Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Truth about the Whispering Campaign-II

Recently, an Ahmadi working for the Ahmadiyya Association in Mauritius travelled to Kerala (India), spreading misleading accusations about the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius among the Ahmadis in Kerala. The calumnies thus spread had been, in its turn, deployed by the ignorant Ahmadi Mullahs in Kerala, in an attempt to deviate real seekers after truth by creating confusion on the issues involved. In his Friday Sermons of May 16 and 23, 2014 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) comprehensively covered the subject matter of the present allegations by unveiling the true facts behind them, in their proper material-setting and spiritual-context.

When a Divine servant appears among a people/ in a society, it is a time of trials and challenges for all those who come in the orbit of the Divine Manifestation. The ensuing process of strong churning of trials and persecutions shall unsettle each one of the believers who say he or she believes in the Divine servant and  accept the Divine blessing. Based on one’s own sincerity of heart and capability to withstand fierce storms of personal trials, one may find attached with, or detached from, the circle of the Divine servant. After all, a ‘diamond’ becomes a ‘diamond’ only through a severe, shaping of several levels and stages of identity formation. The Friday sermons read together provide a deep insight into an important phase of  searing trials the Divine Manifestation had to patiently deal with in the last decade, in the specific context and circumstances of every day lives of the believers. (For the first part of the series, click here1 )

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 2014 May 23:

The 2nd accusation is that I married the mother of the child (in fact it is a concocted falsehood for there never existed such a child whom I went to remove from the hospital emergency (oxygen mask) and medical care). They related also that I then married the mother, and therefore there were social tension due to this, and this made us go into hidingWhy must I go into hiding when I am someone chosen by Allah? Why must I have the fear of man (in the heart)? I am thus making this clear: 

I have an apartment and a small commercial space found in the centre of Rose-Hill, near the Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Association, and when we were expelled from the Nizami-Jamaat, the ex-caliph told us to form our own separate Jamaat.

To avoid great disputes/fights, for all my family members were followers of the caliph except my second brother Azize Ahmad who died in May 2006 and my mother who were with me, therefore at that time, all activities: Jummah, Dawa Academy, Study-Circle, the ladies’, young girls and youths’ meetings as well as all prayers, Eid prayers and also the Jalsa Salana were held in the house of Zafrullah Domun Sahib. His house was bigger and had enough space, and later on by the grace of Allah, a member built a complete Mosque there on his own land for the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen.

During that period, in the north of Mauritius, an opportunity presented to me by the grace of Allah when a Hindu man was selling several plots of land with payment facility. The place I usually stay is the inheritance which I received from my parents (father and mother). It is Allah Himself who opened such a way for me and enabled me to meet that Hindu man and we negotiated and he gave me payment facility for a small plot of land and therefore I began giving a first payment in October 2003. Every month I issued payment without interest and I succeeded in payment the whole sum by the end of 2005, Alhamdulillah

And at that time, in Rose-Hill, at the place where I was living, the situation became critical for all programmes which the Ahmadiyya Association organised; these were held only against us. They continued saying and canvassing (the people) that we are creating disorder (fitna) and there were even menaces launched. This atmosphere was very dangerous for the ladies and young girls of our Jamaat (Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen) at that time.

J. Taujoo Episode: Accusations, Divorce and Return

On the other hand, the father of the deceased (the youth of 22 years) burst out in a fierce fight in August 2003, whereby he tried to capsize the ark, the Jamaat (Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen). To lead the Jamaat to an end, he invented all sorts of accusations on me and even went as far as putting abased accusations on his wife. He sent divorce papers and thus wanted to divorce her.

In Mauritius, to get a divorce one has to wait 5-6 years. By the grace of Allah, there then in the Divine Manifestation there was the manifestation of such a sign. When the case was presented in court before the judge for the first time, there and then itself the judge pronounced the divorce decree.

The father of the remaining three children tried to instil fear in his children and their mother so that they may leave the Divine Manifestation. He returned back to the Ahmadiyya Association and during the Jalsa Salana there, he obtained VIP treatment whereby there are car and chauffeur for him to bring him to the Jalsa Gah, as if a Guest of Honour. And the so-called Amir and his Majlis-e-Amila tolerates and encouraged him to talk against Munir and humiliating me along with his wife. 

After the divorce (pronounced at once – a never-seen-before case!), his evil became more evil. They had a house with two storeys, and thus with the ground floor, this makes three houses in all. He said that he shall throw his wife and children to rot on the streets when they refused to leave the Divine Manifestation. And therefore he tried to put his menace in execution. He tried to throw them out. He sold the first storey and afterwards sent the houses on “Sale by Licitation”, and afterwards all sorts of (bad) persons could be seen near the house to harm his ex-wife and children.

“Ummul Momeneen”: A revealed title

In this context, when seeing how their lives were in danger – where moreover the man (ex-husband) was walking in the house with a knife, and the mother and her three daughters had to sleep locked in one room in a state of fear – therefore I turned in prayer to Allah (lots of prayers) and Allah the Almighty revealed to me to take the responsibility of that woman and her three daughters. The members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen witnessed also how Allah sent down a message in form of a poem, a Saturday in the Study-Circle in 2004, wherein Allah has honoured that woman with the title of “Ummul Momeneen”.

Insha-Allah, we shall publish it on the website and also input this poem (in Urdu) which was read by one of the members of the Jamaat (JAAM). The day Allah sent this down, Zafrullah Domun Sahib gave a profound explanation and commentary on this beautiful message before the Jamaat members who were present in the Study-Circle. All marvelled at the message and as from this day they started addressing her (by her received title) “Ummul Momeneen”. She was also the National and international Sadr Saheba of the Djawharat-oul-Kamal (The Pearls of Perfection – Ladies’ Section).

Years of Trials and Patience 

Thus, in 2005, payment was settled for the land in the North (of Mauritius) and in 2006 my brother who was with me (my disciple) died and the Ahmadiyya Association plotted and I and my disciples staying in Rose-Hill and Quatre-Bornes, our lives were in danger.

On the other hand, the ex-Secretary General (of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen) continued his evil campaign/propaganda, creating more havoc with lots of lies. He harassed me with telephone calls and mobile messages, so much so that I was forced to lodge a complaint against him at the police station and the policemen had to read his filthy messages, filled with hatred and swearing. He sent those kinds of messages also to his ex-wife at all times of the day, even in the night, he calls up to swear. He thought that when his father was a police inspector, his relatives are in the police force, especially his cousin who is an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), he could therefore do as he pleased.

Finally I had to write to a severe letter to the Commissioner of Police and give as proof all his dirty messages. It is then that the police went to give him warning. Normally, according to law, such a man should have been sent to jail. At that time, I make everything in my power with the grace of Allah to sell my car. I negotiated with the contractor, who built our Mosque Bait-ul-Rahma in Pailles, and I explained to him my problem and he is also someone who took the Bai’at – before that he was a Sunni Jamaat.

The help of Allah was ever present and the building of the house was made in the North and at the top there was built a Bait-ul-Zikr. Allah opened the way for the His Chosen One so much so that in three months the construction was completed. Before that, due to lots of persecution and lives being in danger, I received a message where Allah told me to leave the place where I was staying in Rose-Hill – the inheritance from my parents – and I went to stay as tenant in another house and for more than 6 months, I stayed there on rent and after the completion of the construction of the house in the north , under divine instruction, I and my family and the lady and her three daughters came to live together in the same house and this till today by the grace of Allah. The message came to address her as Ummul Momeneen. This is the decree of Allah – No One Can Object to the Will of God.

Evil Plots and Scheming at work 

Despite all this, Mr. Zalim and the Ahmadiyya Association continued with their scheming; therefore was always some strategies used to cause us harm to prove my Fearful End/Destiny. One daughter of the lady married my nephew who integrated the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen, and I was the one who pronounced their Nikah. They used to stay with me also and after one year they left my house and the Jamaat of the Divine Manifestation. They went away in 2007, but today their consequences are grievous. I shall not come on the subject for now.

Her other sister saw all this and she also left home and the Jamaat of the Divine Manifestation and nowadays went to stay with their father. They also talked nonsense on my person. I must say also that three times thugs and thieves were sent in my absence (in programmes) to rob my house. They broke the door, put everything upside down and stole many items of the Jamaat and the revelations received, and at the same time, upon seeing jewels, they stole that also – A declaration was given at the police station. Till now, more than 7 years, nothing is heard of that case, but we put our trust in Allah; Allah knows how to deal with this situation.

When a stupid Ahmadi went so far to do such a dirty work, then definitely there must be the hands of those at the top of the ladder in this, and in Kerala, I got the report that he is someone who works for the Ahmadiyya Association who came to spread such falsehoods. Therefore, Oh you who have hatched wicked plans, all that you do shall fall upon your own selves! Nobody shall carry the burden of his comrade. This is the work of the satans. Hey go to whisper in the ears of the believers. Someone who has Taqwa (fear of Allah) does not do such works. I tell my disciples in Kerala, bear with patience till Allah gives His verdict between us and those havockers. Wa Huwa Khairul Haakimeen –Allah is the Best Judge.

Oh our Lord (Rab), decide the truth between us and those mischief-makers. They think that the plan of Allah (His punishment) shall not attain them! Only imbeciles like themselves think that they can avoid the decree of Almighty Allah.

When the ignorant begin to act like barbarous people, therefore they seek to capsize the divine ark. Sometimes there are a lot of people, the weak of faith who let themselves be afflicted by these things, but not the firm believers. Yes, they are sad when they see that those who pretend to be great defenders of Ahmadiyyat do not believe in the message of Allah, but if needed, they are ready to fight these people by divine decree so that truth may be victorious.

Advice for the Kerala Jamaat 

Therefore I tell you that you must not let yourselves be overcome with grief for these so-called defenders of Ahmadiyya. Allah the Almighty has put everything on this earth as ornaments and also as a means for Him to test you to see whose deeds are the best. I advise my disciples and the seekers of truth to bear with patience in the company of those who pray their Lord day and night and who seek the favours and love of Allah and His prophet (pbuh). Do not let your eyes abandon them and do not seek the attractions of this temporal life. Do not obey the people who are trying to remove love from your heart so that they may instill hatred and that you reject the truth which comes from Allah.

And those people living a lie (spreading falsehood), all their lives are a waste. They are instead attracting the wrath of Allah upon them. Allah the Almighty shall not let you lose the rewards of your good deeds, of your patience and perseverance. We must not listen to the Zalims and we continue to pray that Allah guides us and we ask this from Allah alone, that He may bring us nearer than that on the right path.

With the chaos they are doing, they think that they can buy with their money and personality the faith of the believers and remove them from the right path to lead them towards darkness. I tell these Zalims that their money, personality, wealth, children etc, all these are ornaments for life on earth. That which is eternal are the good deeds before Allah and verily it is Allah who gives best results, not them. As for us, we believe sincerely that in such conditions, protection comes from Allah, the True, alone. It is Him who gives best rewards and results.

If they (my disciples) see that I am the Khalifatullah of this era, then you (the Zalims) like it or not, Just too Bad! – 

All this is by the grace of Allah. All power are in His hands. It is Allah who sends His chosen servants only to announce glad tidings and to warn them also. But those who refuse to believe, they use false arguments to reject the truth and they take the divine messages in mockery in their imbecility. Allah makes a veil wrap over their hearts so that they do not understand anything and they become deaf. And thus, even if they are called towards the right path, they shall never come because Allah has put a seal over their hearts. Their life on earth is paved into deviation and they believe that they are doing good when they refuse to accept the signs of their Lord (Allah). They reject faith and they take the revelations that Allah has sent down on His chosen servants in mockery and they treat the divine revelations as “so-called revelations”.

I stop on this subject for now. Insha-Allah, I shall continue this sermon next Friday.