Saturday, February 4, 2012

The “Split” in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen

Tests of faith are a recurring theme in spiritual history and it takes different forms and ways in the every day lives of believers. Islamic history itself bears witness that hundreds of hypocrites left the presence of the Holy Prophet (sa) after claiming to be his followers, at critical moments of his Divine Mission when serious issues of life and death hovered over the early Muslim community. Yet, such incidents and events did not and could not harm the cause for which the Divine Messenger stood up and called the world’s attention. Indeed, the survival (and later, flourishing) of the Divine Mission against all odds and trials and tribulations tells its own story: it points to the extraordinary help and succour of Allah that protects and sustains His Message and His Messenger at times of severe shakings.

In our own times, one of the questions Ahmadi friends generally raise pertain to the dissension against the Divine Manifestation witnessed within the framework of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen, a Jamaat founded and led by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius under clear instructions from Allah the Most High. Some persons feel that the departure of people within a few years of their professing belief from the midst of the Messenger makes him a lonely man. Remember that immersed as they are in Divine remembrance and spiritual contemplation, Messengers of Allah prefer solitude of their chamber any time over the company of hypocrites. Yet, people seem to believe that such events represent a credibility crisis for the Divine Manifestation. Worse still, in their wild imagination, some of them even conjure up that such incidents represent Divine displeasure (God Forbid) on the Chosen Messenger!

A recent booklet written by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) provides insightful comments on the “Split” that happened within the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen. 

Read the extracts from the Book:

The Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen as planted by the hand of Allah promised to bear its fruits until Allah tried them with their faith in His humble Muhyi-ud-Din. Slowly, all kinds of doubts kept entering into their hearts. They began taking the revelations of Allah as an ordinary occurrence, preferring to analyse them in their laboratory instead of complying to the commandments therein. Unfortunately, Oh so unfortunately, Zafrullah Domun Sahib became a party of these people’s – who were mostly his near relatives – scheming.

He preferred to join hands with his blood relations instead of holding fast to his belief in his spiritual brother whom Allah had bonded him with. Doubts crept in, all kinds of questions were asked, and finally against all odds, the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen was taken in charge by the Managing Committee, having Zafrullah Domun Sahib, the President at its head.

Allah in the Holy Quran has warned the believers:

“Oh Believers, do not ask questions about things which if made plain to you may cause you trouble when the Qur’an is revealed. Some people before you asked questions, and on that account lost their faith.” (5: 103)

Moreover, Allah gave the believers a lesson in the story of the son of Nuh (as) when Nuh (as) pleaded Allah for his son. Allah told him: “Do not ask of Me that which you do not know.”

As humans, we forget that Allah is the All-Knowing, and we may think about something as good for us while Allah says that the thing that we have in mind is not good for us. Allah indeed tries His Messengers and servants in this way, but Allah never abandons His Chosen Messenger even when he is made to go through countless trials. We have Prophet Adam, Dawud, Suleiman and Yunus as living proofs.

Doubts about the revelations from Allah crept so much in the hearts of the majority of the members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen that made them asked too many questions about the why of such and such situations which Allah has made for His Muhyi-ud-Din. Indeed, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) also received a lot of hidden secrets/revelations from Allah which he had no right to uncover until Allah made him stand up to reveal it to the world. A clear example of it is mentioned in the Holy Quran when Allah said: “You concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose. And you feared the people, while Allah has more right that you fear Him.” (33: 38)

It is also a fact that many times revelations descended upon this humble self to warn the members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen that if they do not reform themselves, then they would lose the divine blessings. Moreover, revelations also came for Zafrullah Domun Sahib, not to let himself be influenced by his family feelings lest they deviate him from the revelations of Allah.

The Promises of Allah are ever true. When the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen members ceased to be the promising people, that is, when they preferred to change their spiritual condition and remove themselves far away from the promised favours, and they made everything in their power to hijack the name of the Jamaat revealed to this humble self “Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen”, therefore Allah commanded His Chosen Elect to go and found “Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam” which shall be the true Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen promised for the ultimate victory of Islam – Sahih al Islam.

Despite all kinds of objection at the Registrar of Associations against the creation of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam towards the national authorities, but the overpowering hand of Allah raised the name of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam so high that the people could do nothing to bar its registration and the name Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam” came to be with the blessing of Allah. Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah.

As regards the members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen who turned their backs to the Divine Manifestation, Divine justice shall certainly pursue them. For,  Allah the Most High informed the Khalifatullah through revelation, just before Jumu’ah prayers on February 03, 2012 (in Creole):

Remember O Muhyi-ud-Din when you called the members of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen to have faith, they turned on their backs with arrogance, thinking that they are the holders of the divine secrets, and they think that nobody besides Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad can receive a superior knowledge of the Holy Quran. I give My knowledge to Whomsoever I wish.

Look, how they strike for your comparison. Verily, there is no way out for them. Each time you called them so that I may forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears, and they cover themselves with their clothes, and they became stubborn in their arrogance, and they showed themselves extremely conceited.

Bear patience, Oh My Dawud, for Justice shall be done, and when I (Allah) mete out Justice, therefore all criminals shall have to “taste” (bear) their sentences, and there is no possible way out for them. You have consideration and pity for them whereas they do not have any consideration for you. Let those who have taken the deviated path stray. Verily, you cannot change their hearts and it is I, your Allah who shall finally deal with them.

Be steadfast, for your steadfastness shall come from Allah alone. Do not be sad concerning them, for in the end it is You who shall be victorious. (When) that moment (shall come), it is not tears which shall roll down (their cheeks) from their eyes, but verily it is blood which shall roll down (their cheeks) for the way they treated the Khalifatullah of this era!”