Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Prayer under Divine Inspiration

O Allah! Give me success in my supplications,
And show me my days of joys.

O my Lord,
Be for me,
And O the Knower of my pain and sadness,
O the One whom the weak ones adore,
Purify me and adopt a lenient attitude towards me.

All the opponents have renounced me and have humiliated me in all sorts of ways,
I did not have any other alternative which presented to me,
Than to go in quest of Thy help and support.

O the One who fulfils prayers,
I have complete hope that Thou will give me back my days.

When my Sun is preparing itself to set and my heart has become tired with worry,
I take an oath on Thee O Allah that my supplications are not because I am behind fame and glory;
No! But instead it is for Islam which the enemies are attacking.

The sun has set on Islam and Ahmadiyyat and there is darkness everywhere.
O my Lord! Have Mercy upon us and accept my supplications.

It is Thee whom we supplicate and it is before Thee that we show our pain.
Those people say that they are experts at religion, and they are its pillars,
But there is not a single one of them for whom I can say that he is a servant of the religion of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him),
And who is a lover of the Prophet and his comrade.

It cannot be said of this for anyone;
On the contrary, they have plunged into their own desires,
In evils;
In hypocrisy.

I see the majority of them as infidels,
There was a time when I was amongst them;
I thought that all these people,
Or the majority of them were together with me as my help,
But when the times of trials came,
They turned on their backs,
And this was decreed to happen like this;
Thus, my strength is weakening and they got news of it.

O Master of the Universe, all strength and courage is from Thee alone;
I prostrate before Thee alone and I have placed my trust in Thee alone,
And I satisfy myself with Thee only,
Thus, hide my weaknesses and remove my worries and give me comfort and tranquillity;
Do not leave me alone,
You are indeed the Best of Inheritors.

Honour, dignity and values are found in Thy hands,
When Thou cometh, problems and trials remain far away,
I witness that there is nobody and nothing to be worshipped except Thee;
And there is nobody who gives greatness save Thee,
There is no one except Thee who give protection;
I trust Thee completely and I have submitted myself before Thee,
Thou art indeed the Refuge of those who trust Thee.

O my Master! Pour down Thy favours upon me,
Besides Thee, I do not know any other Master,
Send upon Thy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him),
Thy blessings and my salutations of peace;
Show the brilliance of his greatness and show the proofs of his veracity to the people.

O Allah, today we, from the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam,
We submit ourselves before Thee for;
The Community the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Ahmadiyyat are in great problems;
Accept our supplications,
Our acts of worship,
Our Fasting and our sacrifices;
All these are for Thy sake only.

Indeed Thou art the All-Knowing and Thou seest throughout my heart,
We are completely and happily with Thee,
And all that we do for Thy sake,
We do it truthfully.

If Thou didst not guide us,
Then we would have never adopted the right path.
We have received all that which Thou hast given us.
We are solely for Thee,
And we will all return back to Thee.

Thou art the Most Merciful and the Most High,
Thus, all those who have turned towards Thee,
And have accepted Thee as their Lord and have loved Thee,
And who have sacrificed themselves exclusively for Thee,
(O Allah) do not deceive them.

Therefore, glad tidings for the people who have Thee as their Master,
Thy Mercy has overpowered Thy punishment,
And Thou didst not let Thy sincere creatures down.
To Thee belong all praises from the beginning till the end.

 « Alhamdolillah Awwalahou Wa AakhĂ©rahou Wa Zaherawn Wa Baatenawn Houwahali Fidunya Wal Aakhira Mawla Nimal Mawla Wanimmal Nassir. » Ameen.

 - Recited the Prayer under Divine Inspiration by the Khalifatullah (atba) at the end of the Friday Sermon of  March 06, 2009.

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