Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Poem: A Prayer in Solitude

O Allah, open the door of the heart
The mind has tried and tried and failed; not once has it succeeded.
You are All-Powerful and lacking nothing; why do You delay?
I am tossed between pain and pleasure; why have I not yet had a chance?

Have mercy, O Bountiful One! Take my mind at attention to the skies.
The mind asks for false comforts, and does not know the reality.
It hankers after worldly pleasures, and does not taste the nectar of the sound.
What should I tell the mind, and how should I persuade it?
It does not take to heart the words of my Rab
The mind is strangely made; it does not love and care for the sound.

How can it escape the cycle of eighty-four? It does not repeat the Name of my Rab.
I will be buffeted in this world, and will be dragged headlong to the regions of death.
I have borne these sufferings for a long time. The mind does not heed and has forgotten.
You are the Moving Spirit in all hearts, O Lord, why do You not call this sufferer to You?
Except for You I have no other; You alone can take me to the eternal abode.

Have mercy, O my Lord, and take me to the other shore.
I may now commit an unwise action,
I am a stranger in a strange land.
Set me on the right path in this life,
I bow at Your feet everyday
I repeat and feel remorse in my mind,
How am I to join my Lord?

I live on earth while my Lord is in the skies,
Without my beloved I remain depressed,
O my Lord, hear my Prayer,
The Creator and Supreme Ruler has entangled me in His meshes.
I am helpless and wretched and cry to You,
O my Lord, hear my Prayer.
You are Merciful and provide for everyone.
I am the only unfortunate one who is full of sufferings.

What can I say about my pains?
It is as if I were pierced by the point of an arrow.
You, O my Lord, have now given me hope,
That I may fly in the sky with the wings of love.
By Your mercy I have met my Lord,
All pain is gone and my heart is free of troubles.
O my Lord, hear my prayer,
I pray again and again.
Remove my evil thoughts.
Give me shelter at Your feet.
Take me across the ocean of this universe,
My boat is in the middle of the stream.
There is no support but You.
Make me Your own and support Me.
I am helpless and extremely wretched.
Pray, free me whenever You please.

I kneel and beg before You,
I surrender my mind and body and soul to You,
And now have found a great support.
I am lowly, uninformed and unskilled,
You have placed the secret of the sound in the heart.
The immoral mind did not find it tasteful,
I have been deluded by pleasure and pain,
I hanker after worldly honour.

How come I reverse the actions of the mind without help given by You, my Lord?
O my Lord, draw up the mind,
I make this earnest plea to You.
O my Lord, unite me with Yourself; I am lying at your door
O Savior, save me, for I am tired of wanderings;
O Lord, redeem me, for You always help Your devotees;
No one can help me except Yourself
Take my hand, and lead me across the ocean of the Universe.

(Received by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius through Divine Revelations  on 11 May 2002, after  Zohar Prayer)

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