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Blaming the Victims: a Strategy of the West

In the post-Communist, contemporary world, Islam is considered the potential threat and rival to the designs of the imperial West and its grand strategy of dominating the world. For, Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion with a population of around 2 Billion and counting. Indeed, every fourth person on the face of the Planet is a Muslim and over 50 countries have a predominant Muslim presence. The world’s most strategic energy resources- oil, natural gas and other petroleum products- are located in the Muslim lands of West Asia and Central Asia. With this kind of huge natural advantages, the Muslim nations can and should be able to control the world and its destiny in material terms.Yet, that is not happening. How do we explain this irony of Muslim fortunes and what is the way out for the Ummah
The imperial powers of the Occident know their game well. The strategic containment of Muslim nations is thus sought to be achieved through military domination, economic subjugation an…

Anti-Islam Film: A Challenge for Crossing Swords

Evil elements in societyseek to extinguish the light of Allah and trample upon the fair name and basic teachings of the true religion, the Sahih Al Islamand to revile the father of Muslims. The inflammatory anti-Islam film in the United States-- entitled "Innocence of Muslims" on its 14-minuteYouTube trailer -- was such an attempt. The film was produced by a religious group calledMedia for Christ. Sam Bacile, the man apparently behind the film is a US-based Egyptian Copt and fraudster who may also have violated his parole. And the film was reportedly directed by a pornographerAlan Roberts.
The soldier of Islam of our times Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius, has now decided to confront these elements in a duel of prayers [Mubahila] through a special speech made onSeptember 17, 2012.Instead of hiding behind the facade of fraudulent methods and virtual space, let these elements,- if they have any spine, that is- come to the open space and battle it with the ‘sw…

Anti-Islam Film is ‘Hate Speech’

For the Western Orientalists and their intellectual progenies, in the post- Communist era, Islam is the quintessential ‘Other’- the evil enemy that does not share their values of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. The ‘West’, in this narrative, represents all that is ‘liberal’, ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’, in that order. Correspondingly, Islam is deemed the negation of all that ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’ stands for. Under this skewed logic and perverted reading of history and blatant distortion of the lived experiences of people, a political and cultural climate is created that incites the lampooning of the sacred symbols of Islam.
Thus,anyone who abuses the religion of Islam or vilifies the father of Muslims automatically and instantaneously becomes a champion of free speech and liberty! Muslims who oppose such characterizations and resist these representations would be branded intolerant and worse. In short, anti-Islam hate speech and the vilification of Holy Prophet (sa) would be mere expres…

Prophethood: A Divine Favour

Islam, as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), validates the universality of spiritual experience and recognizes the fact that all communities in the past were recipients of Divine favour through the raising of spiritually awakened souls among them.Reflecting upon the profound impact of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) on the history of spirituality, theKhalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius, in hisFriday Sermon of 21 September 2012, spoke about the extraordinary spiritual revolution brought about by the arrival of Islam in a world of pagan rituals and animistic practices. The Khalifatullah describes the raising of prophets as a special Divine blessing for the human kind, for such spiritually-aware souls provide a living, practical example for the common folks to emulate in their own individual, spiritual lives.  
Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:
“Certainly Allah has conferred a favour upon the believers by raising among them a Messenger from among …

Muhammad (sa) and the Seal of Prophethood

In his Friday Sermon of 14 September 2012, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius explained the concept of Prophethood in Islam. By focussing on the Qur’anic title of the Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (sa)-Khataman-Nabiyyeen- the Khalifatullah points to the colossal mistakes that have crept into the mainstream belief  through the ebb and flow of centuries and the serious consequences it entailed for the fortunes of the Muslim Ummah. By closing the door of revelation in the Ummah, Muslims have cut at the “root of all spiritual and temporal understanding”and deprived itself of the  great blessing of Divine Guidance, points out the Messenger of Allah of our times.
Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:   
Almighty God appointed the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) the holder of the seal. This degree of excellence was barred to all other prophets since the beginning of time. One, who meticulously follows his footsteps, can be awarded the attributes of prophethood…

Heaven and Hell and the DIVINE WILL

One of the questions that many people raise is this: what will be done to the people who reject the Divine Message of an era and His Messengers?
The grandeur of the Divine scheme of things is such that the unique Lord, the Almighty Allah, does what He wills.His Mercy and Forgiveness encompass the whole world so much so that He may forgive whomsoever He wants. And no one can question Him as to what He does. The practical operations of the Divine Will, thus, remains for the most part, shrouded as a matter of profound mystery.Except, of course, what He teaches and informs His Messengers through the angels and the Spirit of Holiness. Even His Messengers had only the duty to convey what had been conveyed to them. They had also been instructed to openly declare that they would not know about what would be done to them in this life or in the life to come.
It is plausible to consider that that people might have failed to recognize the Divine Message as a consequence of the complex circumstances…

Islam and Polygamy

Polygamy as an institution has been discredited the world over in our times. Unlike in the medieval times, the patriarchal practice is now seen as an affront/insult to the dignity of women. In an age of increasing consciousness about human dignity and the basic rights of women, polygamy has gone against the grain of societal acceptance as an indulgence by men and worse. Critics of Islam always frown upon Islam for the perceived/alleged legitimacy it extends to men through the institution of polygamy. They argue that it militates against the notions of equality and women’s rights.
The Mujaddid of the Fourteenth Century, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian engaged with the arguments of the critics of Islam in several of his writings and even defended the practice from the point of view of individual liberty and human rights. While Islam recognizes the practice of polygamy and allows men to take more than one wife at a time, as the Promised Massih (as) points out, Islam has not mad…