Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blaming the Victims: a Strategy of the West

In the post-Communist, contemporary world, Islam is considered the potential threat and rival to the designs of the imperial West and its grand strategy of dominating the world. For, Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion with a population of around 2 Billion and counting. Indeed, every fourth person on the face of the Planet is a Muslim and over 50 countries have a predominant Muslim presence. The world’s most strategic energy resources- oil, natural gas and other petroleum products- are located in the Muslim lands of West Asia and Central Asia. With this kind of huge natural advantages, the Muslim nations can and should be able to control the world and its destiny in material terms.Yet, that is not happening. How do we explain this irony of Muslim fortunes and what is the way out for the Ummah

The imperial powers of the Occident know their game well. The strategic containment of Muslim nations is thus sought to be achieved through military domination, economic subjugation and political division of the Muslim nations and peoples. Yet, for winning the war of public legitimacy, this agenda of imperial strategy shall have to be camouflaged. For implementing this grand strategy, the language of public articulation and diplomatic positioning comes in handy for imperialism and its strategic deceptions. For instance, while perpetrating ‘‘State Terror’’ against the Muslim Ummah in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, these western powers claim they are waging “war on Terror”! [Inset: Front cover of "Covering Islam"- Prof Edward W. Said's classic study on media perceptions and projections on issues concerning Muslims and Islam in the US].    

In his Friday Sermon of 28 September 2012, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius profoundly reflected upon this theme. Drawing upon Qur’anic verses, the Khalifatullah (atba)  asserts  that the Islamic ethics and values shall win over all other ideological rivals and belief systems. For the benefit of Muslims, the Divine Messenger also mentions a prayer revealed and taught by Allah the Most High to recite in these troubled times for Islam and Muslims.  

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:

“And never will Allah give the disbelievers over the believers a way (to overcome them).” (4:142)

With each passing day, we see that in one way or the other, the machiavelic minds of America, Israel and other countries of Europe who have great hatred for Islam are seeking ways and means to finish Islam. They associate Islam with terrorism and they seek war against Islam on the pretext of terrorism. We have seen this in a so-called super-powered country like America, and this hatred became active with such force from the time of the Bush administration. And this problem is not diminishing in any way.

Years ago, back in 2002, in the times of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen I already said some things which shall happen, especially on the outcome of America and all the plans that it has made along with Israel to finish Islam. They seek to erase Islam and as they know that the Muslims are divided and are at war with each other, therefore they seek to create all the more divisions between us, and they say that they are at war with terrorism. But it is far away from a war with terrorism.

Since long in the plans of America and Israel, through the wars that they have perpetrated in Afghanistan or Palestine or even Iraq, have been to stop the re-establishment of the supremacy of Islam as a universal religion and a complete system. When some Muslims get up to re-establish the supremacy of the Shariah (Islamic Law) in the world, therefore, when the enemies of Islam see this, they realise that this shall represent a danger for the occidental world, and that is why the infidels have united together. They did it in the past and they shall continue to so it in our times, and thus, to stop such a situation to manifest itself, we Muslims must unite ourselves to bring forward the victory of Islam. Thus, it is not a war against terrorism, or against Bin Laden (and his group) or even the “despised” Taliban regime which they have made and continue to make, but it is a crusade against Islam and they have found a means to exterminate all means and ways with which the Shariah can be established.

As for the false “terrorism” pretext, it is pure hypocrisy. The world as a whole knows America (United States of America) as the State of Terrorism par excellence. Many people were killed during the Gulf war (200,000 dead), Vietnam war, in Panama, Korea, Philippines, Hiroshima (140,000 dead) and Nagasaki (70,000 dead). This shows America as a criminal of war. Moreover, it is the sole country in the world which has used the nuclear bomb against others and this was done twice. Nobody can forget also the 500,000 children who died due to embargo imposed in Iraq and the 17,500 people who have been killed during the invasion of Israel in Lebanon in the year 1982. There were massive bombarding against Afghanistan without any legitimate proofs and this was done against the permission of the UN (United Nations), and this in itself constitutes a clear example of State Terrorism. Therefore, instead of being terrorists, we are in fact victims of the State Terrorism of America in all its forms: military, political and economic.

Before such a conjunction, it is neither for us to take a defensive nor to be completely discouraged by the misinformation which the international media is projecting. It is now clear that the media has joined hands with the infidels in a campaign to denigrate and sully Islam and the Muslims. And this is becoming clear day by day whereby the media are giving an extraordinary helping hand to project a negative image of Islam in the world.

There are many Abu Jahls who have manifested themselves, like Pastor Terry Jones and his groups, who day and night are scheming to finish Islam. Recently, after having contributed in the propagation of the anti-Islam film on the life of Hazrat Muhammad (sa), on 11 September 2012, he publicised the international mockery trial of our master Hazrat Muhammad (sa) like he did for the Book of Allah, the Holy Quran since last year. Not only this, but he is also inciting the West to unite as one body to finish Islam.

He says: “… So now it is time for us, in the West, to unite together to protect our values. One of them, and perhaps one of the most important of them is our right to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Let us stand together, let us unite, and let us send Islam and other terrorist, totalitarian groups a very clear message that we will not be bullied, we will not be intimidated, we will not be pushed around.” (One of his Messages as a Presidential Candidate in the U.S.A)

Therefore, like I said myself so many times, and I repeat myself, his end consequences shall be grievous and Allah shall finish him bit by bit (piece by piece).

Not only them but other leaders of other countries who fight against Islam in the name of freedom of expression, in the name of democracy, where they consider Islam as a religion of terror and which promotes all sorts of indecency. But they do not realise that without Islam and its laws, therefore the Muslim world would have become indecent like them. They criticise Islam on account of the plural marriages it allows the Muslim, whereas they are the ones who practice fornication and adultery and afterwards they declare that only one woman suffices for them, but they have illegal women everywhere! Not only illegal women but also illegitimate children also! Islam knows the nature of man. It is advisable that you do something in legality whereby Allah is pleased with you than do such deeds where the human race spreads illegitimately.

There are other laws which Islam has instituted and which the West has copied. And they have the guts to take Islam as a satanic religion! They can smile with you, take you as friends, but inside them, there is a profound hatred against you, Muslims. They know that the religion of Islam is SAHIH (True), and therefore they scheme to finish Islam. Therefore beware of them!

Thus, War, be it against Afghanistan, or Palestine, or any other Muslim nation, is war against the Ummah as a whole. Therefore we must feel ourselves in a state of war against the enemies and their allies. To show our solidarity for our brothers and sisters, it is through supplications to Allah for them, and at the same time we show our hatred against the infidels. Enough is enough! We must condemn also the leaders of the Muslim world for their indifference and their treason (against Islam).

For all these problems, in the Quran Allah warns us: “And the disbelievers are allies of one another. If you do not do so (that is, unite yourselves), there will be much disorder on earth and great corruption.” (8: 73)

Therefore, it is only through ideological, political and geographical unity that the Ummah (that is, the Muhammadan Ummah) can put a stop to all our problems, and give the Ummah its honour and put fright in the heart of the infidels.

Today Friday 28 September 2012, even after ten years, I tell you again my brothers and sisters that the days are not far when the world shall witness, Insha-Allah, destruction of the hegemony of America and the other infidel states, where the Ummah shall make them pay for their savage aggression against humanity. The world, free from the slavery of capitalism shall witness at that moment, the Justice of Islam. After the too many years that the Muslims have lost track of the teachings of Islam and after centuries Allah sent the Promised Messiah (upon him be peace) to bring back the Ummah on the path of Tawheed (that is, the unicity of Allah), but they (that is, the Muslims) showed their arrogance and now little by little look how they are suffering in the hands of the infidels.

But, Insha-Allah, in this era, Allah shall enable lots of our brothers and sisters to ponder over this situation and therefore the time shall come, and this shall verily come when the Tawheed (unicity of Allah) shall be re-established, and they shall be thirsty to seek that pure water to drink, and they shall realise that there should not be any difference between us, and other sects (in Islam); (Insha-Allah) we shall unite ourselves under the commandment of Allah and be guided by only one leader. It is at that moment that union shall bring forth strength.

As long as we are not united on the unicity of Allah, the Ummah shall continue to suffer. Therefore, we the Sahih al Islam, the Ahmadi Muslims who have love for Allah, for our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), love for the Ummah, for the Promised Messiah (upon him be peace), love for the Caliphate which Allah has instituted for you all in this era and love for all our other Muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering, we should make this supplication (dua) to Allah, such a supplication which Allah revealed to me years ago and which we must do in all our obligatory prayers, including our Tahajjud prayers etc.

Oh Allah! The One who have sent down the Book,
The One who make the clouds move,
The One who makes armies be defeated,
Enable the defeat of the enemies (of the Muslims)!
Oh the All-Powerful! Oh Allah, we ask you to scatter their shots,
Make the earth tremble under their feet and put fear in their hearts.
Oh Allah! Handicap them and blind them and send on them epidemics and calamities.
Oh Allah! Cause division among their troops and their armies (who are in rank),
Make their condition difficult and return their scheming against themselves.
Show us the manifestation of Your power against them and make that become a lesson for others to retain.
Oh Allah! Make their destruction come quick and make their riches become booty for the Muslims.