Monday, April 22, 2013

Divine Prophecies for Our Times

Allah raises His Messenger to guide the people to their Lord and to warn them against evil. The Divine Messenger is, then, given special knowledge about matter of the unseen and they make their prophecies accordingly. Some of the prophecies so made, shall find their fulfilment in the very lifetime of the Messenger. Some others may, however, remain unfulfilled in his lifetime. From the grand scheme of Divine Plan, the fulfilment of prophecies or their deferment to another time and space, make little difference. After all, everything depends upon Divine Will and Decree of Allah. And the Messengers have only the duty to convey the Message. This is the enduring Divine practice emerging from spiritual history.

Several verses of the Holy Qur’an indicate these different possibilities in the aftermath of Divine prophecies. With full confidence in the ways of the Lord and with absolute detachment, the Holy Qur’an declares the principles: “…And if he be a liar, on him will be the sin of his life; but if he is truthful, then some of that which he threatens you with will surely befall you…” (40:29). “…And if We show you in your lifetime the fulfilment of some of the things with which We have threatened them, you will know it; or if We cause you to die before that, then to Us is their return, and you will see the fulfilment in the next world; and Allah is Witness to all that they do”.  (10:47). “Allah effaces what He wills, and establishes what He wills, and with Him is the source of all decrees. And whether We make you see the fulfilment of some of the things with which We threaten them or whether We make you die, it makes little difference, for on you lies the delivery of the Message, and on Us the reckoning”. (13: 40-41)

When a Divine Messenger arrives and delivers his spiritual message, it is for the people to consider and ponder over its import. It is for them to take positive and proactive-action to benefit from it. It is also for them to move away from proceeding in a direction being forewarned against in the message. Yet, history and the Holy Qur’an testify that most people are/will be heedless in the times of a Messenger, chained as they are/will be, in their family beliefs and religious traditions. They are familiar with and ‘comfortable’ at the old ritual practices in which they found their fathers indulging in. Indeed, they are glued to these rituals so completely that their beliefs are like ‘chains around their necks’ ‘reaching unto the chins’. It is the baggage of inherited notions, ideas and beliefs that comes us a barrier to the appreciation of pure belief/spiritual philosophy being articulated by the Divine Messenger. In short, their truth-perception ability itself comes under a veil.   
Consider our own times. Most Ahmadis are under wonderstruck that a Divine Messenger has been raised among them in the personhood of Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) Mauritius. They are glued to their inherited notions and traditional practices so much so that they deify their elected Khalifa. They exalt him in defiance of Allah’s decree which has caused the coming of a Messenger in our times.  Regardless their wishes, Allah in His Infinite Wisdom, has set in motion a chain of events, including the fulfilment of Divine Prophecies vouchsafed to the new Messenger of our times. Alhamdulillah, like in the times of previous Messengers, there are many instances of fulfilment of Divine Prophecies in our times, as we have noted in recent weeks in the Sahih Al Islam Blog.
In his Friday Sermon of April 19, 2013, the Khalifatullah (atba) said that since 30 December 2012, he has made lots of prophecies about crime, fraud, corruption; people being money-thirst. Each one of those prophecies is materialising, becoming worst. Huzur (atba) listed some of the frauds which have cropped up this week, frauds in millions of rupees, involving another company (45 millions), and another one involving the daughter of an ex-vice-president of the republic of Mauritius (11,4 millions).

Huzur (atba) talked about the recent fraud in millions, Ponzi-style from among the Jamaat Ahmadiyya. A man from a great family in the Jamaat embezzling millions from several members of his relatives. The victims are those who mocked the Divine Manifestation. One of them, one who lost more money than the others was the one who came to snatch his wife and daughter right in the middle of Tarawee prayers years ago. He spied on them coming to pray behind Huzur (atba) and while they were praying, he entered and forced his wife and daughter to come with him. (Ultimately, the woman and daughter lost faith) and that wife, and the second wife of this man also was defrauded in this scam. – Huzur (atba) said concerning the fact that his wife used to pray behind him (along with the other believers in the Divine Manifestation), did he asked for a salary, to bring money for him and he will give them dividend? Huzur (atba) would have given them the riches of spirituality.

The culprit, the head behind the scam is the son of a once great businessman. That businessman in question, one day during the wedding of his son proudly gifted (with arrogance) keys to a brand new car to his son. Huzur (atba), said: Now where are all these mundane favours? (Finish, they have been humiliated). His son committed other fraud in the past. All these people mocked Huzur (atba). They are trying their best to hide all internal frauds. Those who were adamant in hiding the fraud of their ex-Amir, now they are themselves victims of this fraud from among their own.

Huzur warns: Do not try to fool the Messenger of Allah! ... In Sahih al Islam we never ask for bonuses, a salary, PRB (Pay Research Bureau), etc. Here we have divine favour, divine manifestation. Not Rice-cooker, fridge etc. They have money-favour, but they have mocked, ridiculed the Divine Manifestation… see their consequences. He has already witnessed punishment with his sons. Allah manifests His anger in many ways.

Huzur (atba) also talked concerning the letters which the fifth Khalifa of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya sent to Huzur (atba) and addressing him by his full honourable name and titles. Some members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya refused to believe that such thing could have happened, and they sent smses to their family in the Divine Manifestation, wanting to have the reference number of the letters so that they cross-check it. They were even prepared to go to U.K to investigate the matter.