Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anti-Islam Film is ‘Hate Speech’

For the Western Orientalists and their intellectual progenies, in the post- Communist era, Islam is the quintessential ‘Other’- the evil enemy that does not share their values of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. The ‘West’, in this narrative, represents all that is ‘liberal’, ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’, in that order. Correspondingly, Islam is deemed the negation of all that ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’ stands for. Under this skewed logic and perverted reading of history and blatant distortion of the lived experiences of people, a political and cultural climate is created that incites the lampooning of the sacred symbols of Islam.

Thus,anyone who abuses the religion of Islam or vilifies the father of Muslims automatically and instantaneously becomes a champion of free speech and liberty! Muslims who oppose such characterizations and resist these representations would be branded intolerant and worse. In short, anti-Islam hate speech and the vilification of Holy Prophet (sa) would be mere expressions of freedom of speech and intellectual liberty and those who oppose such elements are projected the real trouble-makers! [Inset: A protest march in Cairo against the recent anti-Islam Film].

In a special speech on September 17, 2012, the Messenger of Allah and Khalifa of Islam Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius took note of the disturbingly, deviant social trends in the western world which incites the vilification of the noble character of the Holy Prophet (sa). The Khalifatullah (atba) took serious note of these contemporary trends where Muslims and their sacred symbols are treated as rub their dirty feet... and warned the anti-Islam elements and hate-mongers against what they are sowing. 

 Read the Extracts from the Speech:

And if Allah were to punish people for what they do, He would not leave upon the earth any creature; but He grants them respite until an appointed term. And when their time comes, then Allah has all His servants ever under (His) sight. (Fatir 35: 46)

My dear brothers and sisters, what we see nowadays is that Islam is ever the target of many evils. Everything is being done to belie the religion of Islam; the religion of peace and submission to one God. If on one hand the Muslims themselves are not portraying our religion as it should be represented, on the other hand we find many haters of Islam and of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) assassinating the character of our faith and beloved Holy Chief and Prophet, such a prophet (pbuh) who actually took religion to the heights of morality, decency, freedom, piety and submission to the sole God of man.

When he came as prophet of Allah for all mankind, the ignorant and evil people of his time used to uphold him in disgust and used to calumniate him in many ways. We find that with time, the hate agenda of the anti-Islam detractors have not been lessened; indeed it has multiplied and even though the new people of this era never knew our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), but they kept his sullied memory alive till they portray Muslims as innocent while our master as a “bastard” (God forbid), as highly sexual man, servant and husband, as an adulterer, as a homosexual (If he is a lover of women, then how can he become a homosexual?), as a killer, as a paedophile, and the list goes on and on throughout the centuries.   

If we call ourselves Muslims with dignity today is only because of the extensive sacrifices which our noble prophet and master Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) has made to free man from ignorance, indecency and idolatry. We can never be worthy of such a noble prophet whom Allah Himself has called “the perfect man, the perfect model for mankind, the best of mankind, the Seal of all prophets, the mercy for all mankind”.

Our heart and soul is torn apart each time the name of Allah, Islam and our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) are sullied by so-called pious men, who believe that they are sinless and have the permit to go beyond the limits of decency to calumniate the most beloved servant and messenger of God Almighty.

We are not truly Muslims if we do not hurt when the body of Islam is axed by extremist Jews, Christians and even Muslims who carry on with their hate agenda to portray Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a “bloody” Islam and a “bloody” Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

I remind the Muslim World that all men of God came as a blessing of the creation of Muhammad (pbuh), the Beloved of Allah, and all messengers, prophets and reformers came to defend his honour come what may. This is also true for the Promised Messiah of the past era Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who came as a Champion of Islam and Defender of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). His love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) surpassed all other love interests of the world he may have had. He was foremost a soldier of Islam, and prayers to God and the pen were his Sword. But he was not dumb! He also defended the honour of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) with his tongue, and whenever the detractors and haters of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) used to come in front of him, after have been duly informed of their hate propaganda against his beloved master Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) he used to boycott those hate-mongers and kept away from them and even refused to bid them Salam (the greetings of peace).

Whenever the attacks were on him, he took great patience, but whenever his master Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was attacked, he used to pounce on the enemies like a true Lion of God!

Bear in mind Oh Muslims that Allah has now send a new Defender of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) for this era. Weak as I am, I am not perfect like my master (pbuh), but I come in the name of Allah and in the name of that Holy Man (pbuh) who revolutionised the world with the unity of God, with peace, with morality and attachment to the Divine Commandments, through whom Allah perfected His religion, ISLAM, which is verily the true religion of every prophet of Allah since the dawn of time.

Anti-Islam Film in the USA

For the last few months, a hate inciting one-hour film on Allah, the Divine Revelations, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), the wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Islam in general has been filmed, and a 14-minute trailer of the film was uploaded on the Google-owned free video upload website “Youtube” by a man using the nickname “Sam Bacile”. This man was later traced as a being an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian living in California and a previously convicted fraud by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. In association with such Christian Groups and people like Media for Christ, Pastor Terry Jones, Steve Klein and Porn Director Alan Roberts, this Nakoula guy has produced such a dirty film on Islam that has outdo any other of their evil acts, for example, like the burning of the Holy Quran, drawing wretched cartoons on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) etc.

Tell me O my brothers and sisters, what evil designs and implementation of those plans have we not seen against our peaceful religion and beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). If a section of the world do not share the same faith as Muslims, then they should stay mum and do not offend Islam and the Muslims, for ISLAM itself preaches tolerance for all religions, and that there is no compulsion in religion. Everybody is free to practice his faith but one should not offend his brother’s faith to such an extent that in return he reviles your religion!

If there are extremists in Islam, there are also extremists of all sorts among the Jews, Christians and people of other faith. In what house there is no toilet? In every house or building there are many toilets. What I mean is that if there is terrorism in Islam, there is similar kind of terrorism in the other faiths and cultures. Is Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to blame for the extremism of a section of the Muslims? These religions are putting their head together to finish Islam, but let me tell you all, Oh people, try as you may, you can never finish Islam. Bear in mind that God Almighty is not in a hurry to punish. Go on and accumulate your sins for verily the time is coming when your consequences shall be grievous (very serious). I had already issued a warning and duel of prayer to Pastor Terry Jones for his threatening to burn the copies of the Holy Quran, and he verily put his word into practice and burnt the Quran and this in turn incited more Christians to burn the Quran!

The world shall soon see his pitiable end and there is no escaping that. And the world shall see the consequences of all the people behind the drawing of the dirty cartoons on the noble prophet of Islam (pbuh), and that of all parties which are associated with the making of this new dirty film on the life and mission of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) entitled “The innocence of Muslims” and “The innocence of Bin Laden”.

‘Free Speech’ in the age of “Youtube”

There is also the comment of Youtube in the aftermath of the outbreak of this anti-Islam propaganda. Youtube refuses to remove the dirty film because according to its guidelines, and I quote: “We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. But we do not permit hate speech...” If tolerating such hateful views and opinions and a clearly challenge to Islam about defiling its teachings and following a “bastard” as they term it, is not “hateful”, then what is? There is definitely a great difference between freedom of speech and expression and these anti-Islam propagandas and film which definitely belongs to the hateful speech of hate-mongers.

I do not condemn the presence of Youtube on the internet, because through Youtube many religious works, that is, videos of many religious faiths are being uploaded online free of cost. But that does not mean that the media has to tolerate such propaganda against a peaceful religion (that is, Islam).

The liberty of the Media has gone way too far and the “rights” of man in expression of his opinion is way too liberal. There must be respect of religion and respect of privacy of people. The media, way too often, manipulates people’s privacy and hides and spies on people and publishes such indecent or personal photos which really belong to the private lives of those persons. One local example are the photos of the lifeless body of Michaela Hart on the newspaper, and recently on the international front there is the publication of the topless pictures of the wife of Prince William of the United Kingdom. Respect of the life and honour of people and religion have disappeared in this era.

What we truly see is that the world as a whole has become a pre-Islamic ignorant Arabia wherein the need of a Messenger of Allah is felt on a daily basis. And Allah has sent His Messenger to warn all those ignorant and hateful people who only follow their evil desires and want to eradicate the presence of Islam from the surface of the world. But this shall never happen. And I tell you; Islam will go on progressing from success to success and Insha-Allah, the Muslims shall realise the quandary of their situation and shall come together as one so that nobody in this world can ever rip Islam apart! If the Muslims do not realise the seriousness of the situation at hand, then it is us who shall be the losers. But I tell you, the victory of Islam shall be lived again and the day shall come when the glory of Islam (True Islam) shall be re-established.

During the golden days of the victory of Islam centuries ago, the Muslims went from victory to victory because of their unity and faith in Allah. Slowly the world has caught with them and they forgot the true purpose of their existence and through minor disputes went apart until the breach between them became so great that it has now become difficult to them to come together. But the whole body of Islam shall have no victory until every true Muslim (not those in name only!) join forces and come together under the divine leadership which Allah has chosen for them today. The Khalifatullah is among you, therefore come forward as true soldiers of Islam, bearing not swords in your sheaths but faith, trust and prayers to Allah. If we are powerless, then bear in mind that Allah is All-powerful. 

The West consists mostly of Christians and also Jews, but that does not give them the license to throw dirt on the core faith of the Muslims. Do they take Muslims as a doormat, to be every present for people to rub their dirty feet on it? No! Never! Muslims shall not tolerate such behaviour and blasphemy against their faith.

But oh my brothers and sisters, not all Christians and Jews are responsible for the dismantling of the Islamic image and honour. There are many who want to live in harmony and to live together in peace. Our Jihad is against the evil from among these people, not all of them. Our Jihad lies in supplications to Allah, for it is verily Allah who shall mete out justice for us, but we must pray to Allah and we must be one body; one united body. It is only when the Muslims reunite and forget about all the petty differences, that Islam can prosper. Islam is ever whole, but it is the people who are divided.

Therefore do not defy Allah in His laws about the sending of His messengers in the time of need, for, he shall, like we say in Creole: “li pou mange la poussière” (literally “he shall eat dust”, meaning that: he shall see to his end consequences!).

Soon very soon now, Oh people! The evil of the evil-doers shall be to no avail to them. Pitiable shall be their condition after the striking of the divine punishment of God Almighty on them. Let the promoters of peace of every faith continue to strive for peace and let the Muslims be one and hold solid faith in our All-Powerful God, but verily Allah may retard a punishment but He shall strike when the detractors, haters and enemies of Islam least expect it!

Oh Allah, come to the rescue of the Muslims and the honour of Your beloved Holy Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), his family, companions and Islam as a whole. We plead with You Oh Allah, through your Might and All-Power to destroy the infidels who are promoters of hate and who encourage anti-Islam propaganda and who day and night strive to portray Islam as a religion of terrorism and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) as a liar, a fabricator, an adulterer, paedophile, terrorist and promoter of hate. Oh Allah save the innocence and honour of Your beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and the innocence of the Muslims and re-establish for us our rights and power for the foundation of a new world, devoid of violence, hate and anti-Islam influences. Ameen, Summa Ameen.