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Truth about the Whispering Campaign

In the Qur’an, Allah (swa) testifies through innumerable verses that He admits into His mercy whoever He will and place His message wherever He wish. Against this clear verdict and declaration of Allah (twa), the ruling elites invariably act with arrogance, contempt and ridicule at the advent of humble servants of Allah. When one reads the Holy Quran with attention and read the history of ancient prophets, one is drawn to conclude that there has always been an opposition against the men of God. They have been insulted, oppressed, persecuted and slandered. Their enemies hatched many plots to humiliate them and to stop their activities. But all the enemies' plans fail in the end, with the prophets being able to establish the Divine Message against all odds.   This is a formal promise from Allah: Allah has decreed: Most Surely I will prevail I and My Messengers. Verily Allah is Powerful and Mighty.” (58: 22)

The Qur’an has preserved this recurring theme of history as a template of warning for Muslims against the arrogance of rejection of Divine Reformers. Yet, as it is mostly the case, like the Qur’an says, the true significance of the message being descended on the Divine servant among them eludes most people and they end up being among the group known for hatching plots and whispering calumnies against the Divine servant. They do their worst to extinguish the Light of Allah, through their mouths and by injecting hatred for the Divine servant, on the minds of common people.

Consider the experience of the present Divine Manifestation in Mauritius. Had it not been for the fact that he is a recipient of Divine revelations and has been Divinely-entrusted with a mission of preaching Islam to one and all, the life and experiences of the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius would have been the like of his fellow countrymen, the joys and sorrows of a life lived in the present. But, time and history has other plans for him. Hence, in the last decade and beyond, ever since the advent of revelations, one could see that slanderous insults had been and continues to be, leveled against Hadhrat Sahib (atba). The storm of opposition that had broken out against the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius is truly astounding. At another level, as this Divine servant once noted, “If I had not been insulted, if there were no opposition against me, you could have doubted my claims because Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: Alas for My servants! There comes not a Messenger to them; but they mock at him (36:31).

We have already documented the ways in which the Nizam-e-Jamaat elites in Mauritius sought to expel themselves from the Divine Grace of our times. By ridiculing and back-biting the Divine Manifestation, the self-proclaimed champions of the Nizaamé Jamaat   sought to distort the Divine Plan. Some of the Nizaamis took it upon themselves to give us an idea of their acidic tongue when they spoke in the manifold assemblies of the Jamaat. The tone of their voice and their language closely resembled politicians at public meetings not to mention Pakistani mullahs launching their invectives against Ahmadis.  

Instead of accepting with humility, the reality of Divine favour on a humble servant of Allah among them, the mandarins acted like a modern-day Pharaoh. Hadhrat Sahib (atba) was expelled from the Nizaamé Jamaat on first January 2001. His brother Zafrullah Domun has been qualified as “stupid”. Revelations coming from Allah have been qualified as “so-called revelations”. Both of them have been cursed and it has been said that they will meet with a “fearful destiny”. And yet our beloved prophet forbad any of his followers to curse anyone!

Nizaam-e-Jamaat: ‘Strategies’ in India

A. Theoretical Attacks

Beyond the incidents in Mauritius, when the Divine Mission got established in India in the year 2010, the Ahmadi Ulema in India, especially the mandarins working within the national Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya dispensation in Qadian, responded with obfuscation and denial. The leading Ahmadi scholar, Maulana Muhammad Umar Sahib HA, engaged in a theoretical exercise in the official journal of the Ahmadis in Kerala. With the sole purpose of denying the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius and the new Mujaddid claimant, the great Maulana unfortunately for him and the common Ahmadis, deployed his skills in service of trampling upon the foundational teachings of the Promised Massih (as). The Maulana whispered to Ahmadis that Allah (twa) cannot raise a Mujaddid other than the elected Khalifa, as the choice is now with the Shura Committee of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. Apparently to sustain the arrangement of man-elected Khilafat in the community, the teachings regarding the continuity of Divine revelations and the coming of Divine servants and the raising of whoever Allah chooses as His servant, has been put upside down! (For related articles in the Blog, click here: 1234 )

B. Wild Personal Accusations

Beyond this spiritual assault on the common sense and inner convictions of devout Ahmadis, the priestly class in the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya stoops to any level and style they are familiar with. The sole agenda of their machinations is to deviate the Ahmadis from recognizing the new Mujaddid. Initially, they argued that no one would be expelled from the Jamaat for simply being a recipient of Divine revelations and thereby insinuated that the Mujaddid claimant was not expelled on that ground and that he is a fraudster (God forbid), someone who had been expelled for financial mismanagement and corruption of the Jamaat funds. This kind of blatant lie was nailed with the publication of the official expulsion documents which clearly showed that the Divine servant was expelled only for the “crime” of being a recipient of Divine revelations.

The Ahmadi Maulana, who indulged in the aforesaid kind of double language/wild allegations,  was swiftly challenged for his despicable crime of insinuating falsehood against a Divine servant. Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) himself issued a Mubahila challenge against the Kerala Maulana. Instead of displaying some spine and basic courage to stand by his words by coming out in the open to meet the challenge, this Maulana in question preferred the company of women at home! (For a related article in the Blog, click here12 ). 

C. Insinuations against the Believers and their sons

Another strategy indulged in by some of the Ulema in India was to insinuate that people who left Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya to accept the new Mujaddid had met with Divine punishment (God forbid). The untimely death of my elder brother Fouse Jamal at the age of 31, in the year 2007, was retrospectively given such colour of insinuation by some of these hard-hearted Mullas, when they found that our family had accepted the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius in the year 2010, when we came to know about it for the first time. The argument was that because my father moved away from the mundane Khilafat, his elder son was punished for the father’s crimes (God forbid).

Before his death in 2007, Fouse was for a decade, based out of Ernakulam/Cochin, the seat of the Kerala High Court, where he was serving office in its administrative wing. Thanks to its location-specific advantages the city has been and is a hub of Ahmadis in Kerala, criss-crossing it for various reasons. Ever since our father Jamaludin Sahib of Mathra took Bai’at in the Jamat-e-Ahmadiyya in the late 1980’s, having grown up in the Jamaat system, Fouse naturally became very active in the work of the Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in the city and even entrusted with senior responsibilities in the youth wing as its state-wide General Secretary at the young age of 25, for an organization that has members up to the age of 40 in its fold.(Inset: Fouse (left) and father (centre) and a relative: from the family album)

As the younger brother who grew up with him, one is happy to testify that Fouse was especially blessed with the gift of reasoning, a sharp sense of intuitive understanding and a remarkable sense of perception on all matters that commanded his attention. One distinctively remembers that after having literally spent over a decade among the Ahmadi officials in the work of the Jamaat, Fouse was internally troubled by an acute sense of disappointment. The disconnect he could percieve between what Ahmadiyyat as an idea stood for and how its apparent representatives have betrayed its sacred trust, grew on him with every new experience. The terminal decline of true spirituality that he witnessed from close encounters, with many of them who worked at the organizational level, seem to have had altered his perception radically. In the conversations that we have had about the state of Jamat affairs during those years, he frequently called my attention to and recited verses 33 and 34, from Surah Al Tauba, to remind me of two spiritual insights: (1) Ahmadi Ulema and the officials have become like their counterparts in all other sects and religions; (2) Only with the arrival of a Divine Messenger, the dismal condition of spirituality in the Jamaat can be improved.

Since in our view, at that point of time, we had no better alternative, we continued to maintain respect for the Khulafa in the Jamaat and frequently wrote to them seeking prayers as the spiritual fathers of the community, a fact confirmed in remembrance by the Fifth Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib himself when I informed him about the passing away of my brother. When Fouse Jamal died in November 2007, members of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, especially those who were personally known to him as part of their joint works in the Jamaat from several places, took an active part in making arrangements for Janaaza Namaz and the burial in the Qabristan (cemetery) of the Eirapuram Ahmadiyya Masjid. 

Yet, there were people in the Nizaam, who had no qualms about sitting in judgement over our faith and convictions. One particularly ignorant Mullah, who had the trappings of importance in the crony clique of Nizaami elitism, even had the temerity to cite the death to exemplify his theory that Allah put fire in the belly of those who ‘rebel' against the Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya. Unfortunately for him, the middle aged-Maulana who evolved this theory himself got soon diagnosed with a painful condition of a terminal illness. He died three years after being diagnosed with lung Cancer, on a day closest to the death anniversary of Fouse and he was also buried in the same Mosque, in the same Qabristan.

Those who sit in judgement over the life and death of other human beings, in their stupidity, ignore and forget that the greatest Prophet of all times, the Holy Prophet (sa) himself buried all his sons in his very life time. The Promised Massih (as) also suffered the intimate grief associated with the death of children at home, even after being the Imam Mahdi/Promised Massih of all Muslims. When a young son of Hadhrat Hakkim Nuruddin Sahib (ra)- first Caliph of the Ahmadis, later on- died while he was residing in the company of the Promised Massih (as) at Qadian, the vile people in the town cast aspersions on the Divine Manifestation in Qadian.  

D. New Calumnies against the Divine Reformer

In their restlessness to prevent the appeal of the Divine Reformer among the Muslims in India, the Ahmadi Maulvis in Kerala are constantly on the look out to find some material, even allegations they could lay their hands on the Divine Reformer. They indulge in spreading calumnies against the Mujaddid and have no qualms about character assassination of a noble soul. They seek to attack the freedom of individual Ahmadis to study and appreciate the new Divine Message by inventing falsehoods and spreading insinuations against the Divine Reformer. In his Friday Sermon of May 16, 2014 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius spoke about  the real facts behind the new calumnies being spread by Ahmadi Maulvis in the last couple of months in several places in  Kerala- Alappuzha, Kaliyikkavila, Karunagappally, Mathra, etc.

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:

I received a piece of news since Tuesday 11 March 2014 at night from my disciples in Kerala that a certain Mauritian Ahmadi working for the Ahmadiyya Association came to Kerala and circulated the false rumours and allegations against me, pretending that I caused the death of a boy who was sick at the hospital and who was in a critical condition, with oxygen mask in Emergency. According to the allegations which he spread around, I am supposedly against technology and medical expertise and that I ordered that the boy be removed from hospital and that I prayed for him and consequently (God Forbid) he died. This Mauritian Ahmadi in his lost and falsehood went overboard, spreading tales of falsehood to make others believe in this concocted story and thus he is a big liar.

First of all, there has never such a boy who was ill in the hospital needing the aid of oxygen mask. The truth is that I had a disciple aged 22 who used to do great Deen works along with this humble self the Khalifatullah (Muhyiuddin at that time) and he used to work in a factory where his maternal uncle was an engineer and that uncle used to persecute him a lot (in the workplace) because he and his family accepted the Divine Manifestation. He was a dynamic youth dedicated to the Jamaat. It is him who was responsible for the Audio/Recording Section and he used to do all the recordings of the Friday Sermons, Speeches and Revelations and he used to work till very late in the night to make all these recordings procedures of the Jamaat, transferring them in audio cassettes. He was a youth who preferred devoting his time to his Deen works and he witnessed many divine signs in favour of the veracity of this humble servant of Allah and at that time, it was I who guided him and showed him how to prepare the logo of the Jamaat and he worked night and day on it before leaving this world in the year 2003, and he succeeded in reproducing that work on the logo of the Jamaat (before his demise).

Remembering Seid Ahmad

There is today an important anecdote which I wish to present to the world. That youth needed to present the prepared logo, sketches etc. in the next Amila for he had a deadline to respect. But after his death (before the Amila), he handed all his works on the logo to his mother so that she in turn give them to me for the Amila. He did this despite the fact that his father was the Secretary General in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen and thus he did not handed these papers to his father. His mother asked him why did he not hand over the papers to his father because he was the Secretary General in the Amila and therefore he could then give it to the Muhyiuddin?

At that time, he refused to comply with what his mother had said, and said that he shall not give them to his father. He told his mother: “Give these yourself in person when there shall be Amila.” Then, his mother asked him where shall he be when the Amila shall be held that he won’t be able to present these to the Muhyiuddin. He told his mother: “Give these yourself, because I shall not be present there”. He said these words with a sad face and tears filled in his eyes. He was persistent that his mother does this work instead of his father.

His mother and family did not understand this as he was a healthy youth, long, tall, imposing physique and with always a smile on his lips, and he was never tired to do the works of the Jamaat of Allah. And he remained by the side of the Muhyiuddin so that he may enrich himself on the knowledge of the Divine Manifestation. He was also very active on making Dawa with his Sunni Muslim friends at work and also his circle of Ahmadi cousins and friends.

He was never on the same wavelength with his father. It was only later on that we understood that Allah (swt) Himself had already shown to him through dreams and visions how his father was a great hypocrite and Zalim in the Jamaat (Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen) where the latter acted as Secretary General. That man used to give all information (of the Jamaat) to his cousins and the Ahmadis in the Ahmadiyya Association so that they may have substance against us.

The day that dynamic youth died, it was Friday. In the morning, he got late to go to work for he worked hard in the night and thus he was in a hurry to go to his workplace; at that moment his mother was reading the Quran in the living room and she heard her son bid Salaam “Assalamualaikum” loudly, so loud that his mother later on related how she witnessed that Salam reverberating in the entire house when he went out for work. His mother replied him and when she looked out from the window, she did not perceive him. She then wondered how quickly he must have hurried to catch his bus for work, and then regretted that she did not gave him a lift in the car!

On the same day (Friday), he sent his mother a mobile message (sms) to tell her not to forget to ask his sister to record the Friday Sermon and at around 12.45, he sent her (not his father) another message, telling her to pray a lot for him. His maternal uncle and his colleagues at work later reported that he suddenly did not feel well in the workplace. At around 15.00 at work, he told the maternal uncle (mamou) who used to persecute him that he was not feeling well and to make the Factory Doctor to give him a medicine. As soon as he took the medicine, his health deteriorated. He became dark blue and his uncle and some friends at work took him in a car to the hospital in the Capital which was far away and they kept the car lights on so that this may be treated as an emergency case and that they may reach the hospital quickly, but it was on the way there itself, in the car that he expired.

What is strange in all this tragedy is that all members of the Jamaat were present at the hospital and his mother received several calls from her brother (the same one who persecuted her son) to come to the hospital quickly, but he did not told her that her son was already dead; and I accompanied her to the hospital which was quite far and there was traffic jam. When we reached Casualty, the doctors and nursing orderly thought I was his father and called me alone in the office and told me that my son died. Yes, indeed he was my son, my spiritual son, and I asked where the corpse was and they told me that they sent him to another hospital, in the morgue.

It was very difficult for me to give this piece of bad news to his mother, but by the grace of Allah, in a diplomatic spiritual way I was able to do so, and of course this was a great choc for his mother and all the family of the Divine Manifestation Jamaat. What is strange is that his father (Secretary General) is not present in the hospital. All people came to learn about it through telephone calls, the Ahmadis included, as well as other Muslims and people from other religions, and still his father did not come. Later on, someone at the same workplace as the father reported that the latter was still in the office at 5.30pm whereas the office closing time is 4.00pm, and he was found to be on the phone.

What is again strange is that according to his family members, he (the father) never returned late from work, not later than 4.30pm. On the day his son died, he came back home late in the night at 8.30pm and the house was already emptied (in preparation for the funeral rites); the members of his household and other relatives were worried that they did not see him come back home; they did not know if he knew about the death or not. They were worried lest he get a choc upon hearing the news. But on the contrary, the truth is that he was very well aware of the situation and he stayed back in the office and stayed in contact on the phone, and he told the people that the funeral shall be held at his son’s maternal grandfather’s place (Nana’s place) for the grandfather was found in the Ahmadiyya Association and he told everyone that it is the Jamaat Ahmadiyya who shall take responsibility of the funeral.

Meanwhile at the home of the deceased, his mother and other family members were saying that he is a member of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen and disciple of the Muhyiuddin and moreover, he was a devoted worker of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen, and therefore it is the Muhyiuddin who shall lead his funeral prayers.

The family members of the deceased, from both maternal and paternal sides (found in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya) came in the house, and sought to “influence” the father (internally he was already in favour of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya) to hold the funeral rites from within Jamaat Ahmadiyya. They knew that the man’s body was found in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen and that his heart was in the Ahmadiyya Association. They knew very well that he was giving news (as spy) for the Jamaat Ahmadiyya. All who were present at that time (and place) witnessed how when he was being convinced to hold the funeral through the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, how he easily conceded, giving his approval and permission to let the Ahmadiyya Association lead the funeral in every aspect. But then the deceased mother and sister (the cadet child, eldest daughter) stood up like lions of Allah and stated before the family members and all members of the Ahmadiyya Association that it is our Jamaat and the Muhyiuddin who shall lead the funeral prayers.

When the time came and the members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen along with this humble self, the Muhyiuddin was giving the last bath to the deceased, we asked his father also to be present as a member of the family, blood relation should be present, but he categorically refused, giving some flimsy excuses and said ‘Muhyiuddin take care of him yourself!’.

All the members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen went through a wakeful night in the cold and Mukarram Zafrullah Domun Saheb led the Tahajjud prayers. There was also the Fajr prayers and the Daras Quran. And in all these, the father was not present: he was sleeping! The next day, Saturday, when the body was being clothed in white (according to Islamic rites) for burial, the father was called to participate also in these rites as the deceased was his only son. Again he refused, and it is the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen who participated actively alongside the Muhyiuddin; all Ahmadis family members of the deceased step backwards and did not follow the Janaza prayers and they talked loudly, and on the way to the cemetery, all gave a helping hand, all, except his father. The latter remain far apart and did not lift up the funeral bier, and after the burial he came back home along with his family members from the Ahmadiyya Association. They sat together with big Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) buckets were eating at ease without any sadness whereas we in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen were in profound sadness that we were not able to eat properly. The father remained in the group which were against the Divine Manifestation and ate their KFC meals along with them without any worry. He was indeed very at ease with them.

Today, they have the nerve to invent such lies on me, reporting falsehood everywhere. Thus, I had to clear certain details so that the world may know what verily happened because nobody in other countries were present at that time and in their ignorance could have believed in such stupid and false tales.

I challenge these fabricators of lies to come forward and belie me in what I have mentioned! All that I have related in the Friday Sermon is only a summary of what really happened – there is indeed a lot to relate but it will become too long. For now, I relate only this part. And these people have propagated this tale everywhere, especially where my Jamaat is making great progress throughout the world. They are fuming with rage, especially after the booklet ‘Boycott, or No Boycott?’ was out. They did not have any argument and answer to that, as well as other Opening Letters which were sent to them. They prefer acting in another way, working on the sly, and spend Jamaat money to send people to create disorder wherever my Jamaat have been well established.

Insha-Allah, I shall continue on the same subject of my sermon, especially concerning the second accusation that the Ahmadi of Ahmadiyya Association of Mauritius went to spread in Kerala. By the grace of Allah, truth must triumph from among all the falsehoods that they have spread to create havoc everywhere. Verily, what Allah does, nobody can undo; man plans but the divine plan is best!

May Allah reinforce all the more His true believers against all sorts of evil plans which the non-believers try to do to extinguish the divine light, but verily, Allah shall persist to make His light shine all the more everywhere in the world, Insha-Allah, Ameen.

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