Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fraud and Corruption in Mauritius

The predictions and warnings issued by the Khalifatullah (atba) in recent months delivered a Divine message to the world, which may be summarized as follows: The synthetic happiness of material pleasures shall have a blinding impact on people. The greed for accumulation of property and resources will lead to the pursuit of unjust enrichment. Bribery and corruption, fraud and embezzlement- all would appear mere ‘ways’ to reach where one wants to go. Ethics and fairness, prudence and caution – all the  ‘values’ shall reach the vanishing point from the mind-space of man, with consequences for his mental peace and physical happiness,  only to find oneself  among the lost at the end of the day! By the Grace of  Allah the Most High, His Chosen Messenger Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius could comprehend  the national events and understand the shady dealings waiting to unfold among his own people, especially on the great frauds and astounding corruption in society.

Recent weeks have witnessed the unfolding of a spate of corruption cases in Mauritius.  In the tangled web of fraud and deception, duplicity and embezzlement, are the ‘big’ people of society- politicians, corporate honchos and other influence-peddlers such as media-pundits. They have dirtied their hands with ‘shady’ deals and ‘black’ money, or embezzled public funds from the exchequer or defrauded the people by indulging in bribery or corruption. An account of the financial corruption scenario in Mauritius and the fulfilment of the predictions in this regard, emerge from the Friday Sermon of April 12, 2013 delivered by the Khalifatullah (atba).

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:  

“Oh you who believe! Do not eat up each other’s property by unfair and dishonest means but only (in lawful) business by mutual consent.” (An-Nisa 4: 30)

Mauritius, which was once known as a Paradise Island has since some solid years been slowly, falling deeply in the sea of fraud and corruption. Its good name is being snatched and replaced by a bad name, both by its citizens and at international level also. And who are to be blamed for it? It is verily the people themselves who are getting day by day to be money-minded and opting to make easy and fast money. Embezzlements, frauds of all kind, corruption in all spheres of the national and international society, all are blazing rages which are finishing little Mauritius and the big wide world also.

Years ago Allah revealed to this humble self about the many frauds and corruption which shall strike Mauritius, and I even dreamt that trees were falling from a mountain, and the next thing which happened was the Air Mauritius case and the Mauritius Commercial Bank case and others also where the heads were involved in the coup, thus trees, which represents leaders at the top shall suffer humiliation. This dream and revelations continue to be true till today, and many new fraudsters are being unmasked. And on 30 December 2012, I even said the following in my appraisal of events:

“The Court will be busier this year when there will be more divorce, crimes, frauds involving politicians, lawyers, ex-ministers, and high personalities in private sector like fraud at First City Bank, Affair of Bel Air Sugar Estate, and DBM (the ex-General Director of the DBM  accused of malfunctioning of his exercises).

ICAC v/s MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) after 9 years fraud at the MCB, and for black-marketing of money-fraud upon NPF (National Pension Fund). The fraud was estimated about more than 800 millions of rupees. What has been going on in the past in the Duty Free Paradise Co. Ltd; SAGA around allegations of the traffic of arms in which Yusuf Mohammed and son were implicated. Bernard Maigrot “aux Assises” because of the assassination of Vanessa Lagesse; The relatives of Michaela Hart will claim Rs.25 millions rupees to Sunday Times particularly to the Chief Editor Imraan Hosany and to Starprint Co. Ltd – The list is quite lengthy.”

We see that more “Pandora boxes” are being opened to reveal more fraud and corruption involving great personalities. Indeed recently a “Ponzi scheme”, devised by a company by the name of “White Dot International Consultancy Limited”, which was previously known by many other names since 2008 and having at its head Arun Mossuddee, Bhimal Bissessur, Ashir Calcuttee and Sanjiv Luchoomun – the latter being alleged to be the one who has put his signature on contracts issued to “clients” – among others (a lawyer and policeman also are involved in the coup), has been exposed with one of the business partner’s coming forward on 25 March 2013 to denounce that one of his partners has vanished with Rs 700 million.

Some time later, Arun Mossuddee alleged that he was not the mastermind of the bogus company and that he sold his shares to Bhimal Bissessur for the sun of Rs.800 millions. This amount represents deposits of hundreds, even thousands of Mauritians, overwhelmed by the whopping rate of return offered by the company. Certainly “White Dot” offered its clients to grow their deposits at record rates in record time. Indeed, a payment of Rs 100,000 procured Rs 50,000 at the end of six months. And the amount of Rs 1 million procured Rs 500,000 in six months. Initially, so that the fraud may be deemed as a true business deal and investment, many customers have actually hit their profits, but it was in fact a trick to attract others. Attracted by the high rate of return, some clients of ‘White Dot’ filed up to Rs 3 million. Even officials and notables of the Government and even families of ministers fell into the trap. 

An investigation was opened by the central CID and the Financial Services Commission, and the sleuths found out the many connections of the ‘White Dot’ fraud company, both national and international. Many of its connections, such as the chain of La Napoletana Pizzerias were forced to closure and this at the same time made several innocents workers become redundant, and victims become of this mind-blowing coup in the history of Mauritius.

The money from the open-theft was transferred in a Switzerland Bank. And the victims, about 800, flocked to the (Central) Bank of Mauritius so that they may seek help to recuperate their lost “investments”

The Central Bank assured the victims that it will try to help, but that its powers are certainly very limited. Thus, it issued a statement to the public advising them to “exercise caution with respect to certain products currently available to ensure high rates of returns in a short period of time.” And to insist that customers “who place deposits with those are not regulated, do so at their own risk.” The regulator should remember that “only banks and non-banking institutions authorized by the Bank may accept deposits from the public.” The central bank published simultaneously on its website a list of all authorized financial institutions and agencies. No trace of “White Dot International Consultancy Limited”. Indeed a cat and mouse race as to whom is the more stupid in dealings, either to propagate the smell and touch of fraud or who is most keen to make the blind in affairs of such paramount importance. Is it a case of the rich are being duped by their thirst for easy money or a lesson that all that glitters is not always gold?

There are more frauds which have taken place recently, such as:

1. A woman who lives at Plaine des Papayes has stolen Rs 3 millions from her husband. The latter has fortunately got refuge from his family, else he would be without shelter.

2. In the Medpoint (Clinic) case, there are political involvement, a cheque amounting to Rs 144,701,300 (for the purchase of the Clinic).

3. Since last year, there was a controversy about a massive fraud made by two ministers. Eventually two brothers from the Timol family were arrested by the CCID (Central Criminal Investigation Department) for defrauding foreigners.

4. Betamax Case: According to the Opposition, “The contract with the company Betamax was tailored so that the clan Jeetah/Bhunjun touches an attractive package of Rs 8 billion.”

5. Nandanee Soornack Case: Being a political activist for the party forming the Government and thus getting political backing and protection, she climbed swiftly and with doubtful resources the ladder of success, rising from the position of salesgirl to that of shareholder in many companies (about five). There are more protected people like her, like Dommeswarsing Gooljaury.

6. An engineer and a clerk embezzled Rs 35 millions from their employer over a period of five years.

7. Alleged fraud of Rs 50 millions within the Air Mauritius Ltd. Five people (at the top of the ladder), including the Number 2 of the company, Seewoosagur (Shiv) Nemchand have been suspended from their functions. The question remains why the employees of the company had not consigned a complaint at the Police Station with the extent of the fraud committed?

If I have to enumerate, the list of fraud and corruption is too long. When Allah the Almighty revealed to His chosen servant, this humble self, therefore the prophecy must be fulfilled, may be not in a month, or a year, or two years, but it shall be definitely fulfilled; the words of Allah must be triumphant. You have yourself noticed that the sermon of last Friday on the deluge which struck Mauritius was not yet over, and the Municipality of Curepipe organised a Teledon for the victims of the deluge, and in the event of these contributions and donations, you shall hear in a few days about the several unsettling happenings and fraud that there shall be.

Insha-Allah, all prophecies made at the beginning of the year, I shall mention them as soon as they are fulfilled. May Allah give me the Tawfiq to bring these before you and all humanity, so that each of you may realize the gravity of the situation, and Insha-Allah, at international level my disciple hailing from Kerala, India shall put these on the Sahih al Islam blog for your attention.