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Triumph of Islam: Our Obligations

Advent of the Khalifatullah
As the Khalifatullah of this era, I am telling you again and again that in our present times, Allah has not neglected this world. He has established the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and He is the one to have sent a man from among yourselves, that is, this humble servant (of Allah) who is present before you, who sits among you, talk with you and you are indeed fortunate that you are living in such a era where the divine grace is pouring down from the heavens like rain falls in the times of drought.

I tell all those who have believed in me, you are surely very blessed to be living in the times of a prophet of Allah. Therefore, pray a lot and establish brotherhood and recite a lot the Darood Shareef which is an excellent means to acquire (and strengthen) brotherhood. Do not do all this by routine. Take into consideration the great deeds which our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) has taught us and you shall receive the delicious fruits of the realisation of your supplications (duas).

Obedience and Sacrifice
Consider the example of the battle of Uhud, after the partial defeat of the Muslims just because of the disobedience which some Muslims showed against the orders of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) placed them in a place on a hill and told them come what may not to move from there, but when they perceived that the enemies were not coming their way to attack (thinking that they were moving away in defeat), they thought the orders of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) were now irrelevant. Therefore, they abandoned the instructed place. Had the Muslims placed on that hill shown strict obedience to the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), there would not have been any defeat. We must realise the importance of the discipline when showing obedience to a prophet of Allah. To be able to see achievements/victories, one must show an example of devotion, submission and total obedience to the Elect of Allah.

The truth shall triumph and the sun of Islam shall once again rise like the first time with the advent of the noble prophet (pbuh). This sun shall reach its zenith, in all its splendour like before. The heavens can delay that victory, but we, the Sahih al Islam shall have to make many efforts in the field of spirituality and make great sacrifices of wealth and leisure. Bear this in mind and do not be dejected at all. Before the victory of Islam, we must have to suffer a lot of humiliations and disgrace. The renaissance of Islam necessitates a great sacrifice from us. What is this sacrifice? It is dying in the path of Allah and His divine teachings and verily the life of Islam shall depend on that death.

The Defence of the honour of Holy Prophet (sa)
Till today, there are still many insults, caricatures, obscenities and lies done and said on our beloved prophet (pbuh). Has the time not come for Allah (swt) in this era to send His humble servant and his great and sincere disciples to stand up, refute and close the mouths of the liars? Shall we let the infidels continue defaming our beloved prophet (pbuh) and induce the whole world into error? If we leave that like this, therefore, it is us who shall be accountable before Allah (swt). Despite knowing this very well, yet you (the Muslim believers) tolerate the attacks which are made against Islam, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the world is taking these people (who are defaming his person) as great truthful persons.

Re-establishing Islam  Everywhere

My ardent desire, a thing which obsess me, a thought which makes my whole body vibrate – may Allah (swt) give me that courage and strength – is that I want to elevate the Muslims in general, and the Ahmadi Muslims in particular, taking them from their state of degradation to put them on the path of honour and I wish that the name of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) be spread in the four corners of the universe and that each person pronounce his name with respect and praises him, and I also want to re-establish the sovereign of the true teachings of the Holy Quran on earth. I tell you sincerely that each fibre of my being, each breath of my soul is devoted to this mission, Inha-Allah. There is no power on earth which can restrict me from that path.

Nowadays there are many people/nations that have plunged into the darkness of infidelity and idolatry. We must pray a lot that the love of mankind’s greatest benefactor, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) penetrates their hearts before the great malediction befall all those imbued in idolatry. I pray a lot so that Allah (swt) fulfil my greatest desire that Islam, Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam spread swiftly in all four corners of the world and bond/link everybody soon under the banner of one Unique God. We all have to pray that the Takbir “Allahu Akbar” reverberates in all corners of the world. When we say that we believe in the envoy of Allah, this must not be empty insincere words, but these words should come from the bottom of our hearts.

Taqwah and Sacrifices 
A true believer must be able to undergo the hardest of trials before he accedes wholly to the favours of his Creator. The more the trials are hard, the greater the rewards shall be. The believers who have established themselves on Taqwa (piety, fear of Allah) must not hesitate to make financial sacrifices to spread the Sahih al Islam in the four corners of the world, and he even must be ready to sacrifice his honour, time and life for the cause of Sahih al Islam.

Re-opening the Qur’an: Bai’at and Sacrifices

Nowadays, in all the continents of the world, the missionaries of different religions are leading battles to finish Islam. The Muslims have considered the Holy Quran as a closed book, but thanks to the favours and blessings of our beloved Holy Prophet and the Promised Messiah – may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them – and in this era, with the advent of this humble servant of Allah, the Khalifatullah, the Holy Quran has now been re-opened for all people, especially the Muslims and particularly the Ahmadi Muslims where they (are fortunate to receive) are receiving great knowledge from that Sacred Book which remained closed for so long.

Nobody in the world can bring about an objection that Islam does not have valid arguments to refute from within the Holy Quran itself. The world can come together and deploy all their strength against Islam, but let me tell you once again that the religion of Islam shall be victorious. The sun and the stars can change their positions, the earth can stop rotating but nobody in the world can stop the march of Islam towards victory. The time of joy and rejoicing is making us understand that there are also great responsibilities which are lying upon our shoulders.

Like I just said concerning the victory of Islam, each one of you must be ready to sacrifice all, and especially you bond with the Khalifatullah must be very solid, so much so that despite any kind of attacks, however powerful it may be against the Khalifatullah, therefore despite all these attacks your bond with the Khalifatullah must not break at all. You must be firm and remain firm in your Bai’at which you made with the Khalifatullah. Bear this well in mind that you made an oath of allegiance. This means that your own desires mean nothing now. It is on the Hand of Allah that you have made this oath – the Bai’at like Allah (swt) Himself says: “The Hand of Allah was over their hands”. Now who among you wants to remove his (or her) hands from the Hand of Allah, and put your hand in others than Allah?

I shall tell you three things. When you spend your money for the cause or path of Allah:

(a) At the time of spending and make the Khairat (good deed, act of benevolence) you must do it with a happy heart, with love for Allah, to please Allah. It must not be that you spend with a heavy and close heart, hesitating to spend (in the way of Allah) lest you become poor.

(b) Do not expect that when you shall spend in the path of Allah you shall have to get something in return (Give selflessly). On the contrary, think that Allah (swt) has given you this opportunity to do good in His path and you must be grateful towards Allah that He has chosen you from among so many of His creatures living on earth. How fortunate you are that Allah has selected you for this work.

(c) Whatever you spend in the path of Allah must be licit and not illicit, such (money or things) which you receive from your hard work. How can we give thanks and show gratefulness towards our Creator?

Progress on Mosque Building 

A Mosque is a House of Allah and our beloved prophet (pbuh) has said: “The one to erect or build a house of Allah on earth, Allah shall build a house for him in Paradise.” 

The construction of a mosque is a first step towards exaltation and glorification and spreading of Islam in all corners of the world. Without this there is no unity among us the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. We must fervently pray for the victory of Islam in all the countries of the world and wherever the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has established itself officially, where it is very very important for us to have a mosque. All countries where the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has established itself must cooperate and contribute for the construction of our mosque (in these countries).

By the grace of Allah, in Kerala the Amir of the South Jurisdiction Jamaluddin Sahib gave a portion of land and building, renovating it and transforming it into a centre, mosque, library where the Jamaat’s works and programmes are on-going, Alhamdulillah. And I had asked the Amir of the North Jurisdiction also, Dr. Thahir Sahib to look for a place for the construction of a mosque/centre; and Insha-Allah, in Delhi also where Mukarram Fazil Jamal is and in Tamil Nadu where our brother Sadiq Ali Sahib (and my other devoted disciples from Tamil Nadu) are. Even if for the moment their houses are transformed into mosques, but Insha-Allah, in these places also, our Jamaat shall have its centres and mosques. The works and sacrifices that they are doing, Insha-Allah, Allah shall pour in His blessings in them and shall make these successful in the future.

In Comoros, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has received great portions of land by the grace of Allah and in a village, the inhabitants and the mayor took the oath of allegiance with me in June 2013 and in my presence, I and another devoted member of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam we went forward with the construction of a small mosque and Madrassa and Insha-Allah, in Moroni also, I need to go there to lay the foundation stone and go forward for the construction of a mosque.

By the grace of Allah, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has a plot of land in Petite-Terre, Mayotte. During my visit to Mayotte, I laid the foundation stone on the land for the construction of a mosque and the land was fenced (½ acre) and due to lack of money the project could not be hurried and ended and our brothers and sisters could not therefore hold their Salat, Jummah, Madrassa and other programmes there. Still in Mayotte, in Grande-Terre, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam obtained a great piece of land and construction plan for a mosque, Madrassa, Library, Mission House and Hall. All have been approved and all documents sent to me, but till now, nothing can be done, not even a little Ibaadat Khana (place of worship) made of wood.

In Reunion Island also, the Jamaat has been officially registered and the members have spread everywhere and till now we have not been able to see a place, a plot of land to buy for the construction of a small place of prayer, and the members did not find a house to rent to transform into a place for prayer, and prayer are being done in a member’s house despite that his house is small, but indeed his heart is big. But still the problem of the members remains whole.

In Madagascar also by the grace of Allah, the Jamaat has been officially registered and Jummah is being done in a small wooden house belonging to a member of the Jamaat who is very poor and there also, a place must be found to buy and build a mosque.

In Rodrigues by the grace of Allah, I have succeeded in buying a small plot of land, but till now there is no construction, and we have also in other countries seekers of truth who have taken the Bai’at and who are in contact with me, but the Jamaat has not yet been registered officially – and which needs to be registered beforehand and in these countries also, a plot of land must be bought and construction (of a mosque/centre).

Last but not least, besides the buying of plot of lands and constructions, there is also the publications of books, the Al-Azim-Tafsir-ul-Quran etc. And we have also to form our missionaries. We need a missionary school, a Dar-ul-Uloom, a Dawa Academy and we shall send (Insha-Allah) the missionaries in these different countries. Therefore, the truth is that we cannot rest until at least a mosque is built in each country where the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has been officially registered and where the members are getting lots of problems to hold their Jummah, Namaz, Jamaat activities, Madrassa etc. We must have that great worry also and therefore pray a lot in this regard. With such efforts, Insha-Allah, the Azan shall be given 5 times a day in all these countries for the victory of Islam.

I hope that all members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam in all four corners of the world shall make it a duty to follow the directives of this humble servant of Allah. It is in this itself that there shall be enormous rewards and the great victory of Islam, Insha-Allah, Ameen.

-Extracts from  the Friday Sermon of May 30, 2014 delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius

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