet (sa), the Khalifatullah shows how the Ahmadiyya Community and the wider Islamic world have drifted away from the quintessential spirit of the religion.
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“...I shall put before you a Hadith …

The Decline of Muslim Spirituality- II

The task of real spirituality is to restore the sublime faith in Allah the Almighty and to reflect the Divine attributes through the moulding of purified individuals. Islam perfected and preserved in itself the purpose of all religions which preceded it by recognizing the divine revelations of the past. Further, it channelized the continuity of Divine revelations through itself for all times to come. Leading the world on spiritual purification was the heavy responsibility cast on the shoulders of the Muslim Ummahby the Creator of the Universe. Contemporary Muslim leaders have failed to recognize the extraordinary magnitude of the task, nor could they preserve the solid faith of the early Muslims.
In his Friday Sermon of April 06, 2012Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritiuscontinued his discourse on the ways in which true faith has deserted the present day Muslims. Drawing upon the prescient prophecies of the Holy Prophet (sa), he sketches the causes of spiritua…

The Decline of Muslim Spirituality- I

Early Islam produced men of outstanding ability, extraordinary drive and exemplary personal initiative. They were willing to sacrifice their all for the progress of their deeply held convictions, in the service of their faith. This in turn brought the Muslims victories over victories, successes over successes, grandeur and power which lasted for many centuries altogether. On the contrary, “the deeds of the Muslims (of the present times) have become a big dark spot on the exemplary performance and exceptional exploit of the first and true soldiers of Islam”. The contrasting fortunes of Muslims of the past and of the present have invited considerable scholarly attention in recent times. In his Friday Sermon of March 30, 2012 Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius profoundly reflected upon the lamentable spiritual conditions of the Muslims today and prescribed the spiritual medicines essential for reviving the fortunes of the Community.
Read the Extracts from the…

‘Days Shall Testify For or Against Man’

A century or ten, 
After we are all gone!  Who thinks of night at dawn?
-so ruminated the famous medieval Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh in one of his philosophical writings. Death is inevitable and unavoidable; it brings the curtain down even on the lives of the high and the mighty. A profound awareness about the vanishing of all our human agenda in this transient world may give one a sense of perspective on what to value and cherish and what to ignore and avoid.
As a spiritual order, Islam offers profound guidance on how to practically navigate our time in this slippery universe. The Prophetic traditions underscore the accountability of one and all to Allah the Almighty for all the blessings He graciously bestows on us. Believers ought to live with a wider consciousness and awareness about their manifold responsibilities and immortalise their days with the best of works. In his Friday Sermon of April 20, 2012Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritiusprofoundly reflec…

Spiritual Renewal: One Day Camp in Kerala

By the grace of Allah, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam of Kerala conducted a one-day spiritual camp at the historic Noorul Islam Masjid at Mathra for the benefit of its members on April 6-7, 2012.
With the arrival of our brothers and sisters at the centre of the Jamaat in the morning, formal registration of delegates began at 10.00 am. At 11.00 a.m. members gathered in the premises of the Masjid for an hour-long Waqar-e-Amal Programme, to clear and clean up the surroundings of the Noorul Islam Masjid.
From 12.30 to 1.45 p.m. Namaz-e-Jum’ah was performed. For the occasion, Amir of the Kerala   Jamaat Mukarram Jamaluddin Sahib chose the latest Khutbah of the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad  Azim Sahib (atba) which was delivered on March 30, 2012 and later led the prayers.
After lunch break, brothers assembled again at the Masjid at 3.00 p.m. the Amir Sahib led an hour-long study session on the importance of Dawa and the necessity and significance of Bai’at. Quoting profusely from the Holy Q…

Kerala Jamaat: Sacrifice and Obedience

Spiritual history is replete with deep and profound ironies. Whenever Allah the Most High raises a Messenger of His, leaders of the society will reject him. The elite of the community will vehemently oppose him. Only a very few, relatively materially-poor and humble in spirit, will accept the Divine Messenger. This small band of believers will go on to undertake extraordinary sacrifices in pursuit of their deeply held convictions. They will display nobility of character against all odds and in the face of adversities, eventually to emerge as the shining stars in the darkest of skies.  
Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam of Kerala today straddles this path of sublime spirituality. In spite of their small numbers, modest economic conditions and adverse social circumstances, members of the Jamaat in Kerala compete among themselves in the spirit of financial sacrifice and to show perfect obedience to the words and wishes of the Messenger of Allah. In his Friday Sermon of 30 March 2012 and also on Ap…