Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Poem: 'Divine Love'

Divine Love builds up faith,
Even when you are lost and frightened
 it gives you the necessary strength to pursue your goal,
It cures the hardened heart and brightens it with patience,
It brings the essence of unity to a state of devotion,

Divine Love gives true pursuers of truth the true essence of belonging,
It rejects the very stamina of hatred
and pierced the heart with the beauty of forgiveness,
The love devine the treasure of the heart,
When it puts forward its very life as sweet sacrifice
in the path of its Lord and Master,

Nothing is as compared to this true devotion,
Not when the heavens has brought forward this secret as the secret of destiny,
Those who want to achieve this precious station have sacrificed their all for this very cause,

The Lord knows no hatred; He knows only Love,
His Divine Love is in every one of you,
Cherish the gift of the heart which He has made sacred,
Love is devotion; devotion to your Lord;
devotion to your family and devotion to all the people living on the land of the Lord,

The heavens smile when people open their heart to truth,
The seekers of truth are those who are the true partisans of the Unique Lord,
They are those who are ready to accept every command of their Lord,
Ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of this Divine Love and Truth,

O people of the land of hope,
Despair not of your Lord for He is near,
Near enough to hear your call of despair,
He is the Lord of sincerity,

Be sincere O people of the land of hope,
For your Lord’s light has struck the ground with the force of Victory,
O lovers of God; stand up and brace the cyclone of evil
which has enrobed this world,
 with your strong faith and love for your Mighty lord, 

Devine the heart and let the divine love flow in the heart anew.

---(c) Hazrat Tayyeba Shaheeda Aliah Nasrine Saheba (22 June 2004)